7 Things to Avoid on Facebook After Breakup

February 23, 2016

Find the best things to avoid on facebook after breakup. These tips will help you quickly overcome the heartache, forget your ex and again be happy.

Things you should avoid on facebook after breakup

Has your boyfriend or girlfriend left you? Dealing with breakup is really hard and this is the time where many of us make big mistakes. Breakup with the guy/girl you love will create an imbalance of emotions and you may do things that should be avoided. To forget your ex may be a bit more difficult if you are friends on Facebook. These are the 7 things to avoid on facebook after breakup to not look like a depressed person and doormat to your ex.

Compulsively look at their profile

Stalking your ex facebook or instagram profile is one the most harmful things as it will prevent you from overcoming the breakup. Although it seems to be irresistible, but you will have to avoid looking at his/her photos to heal fast. Try not to spend the day checking their profile, analyzing the photos and status. Really, it's the worst thing you can do. If you are unable to control yourself then confess your addiction to a friend or friend who can be trusted to distract you and help you cut this struggle.

Avoiding sharing anything related to your ex

If the person you loved left you, it is clear he/she does not want to follow in your life. So accept it even if it hurts. You think he/she will come back if you ask on social media, but this is not true. Stop sharing any emotional line or photo for your ex on facebook. Not just emotional, also avoid updating that you are so happy after breakup. Just block his phone number and his social media profiles. It goes without saying that the best thing to do is remove your ex as a friend.

Get nostalgic in public

Unfortunately, Facebook provides many facilities to share memories. But you better not devote to share all those nice things that occurred together "a year ago" and to rescue the images of the happiest days of your relationship. Do not share depressing sad songs or phrases. All that will not make you feel better. Moreover, if you intent to react this will achieve in the end is feeling of being frustrated and angry (because you can be sure that your ex will not change his/her mind).

Sharing photos with your ex is an extremely bad idea. Although Facebook reminds you that "this day" two years ago did the ride of your life when you went to New York to meet with your ex, you do not need to republish the image, even if it was an unforgettable day. Stay with the memory, think about it quietly and turn the page.

Investigating the profile

Investigating the facebook wall of your partner should be avoided. Naturally you feel like seeing what he/she posted and you like to check comments and likes of people to check for whom your boyfriend/girlfriend left you. And of course, refrain from being one who responds to comments that other people do to your partner.

If by now you have not already eliminated your ex from your friend list, obviously still you are looking at his profile too often. But please, try to stop before becoming amateur detective. If every time his/her friend makes a comment or is labeled in a photo on the profile, you click it to see who he/she is and how it relates to your ex ... you'll end up being lost. It makes no sense to compare yourself, you imagine things and get hurt that way. Hence, this is also one of the important things to avoid on facebook after breakup

Trying to make him jealous

Another strategy that ultimately will serve for nothing more than to make you feel awful is trying to make your ex jealous by uploading pics with his/her friends or new guys/girls. Also avoid unnecessary liking the images and commenting on their friend’s image or status to get attention. Ultimately it is a form of begging attention and it does not make you more interesting in the eyes of anyone, much less for your ex.

Putting sexy pictures to provoke.

This point is especially for girls. This trick is similar to the above effect. If you do add some sexy pictures then you trying to make an impression on him to show him your sensual and attractive side in hope to make him jealous or be back with you. You want to revive his desire for you as you feel that no other guy will make you feel so much like him. But the truth is that if your ex sees the pictures, he will realize your intention and although he may continue to find you very sexy, no longer will look forward to knock on your door. Remember that men are attracted to a beautiful body, but then he will be back only for physical benefits and not love.

Criticize in public or send messages

Do not turn your wall into a "wailing wall." If everything you say contains a message for your ex, all you will achieve is to looked obsessed and angry. Talking about your past relationship all the time will serve not only to embitter and bore your friends, but you will also become a joke for them. Oh, and of course ,also refrain from sending private messages to your ex. It is not a good idea to message the person who has left you to again be back with you. Hence, I have repeatedly advised people to delete their ex contact till the time your heart is healed.

If you want to avoid your ex without removing it from the friend list then facebook has added a feature that prevents your ex content to be shown on your wall. Although you are going through the pain of breakup, but it does not mean that you share everything on facebook. This will not only affect your image, but will also make you the joke among friends. So keep in mind the above things to be avoided on facebook to quickly overcome your ex and start living a happy life again.

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