7 Reasons Why Extramarital Affairs Are Bad

January 18, 2016

Find the main reasons why extramarital affairs are bad and ruins life. These points will remind you the consequences of cheating and thus keep you faithful.

Reasons Why Extramarital affairs are bad

It all starts with infidelity in mind. Once you find yourself in the situation, there is always the possibility of this happening: you start to bloom feelings for the new persin, desire for the new person increases including addiction and attachment.

What sometimes you start as a small adventure in many cases has ended up becoming a dangerous game, with unfortunate consequences and invariably hopeless. Many men and women who end up having an extra marital affair have to face a lot of problems later.

No justification, no valid excuses for you to feel that you are right. Whatever you may think that you are right, but no one deserves being cheated, not even yourself.

I will show the main reasons why extramarital affairs are bad and the disadvantages of maintaining a double life. I assure you, after reading these points you will not want to have an affair outside your marriage.

  1. You will never again have peace:
  2. You can never live in peace if you have an affair outside your marriage. You will always stay anxious and walk in fear to never get caught. You will fear when your partner touching your phone. You will keep things hiding without the freedom to mentally go anywhere, hiding things and situations and also resorting to lies in a consistent manner. The fear to get caught and the consequences all will never let you live in peace. Hence, this is one of the major reasons why extramarital affairs are bad because the inner peace in us gets lost.

  3. You will always be in trouble:
  4. It is almost impossible to keep both your wife/husband and your new girlfriend/boyfriend happy, because while you attend to one, the other will be neglected. For this reason you will always have problems, complaints and dissatisfaction from one or from both parties. The problems will be the order of the day and you cannot escape them. Giving time to both after all the day work can be difficult and thus you will face dissatisfaction from both sides.

  5. You will lose money:
  6. If you are a man then you can lose a lot of money. If maintaining a home is not an easy matter, imagine two; more if there are children involved in both. The demands are added and consequently the expenses too. Even if you don’t have children outside your marriage, but the cost of maintaining a girlfriend is high these days. And when you get caught, the matter reaches court for a divorce and then you will have to pay a lot of sum as alimony.

  7. You are at risk of being alone:
  8. There is a good chance that when your husband/wife comes to know about your extramarital affair, you will lose your marriage. And are you sure that the man/woman whom you were dating will accept you? In most of the cases they won’t because they have seen that you are not trustworthy. Finally your passing love affair will end you up leaving you alone and possibly if you had feeling for your spouse then you will not able to forgive yourself. It is hard to live with such feeling your whole life and hence extramarital affairs are bad for a happy life.

  9. Negative impact on kids:
  10. If you have kids then it is best that you never let the thought of having an extramarital affair come in your mind. Mainly in cases where your children are young, you need to be cautious and think how you want your kids to look up to you when they grow. Do you want to be a role model mother/father to your kids? If yes, then extramarital affair can be bad as your kids will never value you. Also, when your spouse comes to know about your affair there will be fights which will disturb your kids mentally. You lose your respect in front of your children when they come to know about your affair. Now you have got the reason why extramarital affairs are bad because it greatly disturbs the kids and also create your negative image in their mind.

  11. You lose respect:
  12. It is very difficult to hide an affair and it will never work because one day everyone will come to know about it. It spreads like fire and everyone in your social circle will know about it that you have cheated your spouse. Now, the people who are friends with you will not look at you the same way. You will be the center point of gossip and this can be really difficult to handle. Many people present in your daily life will criticize you and you will lose the respect and reputation you earlier had. Losing respect amongst your social circle is also one of the valid reasons why extra marital affairs are bad.

  13. Guilt of cheating:
  14. The guilt of cheating your spouse is very heavy and it always makes us remind of the injustice and wrong you are doing to your family. There is always a pinch that you broke the trust of your spouse and your children. This causes an emotional imbalances and psychological problems leading to depression. Having some good time in extramarital affairs can cause you major problems later. It is best you must never have an extramarital affair and cheat your partner in-order to avoid such guilt and dissatisfaction your whole life.

    Life with an extramarital affair is never easy. A simple life in peace and stability in all aspects of your life: economic, emotional, family and indeed spiritually is important. Do not risk your home by a simple momentary pleasure or temporary emotion. Never give room for any of these possibilities. At some point of your life you feel bored with your spouse, in such cases it is best that you take a vacation to freshen up the love and passion in your marriage. Value what you have at home and take care of him/her as the greatest treasure that God has given you.

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