Signs a Guy Has a Crush On You

August 14, 2015

Find the best signs a guy has a crush on you secretly in high school or at work. If the guy is shy then look for signs through text and body language to be clear.

signs a guy has a crush on you

There are many women who are confused whether the guy likes her on not and want to check the signs a guy has a crush on you or not. In this confusion they fear to make a move to ask him out. Have you ever wondered what are the signs that a man likes you is too shy to take the first step. Here are the some of the researched and obvious signs that a man makes when he is interested in a woman.

There are many times when he leaves you clueless because maybe he likes you and is shy to express or you have misunderstood him. Do you like him and want to be sure if he likes you? The next time you're near this man especially when you talk to him, look for these small signs. They can be a big clue to know if he has a crush on you or if he is just behaving kindly as a friend.

He gets jealous

When you talk to some other man and lend him your full attention or even flirt with him the expression on the face of your guy changes. One of the signs a guy has a crush on you is jealousy. When he likes a woman, he cannot help but feel insecure when it senses that another man is the competition for him. Men are extremely competitive, especially when it comes to women. If he feels that another man is trying to win your attention and he cannot do anything about it, he'll end up bothering. He may even end up being rude with the man whom you flirt.

Next time your guy is around, show as if you are very happy talking to some other guy, laugh and smile when talking. As soon as your guy sees this, he will surely come to know what’s going on and interrupt your conversation and you will notice a change in his behavior. Jealousy is one of the key sign that a man has a secret crush on you. Be wise and don’t overuse this trick because this can make him feel that you are interested in the other guy and he is out of the competition.

He tries to impress you

Does he always tries to help you, to accompany you in search of your lost pet, or buy a new dress? Friends may be willing to help, but not before complaining a bit. If this man quickly jumps out of his seat to help you solve a problem, it may be because he likes spending time with you. It may be that he is helping you just as a friend, but helping you leaving all his work and without complaining can be a sign.

Put it to the test. A weekend, call him and tell him you have plans to go shopping. Also mention that all your friends are busy and you are going alone. Men hate shopping, especially with a woman who wants to buy all day. When you present the idea of going alone did he gets excited and interested to join you? That's a sign that a man has crush on you.

He wants to know you better

When you love someone, you want to know all the details about it. Curiosity is natural when you fall for someone. That man wants to know every detail of your childhood and the partners you've had?
Your friends may have that curiosity, but if he is more interested in romantic themes, there is a good chance that he is interested. Does he try to chat with you on whatsaspp or facebook late at night most of the time? Perhaps he enjoys these conversations, but if he is your old friends and if this is a regular routine, it may be because he likes to talk to you.

Check if he is staring at you

This is a common sign in both the guys and girls that if you have a crush on someone and if he/she is nearby then they cannot resist looking at them. If you are in a class then his full attention will be on you. Sit in a direction where you can check multiple whether he is staring you or not. Don’t catch him staring or he will get embarrassed. Just moving your head notice that whether his eyes are upon you. If yes, then this is a clear sign that a guy has a crush on you. If the guy is shy then rather than talking to you, he will be often just looking at you. So if you find him often looking at you then if you feel he is shy then you can initiate conversations with him.

Tries to get your attention

This is another major sign that a guy is interested in you. The compliments will not be in a direct way like you ‘You look beautiful’, but he will look for subtle ways to praise you. Another way to guess is teasing. He will tease with some thing or another. Although it is a childish behavior, but this compliment and teasing is just to get your attention. He may also try some tricks to make you laugh or keep you smiling all the times. Don’t think of him as a joker, but he is trying to win your attention and at the same time likes seeing you happy. So if you experience this then this guy has a strong crush on you.

Does he ask you to hang out with him

Does it invite you to always hang for movies, lunch or dinners. He will not say he likes you or is falling for you. This signs means he is always providing you with details like he is going alone somewhere and would you like to give him a company.

Does he always want to go to a movie or a new site with you? If he is a shy guy then don’t think that he will ask you. When a guy has a crush on a girl, he may not be able to take you out directly, but will seek the opportunity to go to some place.

To be clear of this sign, talk to him about the new restaurant that opened on the corner the next time and mention that you like to go sometime. As soon as you complete, he will respond immediately inviting you to come with him. If, in addition, he does not speak to invite another friend and want him to be alone with you, that's another sign that he likes you.

You find him everywhere around

Whether you are at high school r working in an office, you see him always around you. For example, if you are in the library or in the canteen or any other place that he knows you are going. If he is shy he will give glances to you and if he is confident then he will come and talk to you. One way to find out whether he has a crush or not is to lay a trap.

Suppose you are in high school, before going to some place which you usually don’t go, for example library, pretend that you don’t know he is around and say you are going to this place at this time. He will definitely popup at that place too, but if he doesn’t it does not mean he is not interested. There are several ways of expressing an interest in a girl and trying to stay as much closer to you is one of the sign of interest.

You are special to him

The way he talks to you and is very much different than other girls and this means that he has a crush on you. He tries to make you laugh or if he is very shy then he is very nervous when you talk to him. In both scenes, his behavior around you changes and this is a oblivious sign that a guy has strong feeling for you. Now when you meet him the next time, look whether he teasing you playfully or complimenting you are getting very nervous and look how he behaves with other girls. If he is different to you then this clearly means that you are special to him.

Now that you know all the signs that a man likes you, use them to your advantage. If you like him too, give the opportunity to make a move, if he is shy. Let me guess, you like a guy but do not know how to get their attention, you have no idea how to seduce? If you are also shy and looking for ways to attract him and be in a relationship with him then read these posts too.

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