10 Things To Avoid On Valentine's Day

February 13, 2016

Find a list of things to avoid on Valentine's Day to make it perfect. These tips will help you avoid the mistakes people make on Valentine's Day.

Things to avoid on Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day is the especial day in which both partners show their love to each other. Unfortunately, the Day of Love has become nothing less than the date of consumerism, the one where everyone wants to "prove" their affection with extremely expensive gifts and dates which on any other day would cost less than half.

The thing does not stop there. There are many cheesy or desperate people who unknowingly or in full sense do things which are not good for them. Here are the ten things to avoid on Valentine's Day. Trust me, it's for your own good. #Take note.

Spending Uncontrolled

Showing love to someone does not mean you have to pull the boat out or spend a fortune in chocolates, soft toys, balloons and cards. If your pockets are full then well and good, but if you don’t then find something what they would like without spending much money. To guys I want to tell you that if you don’t have more money then don’t think of giving expensive gifts. If the girl loves you then she will even get pleased with a single flower, a chocolate and a love letter. Think of giving a memorable and affectionate gift instead of an expensive one.

Do not buy a last minute gift.

Do not make last minute shopping. When you do last minute shopping then you can gamble against you and your pockets. You better take advantage of the offers and choose calmly and worry to spend good time with your partner. Well, the stores are always open 24 hours and sell boxes of chocolates and other gifts. Yes, it is true, but acknowledge that the chocolates are not bad, but not the best present in the world. Instead it is best to use your imagination and write a funny little note or a love letter along with flowers.

Do not compete

Last year your boyfriend made you a super gift and you just gave him a stuffed animal, but want to surprise this year ... stop! Do not feel pressured, everyone gives to the extent of its possibilities and what is born will deliver. Never compete on price of the gift, instead pay attention to a gift that touches your partners heart.

Don’t let your day be unplanned

The success of a meal or a great dinner on Valentine’s Day will not only depend on your gift, but also depend if everything is planned well. If you do not want to spend an hour waiting at the door, pick up the phone and book a table at your favorite restaurant. There will nothing worse if you haven’t planned a day ahead. Hence, don’t let your Valentine’s Day go unplanned. Leave aside the excuses. Plan everything well and then you just need to show love to make your day successful.

Don’t give obvious gifts

Most gifts sold on Valentine's Day bouquets, stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates. What's wrong? Nothing really. They are tender and nice gifts, but they are very visible. Sure you can be more original. Maybe your partner has already guessed what you may be bringing for him/her. Are you not the person who wants to make a difference? So look for something which can be a heart whelming gift for your partner and in your budget. Never let your creativity die. To make a great gift you don’t need to spend a fortune, just take a few minutes and think of something amazing. A cake would be a good idea or perhaps a candlelight dinner on your balcony.

Do not make a scene of a movie

It is well to dedicate a day to get in the game to celebrate Valentine, who after all is a commercial party (even the Catholic Church is clear that there were such a saint), but it's enough with a detail. Real love is demonstrated daily. So it makes no sense that you go romantic or you choose that day to declare your love or ask marriage. All sounds a bit too exaggerated.

Never make it feel like an ordinary day

Never use this old tactic. If you do not understand the sense of romantic Valentine's Day, think of it. Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend was excited and you break up their enthusiasm to celebrate this day. If you don’t want to go on dates then spend time together doing something simple, but memorable. Spend time with your partner! Often we lack time to chat with your partner. Have a complete nice day exploring your city. Have good conversations and surely let your partner know how much you love him/her.

Never contact your ex

Do not call or write to your ex. Do you really think you deserve to follow him/her thinking the Valentine's Day? You better erase his/her number. And if the temptation is too strong, better call a good friend with whom you can unburden your feelings. Then laugh with it and turn the page. If you have a partner then enjoy and if you don’t then enjoy with friends, but at any cost avoid contacting your ex.

Don't use facebook to talk ill about your ex

Do not use Facebook to aerate your bitterness. Express your opinion in writing is tempting, especially on social networks, where no one can stop you or contradict. It is not the best way to let off steam. Your friends will think you're too hurt and pity you.

If you're single

  1. Do not make fun of your friends in love. You may be tempted to laugh at lovers, to ridicule their feelings and shout to the world that Valentine's Day is a sham. But you'd better keep your opinion because your sarcasm may offend your friends who do have family and are happy with it.
  2. Really, you do not need to publish a photo looking pout on social networks to prove you're sexy and happy even without a partner. Such behavior actually achieves the opposite effect. People around know you well and there is no need to show how wonderful and happy you are being single on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Avoid looking for love desperately. It is February 14 and thousands of lovebirds walk hand in hand around. You can celebrate with all your friends who are single. Do not run Internet in search of love, enjoy your singleness.
  4. Do not compare yourself with your friends happily matched. Comparisons are odious, because there will always be something better on both sides. Or so you think, because first of all the comparisons are entirely subjective. Stop believing the grass is greener on the neighbor's garden, because it is not true. So don’t just compare and come to a decision that being single is nicer than being in a relationship.

These were some of the things to avoid on Valentine's Day to make it successful. If you are single then don’t worry hope that you will find a partner on the next Valentine’s Day.

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