5 Pros And Cons Of Being Single

November 3, 2015

Find the top pros and cons of being single and decide whether being single is happier or being in a relationship. Read these points and make the decision.

pros and cons of being single

There are times in a person’s life that one wonders whether it is better to live single or be in a relationship. The first option involves freedom, fun while the latter seems the more mature as it provide stability and ability to start a family. So if you are confused which status is good for you then here are some advantages and disadvantages of being single. Read all the points in detail to know which suits better for your life.

Many single guys and girls often think of getting involved in a movie like relationship, while on the other hand those who are already in a relationship want to change their relationship status to single. So there is always a debate between being single is advantageous vs being in relationships is advantageous. Well, frankly they both have advantages and at the same time disadvantages. Here are top 10 pros and cons of being single that will help you make better understand both sides of the coin.

  1. Time

  2. Pros: When you are single you have a lot of time available which you can use to have fun or use this time for exploring your talent. You can do whatever you want as you don’t have to give time to anyone. If you are married then you need to spend more time to work to earn the bread and butter for your family. So this is a great advantage of being single as there is much less stress on you.

    Cons: The disadvantage of being single is that since you have much more time, many people usually end up falling for bad habits like porn, drugs and alcohol. The time you have got by being single if not used properly can have adverse effect on yourself.

  3. Money

  4. Pros: When you are single you spending are much less or spent totally on yourself, especially for guys. You don’t have to buy gifts, spend on dates, vacations and many more costs. Suppose you are married and have kids, now your budget spending would definitely get increased. So you have a lot of saving when you are single which you can use it to party with friends.

    Cons: Definitely you have saved your money, but you don’t have any partner to hangout which indicates you are lonely.

  5. Stress

  6. Pros: Your life has far less stress when you are single. All the people in relationship will understand the different types of stress like money management to spending time on looking good and many more. Suppose you are married then taking care of children, their school and other expenses. In all there is a lot of stress on both men and women even if they don’t have children.

    Cons: Definitely you are free from such mental stress, but there is a lot of physical stress or in other words lack of sex in life. If you are single you have to satisfy yourself using your own hands. And you won’t believe that researches have proved that with all such stress also men and women in relationship are far more happier than the person who are single.

  7. Freedom

  8. Pros: When you are single you have the freedom to do whatever you want. What you want to wear, what you watch and do whatever things you like to do. There is no guy or girl you have to answer. You can hangout with your friends anytime you want as it will not clash with the time you spend with your partner. You can checkout any guy or girl on the street, flirt and go on date with any guy or girl. You can use tinder and go on dates and text flirt with guys or girls. You don’t need to explain and there is no guilt of meeting so many new men/women. Freedom is one of the biggest advantageous when a person is single.

    Cons: I cannot see any con in this section as a single man/woman enjoys more freedom compared to a man or woman in relationship. Although, people in relationship have less freedom, but they have more love and affection and they feel less lonely as they always have someone to talk and kiss.

  9. You are the boss

  10. Pros: When single you have the complete right to be your boss and make your own decisions without requiring to consult and receive any negative verdicts. You don’t need to be conscious to look good and there are no views on what you wear. It is totally fine how your room is and how are you eating. You are your own boss to make your decisions. In most cases the choice of being single does not have much to do with making freedom, but with simply having enough independence to decide.

    Cons: A relationship makes you more organized and even if there are two people to decide, the decision is for the betterment of each other. A partner will provide a stability to your life which is absent in being single.

What do you think?

Pro: Being single is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Con: Being single is the worst feeling in the world.

Both the sides have advantages and disadvantages, but nature has made us in such a way that happiness lies to love and to be loved by someone. Some people fear a relationship because either they have heard the wrong things or they have experienced a very bad relationship. If you were never in a relationship then you can never understand the difference. Although being single is somewhat enjoying to certain point of life, but after that point you will feel the emptiness in your life.

There are many who enjoy being single as they want no commitment or are very ambitious etc. However not all person are used to enjoy being single. There are people who like to spend your life with someone, join his/her future plans and raise a family. Their happiness comes from the hand of stability and to have someone whom they feel brings sunshine and happiness to life.

It is a totally valid to address how you want your life. When choosing which is best suited to you, whether being single or relationship note the pros and comes that we discussed earlier, but until you experience don’t come to any conclusion. Here were the best pros and cons of being single, now you decide whether your happiness is living single or in a relationship.

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