How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

October 3, 2016

Find the best way to start a conversation with a girl you like confidently. These tips will help you talk to unknown girl on whatsapp/facebook online, over text or in person.

start a conversation with a girl

For guys looking to impress a unknown girl, this is the most difficult part for them. They don’t know how to approach a girl and thus don’t want to look as a creep to girls. Perhaps it is much easier virtually, in chats on facebook or whatsapp, or behind a pseudonym in a forum. But when it comes to starting a face to face conversation, the thing is not so simple. If you're not sure how to take the first step, here are some tips which will help you start a conversation with a girl comfortably. Remember that each girl is different, some are open while some are not. Hence observe the girl first and then select the trick to approach her.

Approach with a natural smile

A forced or fake smile may sends bad signals, hence try to look natural. Starting with a smile helps creating a positive vibe. Avoid a conversation if you are still nervous because fear is noticeable and can repel. By smiling, you send a reassuring message at standard conditions for temperature and pressure. It is a great way to start any conversation.

Show interest

Before you start a conversation with a girl, just make sure you talk interesting things. It is better to already think about the topics to talk, instead of going blank when talking. A conversation consists of two people communicating. Start with something on her or the environment, introduce yourself and continue with the conversation. Ask questions about her surroundings, or something that is obvious that she may like. Listen and brings something, answer her questions.

Using humor to start

Here what I mean to say is to use a pickup line to approach the girl. You may have heard girls telling that they don’t like when they are approached with pickup lines. This is because some of the lines are too cheap or vulgar and others when used kill the mystery. Don’t show your cards by telling the girl you are so beautiful, this can be done later. You have to use a line which can make the girl laugh or simply ask, “Do you this dialogue is from which movie?” or “I want to get any girl’s opinion of (any subject)”. Once she shows looks positive, you can introduce yourself and start a conversation with her. This should be done very confidently. Humor and confidence are two attracting features for girls, so just use it for your benefit.

Ask for help

If pickup line is something which you are not comfortable then you could use this method to initiate a conversation with a girl. It may be something simple, like asking if you know where is this or that place, for example. This will make the first exchange of words easy, simple answer. If that leads to a conversation, it is likely that the other person does not remember how it started, or if she does, she may not give importance. And if she responds and then moves away, she is giving you the signal that she is not interested to talk to you. Gives the clue that you are available to start a conversation, and if the other person responds, you can end up in a nice chat.

Ask your friend to help

The start a conversation with someone you do not know does not have to be the task alone. Ask for help to someone you trust. If you are in college or work or a party, you can take help from a female friend. Instead of you approaching her, your female friend can easily start a conversation with her. Ask your friend to introduce you when you approach and this makes things simpler. It is a cool trick because it does not make the girl uncomfortable and there are more chances that you will successfully start a conversation and impress the girl.

Start a conversation with confidence

Shyness can be attractive to some girls, but not all. Confidence, real or feigned, either approach or retreat, is very useful in these situations. Women like and are attracted to the confidence of guys. So either practice or learn to fake confidence. Confidence is not just displayed how you talk, but your body language for attraction is also an important factor in it. So look for some confident body language postures and practice in front of the mirror. This trick will be a great help to keep things work in a positive way when you start a conversation with a girl you like.

Avoid too much alcohol

Never start a conversation when you into an altered state of consciousness. Do you really want to make a first impression babbling, reeking of alcohol, with little control of your impulses, or even vomiting? Movies are not how real life works. In movies the guy drinks a bottle of alcohol, he gets the confidence and is able to win the girl. It does not work this way, so it is better you are not high with your alcohol levels when you approach the girl.

Practice, practice, practice

In a crowded place, you can go to refine the technique until you find what works for you. Those people you see out there, socializing with everyone, not born that way. And even if he had been born that way, surely he practiced many times to know how to say what he thought was an interesting way. Apart from practicing about how to talk, also pay learn to perfect your body postures to give a good impression.

Don’t involve your ego

There are a certain kind of man who cannot handle rejection. If you are one of those then it is better that you quit this idea because here there are more rejections and success. When the woman makes it clear she does not want to talk, some guys feel insulted and they react with some kind of violence. Note that that person may not feel like talking, not wanting to talk to you (for whatever reason), and if she do not want, you do not have any right to be angry or demanding.

If you notice that the girl does not want to have a conversation with you, or if she says it directly or indirectly, do not take offense. Just say goodbye as being civilized and in a friendly way with dignity. In the worst case, you show that you have good education and come from good family. At best, you will leave a good first impression and that is priceless.

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