What To Do When You Have a Crush On Your Boss

January 15, 2017

Are you falling in love with your boss? Find the best office romance tips to deal with your feelings and things to do when you have a crush on your boss.

Things To Do When You Have a Crush On Your Boss

The good news in advance: Love in the workplace is gaining more acceptance. A recent Forsa study evidences this. According to this, just under a fifth of respondents surveyed in Germany have already fallen in love with the workplace. FourteenFurthermore, percent already have a strong relationship with a colleague and the trend is growing. According to a survey, many companies are tolerant of a relationship among colleagues. However, the fact of being "in love with the boss" remains a problem. We will tell you what you should look out for in this case and deal with it. These are the top things to do when you have a crush on your boss. Also read our guide on signs of obsession in a relationship.

Three questions that promise clarification

  1. Power question: The most urgent and the most uncomfortable question a worker should ask himself as soon as he/she feels that he/she has fallen in love with his/her boss. Are you in love with your boss or his position? Is it the attractiveness of man/woman or his position of power? After all, power and money have proven to be sexy. Whoever does not stand this aspect runs the risk of misinterpreting one's own feelings.
  2. Type question: The next question that needs to be examined: Is there a great drop in attractiveness between me and my boss, such as a considerable difference in age or weight, which is offset by the higher position? To gain more clarity about one's own feelings, it is useful to ask oneself to get the true answer.
  3. Reality Question: Continue and ask yourself: Am I in love with my boss office or even in love him in his private environment? Can I get a picture of how a person behaves as a private person? In professional life everyone is acting according to their roles and tasks. The private person behind it can be quite different. Insights into private life which take place in the work environment is seldom possible. However, even to know a person at work you must be working together over a longer period, so that a meaningful picture can arise.

Is my boss in love with me?

In love with my boss and now what to do? Once you have clarified all the doubts for the boss, you must decide whether to move forward or not. In the process, if you realize that you are interested in the person and not in their position, you should go a step further. Anyone who sees the desire for genuine love will want to find a heart and want to know: Is my boss in love with me? Before moving forward, you must try to attract him towards you. It would help if you were utterly sure that he also likes you.

Here, it would help if you were vigilant about whether the other also has the same feelings and commits to you. Otherwise, the situation threatens to get in a bad state. There is a risk that they will only enjoy a non-committal flirtation but will never consider a serious relationship and a shared future.

Besides, it would help if you never disregarded what you must do. What do I do when an affair or relationship occurs? What happens with a possible separation? Can I avoid my boss, or do I still have to work closely with them? Would I be willing, if necessary, to leave the job? All these thoughts can also be reflected in a question: Is my job or a potential relationship more important? This question can only be answered by you individually.

When you are in a relationship with the boss

You are in love with the boss, but are the feelings based on reciprocity? Ideally, the feelings are reciprocated, and both feel a special and deep affection. They decide to live their love in secret or confess their love to everyone. If a couple does not want to hide their relationship at the workplace, the confession should occur at the right time. The best thing to do is wait until both of you want to pull together. Then, You would ensure the right degree of seriousness. If it's an affair, colleagues should not know. The relationship should only be made public if it is love. In the case of larger companies, You must inform even the personnel department.

A predictable question of the environment will be: since when are you in love with the boss, and since when does this relationship already exist? In the case of the latter question, suspicions are indispensable. This is because the colleagues ask how long the relationship was concealed and whether there was any promotion or extraordinary things for you. Therefore, it is essential that the couple now communicate uniformly and depending on the situation. Such relationships in the start have to deal with the questions and concerns in the environment, but surely you will overcome this with time.

Work hard and don't give anyone a chance to complain

Relationship in the workplace with your boss means that you master the work, else most of your colleagues will point your mistakes. They think that since the boss is in a relationship with you, they ignore all your errors. Being in love with the boss is the one thing. The challenge is if the feelings are reciprocal and the relationship is confessed to everyone. As soon as a love relationship becomes known, both are under notable observation. From the moment of the acquaintance, the work has to be done twice as carefully. Mistakes are not so easily forgiven in such a tense atmosphere. Under no circumstances should performance slow down because the love relationship affects the work, for example, by spontaneous visits to the office door or doubtful two-eye conversations behind the locked door.

However hard the initial path maybe, if it is true love, a relationship with the boss is possible. Of course, at the start, your colleagues will doubt your promotions (if you got them), the quality of your work, and some may even think that you did this to get higher in the company. However, eventually, everyone will get used to it, and you can enjoy being in love at your workplace without any troubles.

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