10 Science Backed Tips For Attracting Woman

February 2, 2016

Find some of the best science backed tips for attracting woman and make them like you. These tips will help you subconsciously make a woman feel attracted.

Science backed tips for attracting woman

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A saying for which science cannot agree anymore. However, what is the depth of this statement? Scientists researched on human behavior to certain stimuli that make it attractive to peers of the opposite sex, which many call the sex appeal and can be called as the ‘Science of Attraction’. Here we show science backed tips for attracting woman and what experts recommend to be applied by men who are about to give up on love, because Cupid is using blunt arrows with them.

For starters, it should be stressed that talk of "everything" that represents the attraction is truly complicated. However to make this subject more understandable and make it easy for you to attract a woman, we recap of all the new studies on this topic.

Our brains seem to differentiate lust or love, but apparently sometimes to the brain lust and love are the same. On the other hand, complex group of chemical messenger also play a large role, because sexual chemistry is not any myth. But apart from all this complicated set of factors, there was still someone else in the game of attraction: The subconscious mind. Here are some of the science backed tips for attracting woman and the characteristics a man should posses to look attractive to women.

  1. Physical features:
  2. There are certain male characteristics that attract attention and attract women. Large chest, a prominent jaw and a stunning personality are features of attraction that women like in men. These are all calling features of a man and so many studies have confirmed. A strong jawline and a nice masculine body is a symbol that a man has high level of testosterone which subconsciously attracts a woman. To our ancestors mating with strong man would help them have strong kids which mean higher chances of survival. Apart from this, it is important that you dress and smell nice to make an attractive impact on a woman.

    Another physical feature is the facial scare. A study by a group of scientists from the University of Liverpool, England, eventually confirmed the myth that a face with a scar is attractive to many women. But beware, here's something you might want to consider, is more attractive to women seeking short-term relationships.

  3. Self confidence:
  4. Do not fall into the foolish mistake of thinking that beauty is all that matters. There is something more, whether in romantic, social and professional relationships, for beauty and attraction they are very different things. The beauty only implies carnal desire, but the attraction is much more dynamic and complex. In other words, beauty itself is part of the attraction, but complete attraction needs more factors like smell, body language, expressions and voice depict the inner confidence. Self-esteem and self-confidence which is more commonly neglected is what really counts.

  5. Strong voice:
  6. This whole thing has a lot of primitive, so no wonder that a deep, commanding voice in a man is perceived as an attractive element for women. It seems that there is a relationship between the voice and reproductive capacity of a man. In the case of women, "feminine" voice, defined mainly by its frequency is predictably much more sensual for a man and is associated with a good estrogen levels. However a strong tone male voice subconsciously depicts the high testosterone levels of a man

  7. Head high:
  8. Several studies have been done about it and apparently men are considered more attractive when they have the slightly tilted body to one side with head up or chin up. According to a scientific study published in 2010 in the journal Evolutionary Psychology developed at the University of Newcastle, England, the angle at which a guy leans his face is vital to the attractiveness of the opposite sex, something that is clearly reflected in photography and modeling.

  9. A good and healthy smile:
  10. No need to be a scientist to know, good teeth is always more attractive. Still, a group of researchers from the Universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire in England sought to prove through a study. The results indicated that a set of white, well proportioned and evenly spaced teeth are more attractive to both sexes.

  11. Do not smile much:
  12. A smiling woman is found to be very attractive to men, but for a man to look attractive it is opposite. According to the statement in studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada, melancholy faces showing annoyance and heaviness are much more attractive to the girls than men who keep smiling. In essence, this study sought to find psychological reasons why girls are attracted to the "bad guy". Also I had seen an experiment done by Buzzfeed team which found out that tense look was voted more by women in terms of attractiveness.

  13. The red color is the key:
  14. Both women and men seeking to increase its attractiveness should know that the next time you have date, dress in red if you want it to be successful. The brain makes curious cognitive associations between colors, emotions and values. In the case of red, it is associated with passion, romance, power and sexual dynamism, among other things.

  15. Relax and calm:
  16. Women are more attractive to less stressed, calm and relaxed men than the loud ones, as indicated by a study of the Royal Society B. This does not mean he should be shy and not talk to women. He should just not be that crazy kind of guy. In addition, it suggests that women develop a predilection for this kind of man as they are more capable to handle stressful situations without transmitting negativity to children.

  17. Whisper in right ear:
  18. According to a series of studies on the most complex organ in our body, the left brain handles verbal and pleasant sensations, while the right works with nonverbal stimuli and negative emotions. There is a issue here: the left side works with more focus on the information coming from the right ear canal. Therefore, the scientists suggest that when information is received from the right, the brain immediately goes to work with greater optimism, positivity and "good vibes", creating more pleasant feelings. So the next time you zoom in to speak to someone in the ear, try to choose the right words. Don’t make it awkward, but while giving a hug you can sensually whisper a nice compliment in her right ear.

  19. The desperate solution:
  20. If none of this convinces you or simply you are not willing to change then use this old trick. In this trick you need to accompany a friend who is very much like you, but is more subtle or frankly less attractive than you. Surprisingly, this works or at least that's what the psychologist concluded from the University of Southampton in England. This psychologist conducted an experiment in which a person tends to establish an unconscious comparison between two strangers who came together and lean on the more attractive of the two. So in this case your first impression is far more attractive and you have greater chance to get her number.

Well in love and war it is all about tactics and there are both winners and losers. It is a matter of implementing these psychological tricks of attraction, but always remember that to conquer another person, you must first conquer and love yourself. Here is the advanced guide for men which will teach you everything from body language to making a good first impression to flirting and dates.

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