10 Things To Be Never Tolerated In Marriage

November 29, 2015

Find the top ten things to be never tolerated in marriage to stay happy in your life. A good communication is best to deal with problems in a relationship.

Things To Be Never Tolerated In Marriage

Love is eternal, would ever think and hope that our partner we have chosen is with us for the rest of our life. But not all marriages are beautiful, they are sometimes destroyed by the lack of commitment and mistakes made no attempt to fix.

There are many signs to recognize the relationship as a couple is declining. The constant bickering, lack of respect, belittle, criticizing, emotional, physical or sexual abuse and lack of communication are factors that affect a partner to the extent of not wanting to be with him/her.

Some behaviors cannot be tolerated in a relationship, because they affect an individuals physical and emotional health. So, here I leave a list of 10 things to be never tolerated in marriage, in-order to prevent divorce of your once happy marriage.

  1. Use of heart wounding words:
  2. The saddest thing of using such words among couples makes them lose respect for each other. Without respect your marriage cannot last long. These wounding words affect self-esteem and mental health, leaving scars on the heart. The words are weapons that must be handled with care since in many cases are impossible to forget.

    Verbal abuse and using words to control the person with phrases like "speak only when I ask you to speak", "move because you are disturbing" or other ways like to humiliate your partner with expressions of derision, inferiority, incompetence or threats can risk a marriage. It is best you must never tolerate this in your marriage. Speak out to your partner to get respect and an equal status. There is no justification for disrespect in a relationship. Never use or suffer from any such controlling and disrespecting words if you hope for a long and happy marriage.

  3. Physical abuse:
  4. If there is physical abuse in your marriage then it also has a deep affect mentally on the children and hence it is one of the top things to be never tolerated in marriage. If your partner uses physical force as hitting, kicking or pushing to control a situation. He/she catches up with you or worse with your children, you should act immediately. I'm not saying that you must reach the same level, it's just a matter of putting a stop and set your limits. Do not keep silent and complaint, instead it is time to make your partner understand that this will not be tolerated. You cannot tolerate a person who hurts you physically and emotionally if you think he/she is the love of your life.

  5. Never tolerate forced act of intimacy:
  6. Do not tolerate any intimate relationship you do not want. There must be willingness to do an act like this, because it is the basis of love. I recommend you to express your discomfort directly and do not allow when it gets out of control. If at times you do not want to involve in sexual activities then it is your wish and your partner cannot force you.

  7. Shame:
  8. When your partner is ashamed of your weight, looks, how you dress or speak or your sense of humor, then there is no love or respect. You must not let anyone affect your self-esteem. It is better to accept the couple with their flaws and virtues to make the relationship work. This thing must not be neglected in your marriage and hence communicate with your spouse to solve this issue properly.

  9. Superiority complex:
  10. The superiority complex is one of the worst enemy of a happy marriage. When some men consider themselves to be superior to women only because they earn then this thinking destabilizes the relationship. To all that men that consider they are superior in a relationship then for few days stay at home. You will understand how difficult it is to take care of house. You must not tolerate this in your marriage and try to make your partner understand how difficult women work to raise children and the most important, keeping family happy. Therefore, it is important to hear and communicate the needs of both.

  11. Despising your aspirations:
  12. It is difficult to have a healthy relationship when the one partner does not support or does not want other to succeed and achieve their dreams. Mocking and hindering your accomplishments or even forbid you to achieve your goals is something you should not accept your marriage. What better way to set goals together and work together to get them.

  13. Infidelity:
  14. To reach heart to forgive infidelity and be able to resume your life depends on each person. If your husband or wife to whom you love so much has an extra marital affair then this thing must not be tolerated in your marriage. You must not remain silent on this situation and wait for your partner return to love you again. If you can forgive him/her then it is fine, else give divorce and move on in life.

  15. Attending social events alone:
  16. When your partner prefers to go to social events alone, sometimes it's okay, because we must give him his space. But when he has never invited you to come along with him in social events or any party where you are also invited, it may prove that he is a controlling and jealous person. Something that cannot be supported unless you set limits and have good communication with your partner.

  17. Lying frequently:
  18. Couple telling lies don’t understand that they are breaking one important pillar of their marriage which is trust. Lack of trust often can destroy confidence because honesty is the key to a good relationship. It is better that if you have made any mistake then apologize and this will maintain trust and love. Remember to tell the truth however painful it may be and leave the rest on your partner. If you know that your partner is lying then don't tolerate, instead confront him/her.

  19. Not respecting partner’s limits:
  20. The best way is to set boundaries knowing what you want and clarify things that you are willing to tolerate, that is the foundation of a good life. But when the couple does not respect the limits, they can generate a lot of arguments, frustration and anger to the point of being unable to cope with their behavior. This thing must be definitely avoided in a marriage to avoid fights.

To have a long and happy marriage there is no better recommendation than love, respect, communication and commitment from both sides.

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