10 Topics to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

June 27, 2021

Please find the best topics to talk about with your girlfriend in person and over text to keep her interested. This will prevent you from running out of things to say.

Topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Do you feel your relationship is going south just because there is nothing much left that you two may want to talk about? Or is it getting hard for you to start conversations with your girlfriend, and it’s been a while since you both had a pleasant conversation about anything? Or you have just been back from the wrong date because you didn’t know what to talk about?

If this is your problem, you are in the right place because you will learn everything you need to know on topics to talk about with your girlfriend. You see, this is a widespread problem running out of topics to talk about whether you have just started dating or you have been together for a while. So relax, read and learn about the best issues to talk about with your girlfriend.

First, you should know that every girl is different, so your girlfriend might be different from your friends, so the topics that work for her might not work for you as it is in bed. , So first, let’s learn how to get the issues out of her and know what she likes to talk about, and then we will see the second thing. Sometimes it is just best to go back to the basics, which is the all-time favorite topic that women would love to talk about, and in the end, there is some advice on what not to talk about with your girlfriend.

Five-Step Process to Success

This process helps you get to know your girlfriend a little bit better, and from learning her, you will be able to determine the topics to talk about with her quickly. As you know, every girl is different, so you need to go through these five steps from knowing the particular issues that you can use to talk with your girlfriend. This will help you explore her mind and show you how you can get more intimate with her or connect with her on a more profound level.

1. Listen Carefully

The first thing to know about talking to your girlfriend is that you need to shut the hell up and let her speak her mind. As soon as you shut up and she is talking, you need to listen carefully to what she has to say because, as all of us know, women like to speak, and by talk, I mean talk all the time. So let her talk all they want, and you listen to what she is telling and respond appropriately in between like “Umm Hmm” or by using your words or by some suggestion or maybe joking around a bit. Never interrupt her with something irrelevant or shut her up or take over the conversation like most men tend to do; just let it go and let her finish.

2. Her Likes and Dislikes

Once you have listened to her talk, you will have a subtle idea of her likes and dislike, so use it to your advantage. For example, if she likes to be surprised, you may send her a bouquet at her workplace or take her to a surprise dinner.

Whenever you think the talking is getting slow, you could add fuel to the fire by suggesting some topic that she has a strong opinion about or about something that she likes, like, say, a puppy, or kitten, or anything that matters to her. For me, it works when I start hinting at some food that I like, and then she will start talking about the food she ate at some restaurant. This can go on and on, and all you have to do is sit back, make a few suggestions, have few laughs, and have a great time.

3. Express Yourself

Sometimes guys hold back on expressing themselves just because they think they will mess the flow but don’t do that. If you feel you have something to say relevant to the topic, you should share it. You never know how funny or how good that might make her think that you were listening or that you agree with her. For example, lots of adventure-loving people would like to swim with the dolphins. If she is one of them and you know something about it, you must share it because then she will know that you are interested, and then it might even turn into a mini-vacation for you guys down the road.

4. Personal Experience

Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you will notice that what your girlfriend is talking about has happened to you. I mean, you have shared a similar experience. You can also add your story to the conversation when you discuss it later, and believe me, she will love it. This is what makes it something that you both have in common. Girls love it when they find something in common with their boyfriend, and proof of that is you will never see a girl outside without matching clothes, makeup, and accessories, when they have something that fits with you, then they feel closer to you, which make them feel more comfortable.

5. Talk and Switch

Talk and switch are among the best communication tricks because it gives us the illusion that we have many things to talk about. It makes us feel compatible with each other. In a talk and switch, what you do is you talk about one thing for a while, and then you switch to a topic related or unrelated to the current topic. Then again, you change, and then maybe you could come back to the original issue or some topic in the middle.

This will get confusing but will give your girl the illusion that you both have so many things every day that you could talk about. You see, it is your responsibility to lead the conversation just like it’s your responsibility to show on the dance floor. Talking back and forth is just like the dance but with your words.

More topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Even though you now know how to get the topics from the girl on which you both can chat about, it is always better to have some backup. So here are some all-time favorite topics every girl likes to talk about.

Hopes and Dreams

You see, every one of us has dreams that we hope to see fulfilled in our lifetime. We talk about them in full excitement anytime given a chance. Hence hopes and dreams make the list of favorites because if it is something we want in life. We are passionate about it, then we damn sure are going to love talking about it.

Travels stories:

Every one of us thinks that they are the mysterious ones and would like to go on a secret adventure if not now then as kids, we sure did. So when we get a chance to talk about where we would like to travel, we sure will talk about it. Then you both can share notes and maybe plan a vacation together if you want it.

As it turns out, life has lots of ups and downs that we sometimes do not see coming. I am sure that you have gone through your share of ups and downs because she sure had. So try making her talk about it and listen to what she has been through and her expectations from life.

I love an all-time favorite topic for two love birds but sometimes used to get rid of a one-night stand by acting in love; no shame in it, we all have done that, or maybe it’s just me. But no matter love again makes the list of an all-time favorite thing to talk about with your girlfriend. It also helps you to get the measure of what she expects from this relationship.

Movies and Music:

If all things fail or you don’t want to go for anything serious, then you can go for the love of music, theater, drama, movies, and celebs scandals, and stuff. You see, it doesn’t matter if you have talked about everything or nothing or if you have just started dating or you have been together with your whole life, two people can always talk about these things.

Family and Childhood:

Family stuff comes up when you two are getting to know each other. These things essentially make the favorites list because we love to talk about our childhood and what great vacations we had, and all the things that you did that one summer between schools. But sometimes, people are too closed when talking about families, so drive through if that happens to you. They may bury some hurtful feeling that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with you, but it will all come out with time. This is one of the good topics to talk about with your girlfriend because this will make her understand that you are serious about her.

Talk dirty:

This may be naughty but still makes the favorites list on things to talk about with your girlfriend. You both are thinking about it, and once out in the open, you might as well discuss it. Sexual pleasure is one of the best things a couple can talk about because it gives you something secretive to keep from the world. The feeling of secrecy drives you two closer and helps you get to know each other on a more intimate level. So if you have reached the comfort level with her, then talking dirty is one of the best topics to talk about with your girlfriend.

Compliment her:

Read our guide on how to make a girl blush for some tips on how to compliment her without being pushy and how to make her feel good about herself.

Topics to Avoid with your Girlfriend

There are some topics that girls love to talk about, there are still more topics that are mood killers if you will. These topics include politics, ex-girlfriends, and your wealth, like constantly talking about your car, religion, and weird sexual fetishes. These are the things that you should be careful of when talking to your girlfriend; you see, every one of these things tends to kill the mood on some level. Like say, politics no need to know, doesn’t affect your relationship, ex-girlfriend naturally always an uncomfortable topic, religious beliefs tend to destroy nations and yours is a relationship so avoid it for your good.

Sexual fetishes get over it unless you are in a comfortable zone with each other. Lastly, about your wealth, no one cares if you have a great car and can’t perform in bed or talk to a girl properly, so just shut up and stop bragging.

Lastly, these tips have helped me a lot; even when my dates were going awry, some snapped back because of these topics and the five-step process, so remember to be calm, attentive, and use these tricks wisely.

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