10 Tips to Propose a Girl To Be Girlfriend For The First Time

September 1, 2016

Find the best romantic ways to propose to a girl to be a girlfriend for the first time. You can also use these tips to propose to her on the phone or social media chat.

propose a girl

Even when you think about asking a girl out for the first time or making it official with a girl you’ve been dating, you start feeling nervous, even nauseous at times. To get a favorable outcome, you should take it step by step. Please do not rush into things like starting from being a friend, then a date, and finally proposing to make it official. Now that you are here means that you have a girl that you like and if you are certain about going through with it, then let’s start. Follow these steps carefully to propose a girl to be a girlfriend and jump into the dating game.

Know the girl

I think it’s pretty obvious that if you say “I Love You” to some stranger, they probably think that you are joking or worse. However, if you want her to take you seriously, then you should get to know her and let her know the real you. The best way to accomplish this is to develop a friendship with her and flirt and show signals that you want her to be your girlfriend. Now, remember you have to be close enough that she feels comfortable talking to you regularly, but not so much that she put you in the friend zone. Here are some tips that can help you get close enough that it doesn’t come off as creepy when you ask her out.

Get Acquainted

Getting acquainted means that don’t be strangers to her. You can start by getting acquainted. I mean to say that make sure that she knows your face. This is easy if you two share a class or work together or something like that. Now that she is familiar with your face, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if you greeted her some time. Once you two have exchanged the casual “Hi” and “Hello,” then I believe it’s time to go ahead.

Since she knows who you are, she is going to be comfortable talking to you. All this can be done in one single conversation or may take a couple of conversations. But don’t take too long to introduce yourself like you said “Hi” once, and then weeks or months later, you go and start talking. That would definitely be uncomfortable for her, like you, out of the blue, started talking to her. Just maintain a casual rapport with her, and you will be fine.

Chat a bit

Once you two are comfortable with each other, then you should exchange your number with each other. If you haven’t yet, there is nothing to worry about because you now have social media to get in touch with. Try to chat with her on Facebook or WhatsApp. Start with something small like “Hey Stranger! John Smith here” Or anything similar that would compel her to reply. Try making it a habit to chat with her regularly. See if you talk to her when you meet, and then chat with her when you are apart. This way, she will start getting comfortable with you. A reliable friend is not far from the friend zone, hence be safe by lightly flirting with her. Remember, if you flirt with her normally, she won’t creep out if you ask her out.

Hangout with the girl

If you two have been talking and chatting, then I am sure that she is comfortable enough to hang out with you. If you think it’s a risk, then start with a group hang-out activity. For example, you can go to a movie with all your friends or do other group activities. And when you are out in a group, try to focus all your attention on her. This will help you achieve two things. First is, she will know that you are there for her. The second goal is achieved when her friends see that you like her and maybe tease her later.

Now all this attention towards you as a couple by your friend is good as it puts dating game. Once you are comfortable in group hangouts, you can try to hang out with only the two of you together. Try the classics. “I have two tickets for her favorite band. Would you like to go with me?” Since she is comfortable with hanging out with you, you can imagine her answer being yes.

Where to propose?

If you are friends with her, then you can probably catch her alone sometime. You must propose to a girl when you both are alone. This is alone; if you do it in front of her friends, it can make her uncomfortable and possibly change her answer. So if she is not alone, try getting her alone by telling her that you would like her to talk to her after work or school. This will get her thinking about you. Decide a place beforehand, so it is not uncomfortable to tell her to meet you after.

How to propose to a girl

Once you two are at your desired place, then you can start executing your plan. Start with some normal talk, don’t just rush into it. Try making her laugh by making jokes and make small talk. Once you both have shared a laugh, then you are ready to pop the question.

Remember, it is better if you ask her immediately after she is laughing. First, make her laugh, then you talk about how both of you have been friends for a while. Second, you mention how good you two get along together, and you have a nice when she is around. Now it’s high time you confess how you feel about her, but keep it casual. Say something like, “I was hoping that we can be more than Just Friends." I like you a lot and would like to take you out on a date.”

Once you have said that, then you should sit there in silence and let it sink in. If she likes what you are proposing, she would say yes, and if that is the case, then take it calmly. Don’t start jumping around and doing a victory dance of sorts. But also express how happy you are by smiling and telling her how nervous you were the whole time.

From Dating to Relationship

Now that you two have been dating for a while, you may start having deep feelings towards her. And you would want to say those three words, but you think, what if she doesn’t say it back or doesn’t feel the same way. Remember, it’s not always you find the one person you like and who likes you back. So it would be best if you expressed your feelings as there may be no tomorrow. But before doing anything drastic, consider the following points. First, acknowledge how you really feel towards her and not how you think you should feel. Second, be true to your feelings, and if you are sure, be ready to express them when the time occurs.

Make a Plan

Since you only get one chance to propose to a girl your girlfriend, do it properly. Remember, if you do this right, it will be both a romantic and a memorable moment for both of you. First, you have to get her to relax, and you can do this if she is in an environment that is well known to her. So plan a date where you two had met before, like a place where you went on your first date. Make sure that you have made all the necessary arrangements beforehand, like reservations and stuff. Now since everything is planned, you don’t have to worry about something going wrong.

Token of Appreciation

All the plans are made, and it’s time to execute them successfully. Token of appreciation is a goodwill gesture on your part. Since you two have been dating a while now, it wouldn’t strike her as strange. Flowers, chocolates are all fair game here as well. However, if you want to make it stand out, then you should throw in a handwritten letter or a romantic card with a romantic note written. This little goodwill gesture shows how much you appreciate her and sets the mood for what’s coming.

Remember not to give her this gift beforehand, wait till the date is over, and then present her with it. So, it will surprise her as well. For example, if you have flowers, you have to give them before the date, but then she has to carry them around wherever. Chocolates, on the other hand, can be used as a dessert after a nice meal. So, think it through when choosing a token of appreciation.

Say the Magic Words

After you have presented her with the token of appreciation, now is the time to propose to a girl and say the three little magic words. You see, You cannot complete a proposal for a girl to be your girlfriend without you saying the “L” letter word. It doesn’t matter if it is “I Like You” for now, but the gesture is important. Now that all is said and done, it is time for you to take a breather and give her a chance to reply. If the reply is positive, then take it graciously without boasting too much about it. If it is no, then take it with grace as well. Don’t start cursing or begging if the reply is negative.

In the end, I would like to mention that going from being a date to her boyfriend is a big commitment. Although not as big as marriage, but a commitment nonetheless. Be sure that this is absolutely what you want and that you are not doing this for the wrong reasons. And if you are sure they don’t overthink how her reply will be, just go ahead and do it. And lastly, one should know that flowers die after a while and chocolates are eaten, but the feelings never disappear. In essence, what I am trying to say is to go with your heart while choosing all the options, even with the token of appreciation. Leave all your cards on the table, and you won’t be disappointed.

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