10 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

May 1, 2021

Find the common signs of an abusive relationship, and this can be both emotionally and physically. This quiz will help you identify if your relationship falls into this category or not.

signs of an abusive relationship

Human relations can be of many types and have varying degrees of intensity. They can be either positive or negative. Finding the right person and having a happy relationship is the dream of all men and women, but sometimes even two friendly people can maintain happiness in relationships. Unfortunately, there are times when one of the partners can become very loud and violent, but yes, sometimes people get angry. However, there are certain lines that you cannot cross and if these are being crossed in your relationship, then better quit. Here are the top signs of an abusive relationship, and this can be both physical and emotional.

You have to bring the bread to the table, cook, clean the house, and give them money. Also, if you do not do what he wants to do in the sexual realm, you are a terrible person and do not want him. You must be there to give them encouragement in his projects, but they will never have time to support you in something that interests you. Not only do you have to give everything, but give it in everything your partner wants. So, take this quiz and look out for signs to know whether your relationship is destructive or not.

There are abuses

They can be physical, psychological, financial, or sexual. Every one of them is unacceptable. Whenever one partner is constantly facing physical or mental abuse, it is a clear sign of an abusive relationship. You should immediately leave such a person and find someone who cares to get back happiness in life.

Lack of respect

If your partner does not respect you, then it will never become a healthy relationship. For example, if they shout at you, disrespect your privacy, or do not respect your opinion, this is not the right kind of person. In any relationship, both the partners respect each other, and then only will they both develop a healthy and happy life together.

Your partner has some addiction

This addiction could be illegal like drugs or legal like there are people addicted to video games, work, sex, betting, or alcohol. Whatever their addiction, sooner or later, it will end up affecting your relationship. Also, it will bring serious health problems to your partner and emotional issues to you. Ask your partner to join a rehab to get rid of such addictions. If they are not able to quit, then remember that such a relationship and anytime become destructive.

It's always your fault

Of course, when something terrible happens, it's your fault. If only you had done what your partner wanted you to do, you would have solved everything, and they would not be in the problem they are in now. Your partner is innocent of all guilt and charge, and if you say the opposite is because you do not want to accept your responsibilities, how selfish and evil you are. If all the time the fault of all the mistakes is on you, it is not suitable for you to be in such a relationship.

Fights are constant

Every couple has its differences, and its members know when to choose their battles. In a destructive relationship, it is common for fights to be frequent and sometimes for nonsense. Even worse are when they lead to "punishments" such as beatings, theft of belongings, isolation, etc. If you have fights with your partner every day coming home from work, then this is hurting your life. Such disputes can lead to a lot of mental pressure. If there are constant fights regularly and you don't even talk to each other properly, this is one of the signs of an abusive relationship.

Your partner incites you to bad habits

If your partner suggests you or encourages you to drink alcohol in quantity, consume illegal drugs, commit some crime, etc., then leave him. If you deny it, they will tell you that you do not love it, that you are a terrible person, or try to convince yourself in every possible way. If you are with a guy or girl who is leading you towards bad habits or crime, then it is one of the signs of an abusive relationship that can destroy you. Avoid being with such a person that does not respect you because such partners only bring problems in life.

Extreme jealously

This is another of the mighty signs of an abusive relationship. If your partner gets highly jealous when someone else talks to you, it may harm your relationship. A bit of jealousy is fine, but if he/she shouts at you not to talk to other guys/girls or threatens you, please consider it a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Uses fear, manipulation or guilt to control you

Your partner constantly manipulates you with fear, guilt, or "you don't love me" like phrases to control you. If your girlfriend usually demands expensive gifts and if you don't, she gets angry or says you don't love her or such kind of stuff, then beware. Also, if your boyfriend wants something from you and to get it, he gets angry or accuses you of cheating on him when you don't want to get physical with him, then this is a sign. Occasionally if this happens is fine, but if this is a part of your daily life, they are not suitable for you.

Relationship does not make you happy

In theory, a more or less healthy relationship should help you be better than you are. So, while there are bad times, the result should be positive. If you notice that your relationship has sucked the joy, energy, hopes in your future or your dreams, it is not a healthy relationship. This is one of the common signs of an abusive relationship, but they do not seem as unhealthy as other points; if your boyfriend/girlfriend has made your life difficult, then better breakup because this can lead to a lot of stress and depression.

More signs of an abusive relationship

When a person is in love, it is not always easy for him to realize that he is being abused, especially psychologically. Since the person who mistreats you can also love you at the same time, and when both behaviors (love and mistreatment) get together, it's hard to understand what's going on, and you tend to think you're wrong. You've just lost your nerves because of stress; you're to blame for making them angry; that will not happen again. Here are some signs to show you the reality of what is happening.

If you suspect that your partner may be mistreating you, but you have doubts, the following list of questions will help you to clarify your ideas:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you afraid of your partner?
  • Do you avoid certain topics of conversation for fear that your partner becomes angry or stop doing things you wish to do for fear of your partner's reaction?
  • Do you have the feeling that, for your partner, everything you do is wrong?
  • Do you think you deserve to be hurt or treated badly?
  • Does your partner make comments that you find humiliating or yell at you?
  • Do you ignore or lower your achievements and opinions?
  • Do you blame yourself for your own abusive behavior?
  • Does he act in an excessively jealous and possessive way?
  • Try to continually control where you are and what you do; For example, calling you often throughout the day and demanding that you respond immediately?
  • Limit your access to money, phone, car?
  • Does he tell you how to dress, behave, think, etc.?
  • Has he hit you or threatened to hurt you?
  • Has he ever forced you to have sex?
  • Does he/she destroy objects of your property or done damage or threatened to harm?
  • Does your partner take all the decisions that concern both?
  • Does he/she prevent you from going to certain places, doing certain things or seeing certain people? For example, he does not want you to study or work or to see family or friends.

In a relationship, there will be areas where one will put more than the other. The result should be a more or less honest effort to maintain a healthy relationship. However, if only one part puts everything or the vast majority of the action, it is an unbalanced, unhealthy, and unfair relationship. If you feel you want to try again read our guide on how to forgive your ex.

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