10 Steps to Get Out of a Bad Relationship

September 23, 2021

Find the best way to get out of a bad relationship that has trapped you and is going nowhere. These tips will help you escape this toxic and abusive relationship.

Get Out of a Bad Relationship

Unhealthy relationships are a massive obstacle in the lives of many people who many times do not know how to leave or fear to do so. However, you should not be afraid to seek your happiness, so if you are in a toxic relationship and want to get out of it, these tips will help you do it once and for all. In addition, these tips will help you identify your problems and provide you with a simple solution to quickly get out of a bad relationship with your guy/girl.

Know that you are in a bad relationship

Although it sounds strange, many people are in unhealthy relationships without knowing it. They are violated and mistreated by their partner, who assures them to love them when it is not. Pay attention to those around you because your loved ones only want the best for you. So please do not get defensive when they talk about your relationship; instead, try to see what they tell you. This way, you can identify what kind of relationship you are in and what steps to follow next. Read our more detailed guide on ten signs of an abusive relationship to gauge what your relationship is like.

Stop justifying their behavior

Your partner is supposed to love you and make you happy, both privately and in public, and if they are not doing it, it is because something is wrong. If you tell yourself or others that your partner yelled at you because they had a bad day, you deserved the push he gave you. It would help if you did not let this happen to you. Since you are trying to justify their behavior, you are hurting yourself. I don't mean to fight back, but just let your guy/girl know that you about their inappropriate behavior. If there is no change in their behavior, it is better to get out of a bad relationship than live with someone without respect.

Do not go down

You must know that you are worth as much as anyone, so stop thinking that you deserve that person and everything terrible that has done you. Never think you cannot find someone better and should be satisfied with them. Never get that thought that you are not good enough or that person is everything you need, and you are nothing without it. They are just excuses that hurt you and are entirely false, do not recess and learn to give you the value you deserve.

Stop lying to yourself

You must get out of denial and start being honest with yourself. Think hard about why you are with your partner and whether it is worth being in that relationship. It will help you answer questions such as: Do I want to spend time with my partner, or do I feel like I have to do it? Do they make comments that make me feel bad? Do I go to that person looking for love and affection that never appears? Do I feel sorry for them? This is vital because it will give you a perspective on your relationship that you have never dared to seek. You must answer them sincerely if you want to get out of your toxic relationship and be happy.

Say it directly to your partner

Be direct and tell your partner that you no longer want to continue in this relationship. Once you have recognized that you are in a toxic relationship, it is best to be direct and end up with your partner once and for all. Do not give him an extended ultimatum as this lends time for manipulations, and in the end, you could end up deciding to stay with your partner.
Remember that a relationship is harmful to you, and you must have the courage to tell them that you no longer want to continue in it. Being direct is the only way to get out of a bad relationship with your partner. If you feel they can be harmful, do it at a place with your friends just within your reach.

Do not accept false promises

In a desperate attempt to stay by your side, your partner will be able to say anything. You will hear him make promises about the future. He will tell you that things between you will change if you stay and that he will treat you as you deserve. At first, it may be so, but then it will be who it was before, and you will return to the starting point. Your partner will not change or treat you differently; you must remember that if they loved you, then they would have treated you as you deserved since the beginning. If still, you think that your guy/girl deserves a chance, then go for it.

Do not fall into threats or manipulations

Your partner may react badly to your decision to leave you and may resort to threats and manipulations in an attempt to stay with you. For example, maybe they threaten to tell everyone that secret about you to tarnish your reputation by saying terrible things about you. Your partner may even try to harm you physically, but do not let yourself be intimidated, fight that fear, and do not fall into these threats. Instead, let your family and friends know of these threats so that they can protect you and help you.

Break all contact

Stay far away from your partner as possible; you must get them out of your life as difficult and painful it may be. Keep in mind why you decide to leave them whenever you feel tempted to send a message. Block their number and do not go to the same places that your partner usually goes. This is to remove the guy or girl entirely from your life, and only then can you bring back happiness.

Stay out of your circle of mutual friends. This is important when breaking contact with your partner because if you stay in your same circle of friends, they could appear at any time. Another possibility is that your friends could try to persuade you to get back together. So it is best to start the root problem if you want to end this relationship once and for all. Of course, you should not meet them for a lifetime, but it is advisable to avoid meeting them for the first few months.

Resist the temptation

Even if it is painful, you must be strong and resist the temptation to get in touch. After your breakup, you will start missing your partner and your relationship, but bring to your mind why you decided to end it. You did something for yourself; remember that it is more painful to stay in that relationship than to leave it.

Stop thinking about your partner

Do some activity that prevents you from thinking about the partner. The worst thing you can do is lock yourself in because when you're not doing something, it's easier to think about what you want to avoid. Try to do a new activity, learn to prepare a new dish, exercise, go to the hairdresser, anything that distracts your mind from that toxic relationship will be good to stay away from it.

Find support in your friends. Friends are for something; ask them to help you distract you, go out and have fun. Tell them to advise you and remind you why you decided to leave your partner. Having your friends company will make you feel better and help you convince yourself about going that toxic relationship.

Think why you decided to get out of this relationship

When you are tempted to return to that relationship, think that you decided to get out of a bad relationship with your partner to escape sadness. But, unfortunately, your partner did not make you happy and always treated you with disrespect. So it is not worth it to waste your time giving everything without receiving anything in return.

Remember that there is someone better for you. We all have someone out there; someone is waiting to make you happy and hoping to get a partner like you. So do not be discouraged because your perfect guy/girl will arrive sooner or later. You must learn to value yourself, remember that you deserve to be treated with respect, love, and happiness.

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