Qualities That Attract Men to Women

January 23, 2016

Find some of the best qualities that attract men to women. These tips will make it easier to make the guy fall in love and have a long loving relationship.

Qualities that attract men to women

A man may be attracted by your appearance but believe me, the physical aspect is least important to a man if he is looking for a serious relationship. If your appearance is not accompanied by physical qualities that exalt the beauty then he may not think of getting into a serious long relationship with you. But beware, this is not a license for you to neglect your physical appearance, but along with it these qualities make you look perfect to men with whom they can spend their rest of the life.

Maintaining a balance between the physical and your inner qualities makes you stand out from other women. Without further delay, I will expose some of the things that a man observes and the qualities that attract men to women.

Take care of yourself

It is important that you take care of yourself physically. This means to stay in hygiene and look good. Wear clothes which help to boost your inner confidence. Wear a little makeup and try to keep it natural. The perfume you use and the way you smell also has great impact on men. Off-course this is not any quality, but make sure that you follow this and use a nice perfume and use a nice shampoo to smell good. It has a very strong impact from the attraction point of view and he will go crazy when you are around him. This is one of the basic qualities which if absent in you can fail you to attract the guy.

Your smile

One of the biggest qualities every woman should have is the ability to smile. To support my point I would like to shed light on a research where most men were attracted to women who used to smile and laugh more. In another research it was revealed that a woman that smiles more gets noticed by a lot of guys. This is because men want someone in their life who is super happy and can keep him happy. So, whether you won’t to get yourself noticed or attract him, it is best that you smile and laugh more.

Principles and Manners

Most men never follow manners themselves, but when a woman displays some, they get strongly attracted to them. If a man is looking for a serious relationship, he will be watching your principles and values. He will definitely notice how you behave and relate to others, whether or not you respect your family, friends and people around you. Actually you should not a very good school girl and keep quiet, but only raise your voice if someone does something bad to you. Disrespecting and talking rudely without any reason will just be a turn off for him. Be very careful about how you treat people around you because this will reveal the guy the way you will treat him in the future.


Confidence is a thing which is liked by both men and women. A shy woman will find it hard to attract then a woman who can easily talk and have fun with guys. Confidence here does not mean to be bold at every time, but it means that you have the ability to show your personality. A shy girl who finds it difficult to talk to a guy vs a confident girl who knows how to interact and have fun with guys, who do you think can attract a guy easily? Definitely the confident one. Not only men can behave like children occasionally also women can and should. Learn to have fun because he can imagine how nice it will be to share time with you. If you are shy then The Advanced dating guide will teach you how to boost confidence and become a magnet to attract the man.

Concern for family

Believe it or not, but it works for both. If you show love and sincere concern for your parents or siblings, a man can measure how you will be as a wife. The kind relationships with your family will unveil him the priority level that you will grant him when he marries you. It is also important that when any kid is around, play with him or talk to him. All this things has a subconscious effect on a man that you like children and you will be a great mother. Also playing with a kid is super cute. This is one of the qualities that attract men to women as it makes them think the happy family life with you.

Has basic knowledge

There is nothing more boring than dating a person who only talks about a topic and shows no interest in anything but the most frivolous things in life. An attractive woman cares about grown intellectually. She has an open mind and knows what is happening around. No need to be a walking encyclopedia, not a genius in chemistry, but you can feel comfortable out of your comfort zone and you unwrap with agility in the social environment. Just reading a newspaper or any news app for 10 minutes daily is enough. For example, if you work as designer and your have developed crush on your colleague then you should be updated in what is going on in your industry. Not having all knowledge is fine and if you are unaware of anything then say the truth, instead of telling anything unusual and looking like a dumb.

Taste for music and sports

Music brings people together, that there is no doubt. It is a good way to connect and to know that people further. You cannot deny that at some point, maybe the music conducive to a romantic moment between the two and there is no need to use words to express what he feels about you. Also do you know that if a guy likes soccer or cricket and you take interest about the game, then he finds you different from other girls. This quality doesn’t attract men, but they like such qualities in women and then it is up to you to play the right cards to attract him. If you want to attract a guy and have a perfect relationship with him then read the Advanced Attraction Guide.

Of course, there are many more qualities and aspects of your personality that will make you attractive to the man you like. But something that makes a difference is that always be genuine and original, without bends or lies. Ultimately, both the good and the bad will be much more obvious to the person you like. If your plan is to make him love you and not to run away, try to be as you want him to be and the rest will be easier.

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