How to Avoid the Friend Zone with a Girl

March 20, 2021

Find the best ways on how to avoid the friend zone with a girl you like and make her desire you. When meeting a new attractive girl use these tips to attract her.

A common reason a man is often rejected by a woman is because she just sees a friend in him and nothing more than that. And the secret is even I was friend zoned in my school time, I went to the girl and expressed by feelings, but the common rejection answer that I haven’t thought about you in that way, you are just a friend and then she stopped talking to me. So girls do you make love to enemies, if no then why not give friends a chance. But, no worries as in the following tutorials you will be taught to avoid the friend zone and if you have already fallen then how to escape it.

One of the main reasons why many men get trapped to this friend zone is because they took a long time to show off his tricks and give hints to that girl that you actually want to be in a relationship with her. The path which many men take is that first they become good friends and then they express their feeling which is a blunder. And the common answer they get is, I like you very much, but only as a friend. Real life is very different from movies in which many friends usually end up falling in love. But the fact that in real less than 7% friends end up with a happy ending. And what about the 93%, sorry to say, but they are heartbroken.

Learn from these tutorials and tricks to get out of the friendship circle and get in a relationship with her.

Avoid being a friend

Being a friend who is always on her side and helps her out in everything will not only keep you in the friend zone, but the girl will start thinking you as a brother. So do you want this? No, right, then how to behave? During the first days be friendly with her, but don’t let her treat you as a friend. Casually talk to her and don’t be with her all the time. Start hinting her what you actually think of her. The path by which you grow closer to your friend and then blast your feelings will never work.

Keep your goals clear

First decide that you want a friend or a girlfriend and behave the right way in front of your love. After few days of meeting have the courage and casually let her know your feelings, but in a not so serious mode. In a funny way tell her you are so beautiful and you are getting attracted to her.This will definitely help you to fly the friend cage. Let her know that you like her and compliment her to make her feel special. If suppose at the end the girl still rejects you, but in this case the loss is less as you hardly know the girl and have less feeling for her. Instead of being friend with her, developing lots of memories and feeling towards her and then being rejected.

Improve your image

This includes everything from exercise to grooming and dress in a flattering way. If she does not find you attractive then she won’t change the way she thinks for you. So you know, begin as soon as possible to work hard in the gym and ask for advice on how to dress to those who know the subject. Let her see you as a new person who is stylish and attractive.

Be a badass guy

If before you were a submissive lamb now you have to act like a wolf. Maybe it is not in your nature, but one of the things that few girls resist is a badass. If you've always been there supporting her and being faithful friend who she could count, you may find it a little hard to make develop romantic feelings towards you. Girls are often attracted to badass guys, so in this step you be the one. As I told you before, you need to look different in order to avoid the friend zone and attract her.

Give her hints

Many times we do try to pretend that we are not interested in someone. That's a mistake, okay to be cold at times, but do not overdo it. Show your interest in what you feel and let her know how you feel for her. Flirting, showing interest and giving her subtle hints can be great to avoid the friend zone with a girl. You just have to keep hinting when you text or talk to her and this will help in developing attraction towards you.

Understand the power of flirting

The matter of sexual attraction is that men don’t realize and thus very reason that keep men in the friend zone. So understand flirting is what will help you. Start flirting with her playfully and then turn your flirts a little naughtier. Suppose is she comes up to you using some perfume, then you can say that, “Never use this perfume again when you come near me, as I fear not to lose my control and do something bad”. This will definitely bring a smile to her face and her subconscious mind will start developing and attraction towards you. Many of the men feel nervous when talking to the girl they like, but don’t panic below I have shown you an expertise guide that teaches everything which is required from attraction to seduction.

Show competition to the girl

So if are already a friend with the girl then make her understand that girls want you. This is a simple and cool way to avoid the friend zone with a girl. Go out with some girls and let her know that you are out with these beautiful ones. By doing this she will start thinking about you and the competitive nature of girls will make her realize that you are the guy with whom she should be. Doing things this way makes a greater opportunity for escaping the friendship boundary and makes her obsessed for you.

Ask her for a romantic date

Asking your girl join for a date can be the best way to avoid the friend zone. If she is confused and replies negatively then ask her for a coffee or a walk on the beach or park. Go out with her and then finally convince her for a date. Until you let her know the feelings you have for her bound to get trapped in the cage, so gain the courage and confidently ask her for a date. As I told you above, initiate the plan in the very first week else you know the facts.

Take help from the expert

The main tutorial which is developed by the dating experts to learn the basic art of initiating conversation, attraction and seduction is a great way to avoid the friend zone with a girl. This complete dating guide for men in detail teaches you how to act and talk to the girl from the start till the attraction has developed and then seduction techniques. If you are already just a friend with the girl this will teach you to avoid the friend zone and achieve the goal of winning her heart. Usually men confidently talk to girls, but when it comes to the girl they like, anxiety in them destroys the confidence and the impression in front of girls. Advanced Attraction Guide For Men is all about approaching a girl to making her fall for you.

Finally to avoid the friend zone it is you who must make the first move. There is only 1% chance that she comes first to make a move. So take help from the expert program so that you keep the attraction levels up. Take benefit from this opportunity, escape the friend zone and finally win her heart.

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