15 Secrets for a Happy and Healthy Relationship

March 1, 2017

Find the best tips and qualities needed for a happy and healthy relationship. These tips will help you both to better understand each other and make your bond stronger.

It is normal for people to be on a constant search for their ideal partner, but many of those relationships fail and no one understands why. These tips even if they seem simple, deep down are the basis of a lasting relationship and will help you to be happy with your partner for a long time.

Avoid falling into children's games

It is not healthy for any relationship that at some moment you get angry, stop talking to your partner and not answer the calls and messages, or just respond very late. It is very likely that your partner does not even know what is bothering you, so it is best to avoid these types of games and be direct. This is the first and most important tip for a happy and healthy relationship. Be clear and direct on point on what bothers you and this will keep your bond strong.

Solve your problems at the moment

If you have any conflicts, speak up. It is no use to sit idly by and wait for the anger to pass because it will never really happen. This problem will be there and can create resentment in the relationship, especially if they allow all problems to accumulate one after another. The most mature thing is to speak things in front, calm and without shouting, and you will see that everything will be resolved very soon.

Learn to forgive

When your partner screws up, instead of ignoring her/him or leaving things as they are, forgive him/her. It does not matter if the mistake was big or small. As long as he/she does not cheats you with someone else or do something that poses a risk to you, you must learn to forgive and forget those mistakes. For a happy and healthy relationship, it is important that you must not make a fuss of small mistakes committed by your partner.

Learn to ask for forgiveness

When pride gets in the way, doing this can become very difficult, but if you love your partner, you should put that pride aside and ask for forgiveness. We all make mistakes, and just as you ask for forgiveness, your partner will also understand that you feel sorry. For a strong and happy relationship, it is important that we keep aside our ego at all times.

Avoid something your partner dislikes

Sometimes bad habits can outweigh us, and sometimes they can upset our partner. If you want to live with her in total harmony, try not to do these little things that you know will bother him/her. Also, let him/her know the ones that bother you. Proper communication and respecting your partner in what they like or dislike is the key to a happy and healthy relationship.

Be yourself

You are with your partner, with the person who will spend a lot of time at your side, with the person who will see you in your best pint, but who will also see you when you just wake up. You have to learn to be as you are, not to fear eating a big mouthful of food, to be silly, to be funny. You have to relax and be simply you, nobody will know you better than your partner and over time the privacy of each is lost and becomes one. Knowing each other truly is a wonderful gift for the relationship.

Be Friends

Your partner is not just to be romantic or have dating, sometimes you also need a friend's advice, just as you may need it too. It is important that in your relationship it’s not all about love. Friendship also plays a major role in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Trust your partner

Learn to trust your partner as it is the basis of any relationship. If you are thinking at all times that your partner does not respond because he is talking to someone else, suspicions of anyone who approaches him/her then this will weaken your bond. Just relax! Your partner chose you from all people for something, and if he/she is still with you it is for something. Work on your self-esteem and do not hesitate so much about your partner, having confidence will take a step in the right direction.

Be honest

Honesty will be what helps create trust and lying will be what destroys it. It is important for you to be sincere and open with your partner at all times. Always tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how you feel and do not lie or hide anything. This will help increase confidence and your boy or girl will follow your example.

Respect each other’s need

Your partner had a life before you and that life is not over. There are people who spend time alone, people who love reading, people with hobbies that occupy a lot of time. Asking your partner to give up these things he/she used to do to be with you is selfish and inconsiderate. Instead, take advantage of the time you are apart to do the things you used to do before you met.

Remind how much you love your partner

Your partner may be insecure or have confidence issues, so he/she needs to hear from your mouth why you are together. Tell your partner what made you notice him/her and why and how much you love him/her. It is important for both to feel the contact of the other and to feel the love that you have for each other, either in a tender way or in a more intimate way. If you do not meet this point, simple words will not matter. This will give them security and confidence and will surely keep them happy and subsequently keep the relationship healthy.

Learn that money is not what matters

As much as we would like to go out every weekend, go to eat in fine places, and give and receive expensive gifts, the reality is that sometimes you cannot. Save this for special occasions and learn to detract from the value of money, sometimes the best and funniest moments are living at home watching a movie and eating a pizza in the company of the person you love.

Learn to accept his/her shortcomings

It should not matter if she is usually late, if he forgets things, or if he simply squeezes the tube of toothpaste in half. You must learn to live with the small defects of this person, after all, you are going to spend your life with this guy. You must always remember that everything good that he has far surpasses his defects.

Spend time with your partner

It's not all about going out to the movies together or going out in groups or going out with friends. Sometimes take the time to sit and talk and listen to each other. Your relationship is not superficial, know that person in-depth, take care of knowing everything you want, what you fear, and what you want and this will gradually build your intimacy.

Make sure you are with the right person

Happier and healthier relationships are those in which both people put their part. It is no use that it is only you who gives everything, or just the other who gives everything, and then you wonder why it did not work. Find someone who cares for you, who loves you, respects you, and includes you in your future. If you comply with the tips we have given you, a happy and healthy relationship will be guaranteed.

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