12 Reasons Why a Guy Will Reject You

August 31, 2015

You like a man and also want him to be interested in you, but he has rejected you. These are the common psychological reasons why a guy will reject you.

Reasons Why a Guy Will Reject You

Unfortunately, things do not always turn out the way we want. You may like a man and for some reason he may not like you. First you give some hints on how you feel (not directly) and wait for him to do the same to you, but apparently the man did not catch the signals or simply does not correspond to your feelings.

Normally, the best option would be to forget him and continue your life, since he obviously did not see what is before his eyes, so why should you care about a man who does not realize how wonderful you are?

Unfortunately, sometimes things are not so easy and you feel the need to know exactly what happens. It is true that all men are different, but most of the time the problem can be in any of these 12 reasons why a guy will reject you.

  1. You are striving much to get him:

    In your attempts to seduce this man is not subtle you can look like a woman in need. This is a disincentive for men if they realize they can have you when they want. Men like hunting, so it is best to leave him run after you. Give small signs but never clearly show the way, because that could push him away. If you don't want to face reject then seduce subtly and at the same time play that you are hard girl to get.

  2. He knows you are available to him:

    This is another great motivation for men to reject you. A man knows that you already available to him all the time and he knows you are crazy for him. Not exactly going through the minds of men, but if they know they can easily lose interest. You can solve this problem by telling him that you're dating someone else and that you and always have your busy schedule. I know this could be difficult, especially since you want to only spend as much time as possible with him, but you must resist if you want things to progress.

  3. Sees you as a friend:

    If you have been friends for some time, then the chances of being friend zoned is possible. If he looks like getting excited about other women but not with you mean he is not feel sexually attracted to you. In your presence does this guy talks about other women he likes? When this occurs, it is more than obvious that they are just friends. Maybe he has put you in the friend zoned you and according to dating experts this is a major problem with guys and girls. You can do a test placing you a sexy dress showing some skin. If he reacts, you have a chance, if not it means that only sees you as a friend and does not imagine having something with you. Don’t try to take any step further until you are out of his friend zone.

  4. Likes another girl:

    It is too late for you to enter his life or late for not being able to attract him. Maybe he's already in love with someone else or already in a relationship. If this is the case, give the situation some time to see if things change, but I advise to not get obsessed with him and move on.

  5. He is a gay:

    Although it may seem funny, this happens frequently. The world is full of gays who are still in the closet. They usually have girlfriends and even marry to fit into society. Do not feel offended by this because it's not your fault, as they say "all good men are gay." If he is a gay then you are just attracted to the wrong guy and hence look for someone else.

  6. He has unreasonable standards:

    There are men in this world who think that only supermodels are worthy of their girlfriends. If this is the case, forget about that idiot. Even if he accepts you as his girlfriend sooner or later you will realize the mistake of being committed to him. You will be the one to breakup with him because in a relationship he won’t respect you.

  7. Family influence or religious reasons:

    He might like you, but his family or close friends do not approve or like you. If this is the case, forget him as he is not a real man. Even in this age there are many people who cling to the views of their religion. Well, each person has its own way to live his life and if he is very spiritual then there are chances he will reject you.

  8. Has a doubt:

    Many women do not understand this, but men have a way of knowing if the woman will be a good girlfriend. There are also guys who are looking for serious relationships and if he feels that you cannot be a good girlfriend then he will not be interested. If your guy does not feel interested in a relationship with you, then try to clear his doubt about you and if he still feels the same then abandon him and look for someone else.

  9. Not yet realized that you like him:

    Do you remember those subtle clues we talked about before? Well, maybe he has not grasped these clues. You can make things easier if you leave aside the tracks and talk to him directly, or you express your feelings. Do not say you're in love with him, but flirtatiously express to what you like about him.

  10. There is some age gap:

    You think this guy is great, but if you are only 18 and he is 28 the odds are he may be not very interested in you. Even though you think you know a lot about life, sex or relationships, for him you're just a girl. This may be a reason a guy will reject you, but you never know when he falls for you.

  11. He doesn’t have time:

    This is the case when you have started loving a career oriented guy. Usually, men who understand relationships and know how to treat women are who run a company or have a very demanding job. Such a man is very much clear about his priorities and since he won’t be able to share his time with you, he will reject you.

    Unfortunately in most cases, relationships and love will be below his new company, career or other important thing in his life. If you got a man like this, you can cheat to get into a relationship, but it will be an unbalanced relationship, at least until his company or career is in perfect condition, which can take a lifetime or a few years. They may look great from the outside, but will offer you less time when you are relationship with this guy as their first priority is their work. They know this and hence will reject you.

  12. Afraid of asking you out:

    If a guy is afraid, shy, unsure of himself, etc. then he will find it difficult to express his feelings for you. This is often the case with shy guys because as they are not able to express their feelings, the girl after sometime will think that he is not interested and moves on. However, if your feelings for him are very strong and do not want to get away then it is totally fine if you make the move to invite him out.

In conclusion, the above reasons are the most common reasons why a guy will reject you. If the guy you like rejects you for any of the reason then it is better to forget him as there are many other people out there willing to give you what you need. You will definitely find a loving guy who will love you the same way or much more than you love him. Hence, don’t feel depressed and move on in life to find someone better.

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