11 Things You Should Stop To Avoid a Divorce

November 17, 2015

Check a list of daily things you should stop to avoid a divorce. If these problems are in your marriage then do not delay more and use these solutions.

things you should stop to avoid a divorce

Do you love your life partner but feel that your relationship is falling apart? Well, do not be afraid because this feeling has been experienced by almost all the partners. Of course, many couples manage to overcome those stages of doubts and problems that have unbalanced your marriage, while many other unions will cede control to the fear and disappointment by terminating the relationship of years. Sometimes simple situations end up being a major issue within a relationship and either of the partner feels they can no longer endure and want a divorce. Yes, there are certain ways with which you can always maintain a healthy marriage, but there is a down phase in every marriage which you both must overcome to avoid divorce.

Of course there are situations that are intolerable example it is abuse in all ranges or repeated infidelities, actions that no person of pure self-love should neither has that support. For the same reason if you want to be one of those spouses who want to save their marriage, these are eleven things you should stop to avoid a divorce.

  1. Discussing over trifles. Many discussions begin with trifles. For example, not picking the shoes or not throwing things here and there. This is not to adapt or change for your spouse, but you can accept your mistake and without discussing keep it at the right place. Although you think that how this small issue can lead to a divorce, but remember that this is like creating a spark and if the situation is repeated again can later lead to fire and cause a big fight. So it is better to avoid trifles over small issues.
  2. Shouting instead of talking. It is said that "it takes two to fight" and it's true. You or your partner may be angry, but do you often feel that the discussion is taking overtones of screams. You have two options, you must stop, leave the room and wait for the room to calm down. Or, if your spouse starts screaming, you lower your voice so that it is barely audible. So, if he/she wants you to listen you then will have to tone down. Remember to ask your husband or wife that to solve your fights you need to discuss calmly because shouting and anger will worsen the situation.
  3. Ridicule your partner when friends and family are around. A joke or a nickname can sometimes be tolerable, however if the situation becomes habit and rises in pitch, it can become a headache. This is one of the thing you should stop to avoid a fight later. This is because it puts a partner as the laughing stock of the whole group which makes them feel angry and sad. If this is happening to you, explain how you feel about it and certainly expect him/her not to do it again. If you are doing this mistake then it is best to quit it right now.
  4. To deny the intimate relations in retaliation for the problems. This is a situation that many women often use. After a fight we definitely need some space to clam down and it is best to stay alone, but don’t stretch it for weeks. We know that the healthiest thing for a couple is to never go to bed angry and so spend time to solve the problems. It is best for couples to solve their problems quickly within 1-2 days so that you can continue their intimate life with all the love and passion that a marriage requires.
  5. Not being attentive. If you do not offer to cooperate on the things that concern you both and leave it to one person who carries on his/her shoulders then this is the thing you should stop to avoid a divorce. There are burden of some responsibilities that should be shared by both partners, it is not right to be attentive and share them equally. The solution is clear, if you feel then discuss with your spouse and if one day your spouse complains you then be attentive on this issue to solve it quickly.
  6. Doubts and jealousy are amongst the top things you should stop to avoid a divorce. These two feelings often are the top causes of fights amongst couples which later leads to a divorce. A partner who doubts his/her spouse then starts spying on her which is a sign of distrust. Jealousy at some levels is healthy, but there are many men and women who cannot control this feeling and leads to regular fights with their partner.
  7. No time for family. This is for men and women who are not able to give time to their partners and children due to their work or anything else. This is also a major reasons for divorce. Also when a person has no time to celebrate special occasions of their family then this starts developing difficulties in the marriage. It is better that you balance your work and family time so that your partner does not feel that he/she is less valued compared to your work.
  8. Promises that are not fulfilled and lying. There is something more exhausted affection, always making bad promises and lying, however minimal the lies. False promises just to make your partner happy at present and not fulfilling it repeatedly is a thing you should stop to avoid divorce. Any of these actions makes the couple lose confidence. If you cannot keep the promises then it is best not lie and make any and you do not know that this simple thing will prevent so much trouble in your marriage life. And at some time you have made any promise then try to fulfill it because this will definitely keep the love levels high in your marriage.
  9. Appear uninterested. Give you a new haircut or go to gym to get in shape to look more attractive. Changes are required to keep your marriage run long, else it will slowly destroy the affection and affection. Sometimes you simply do not realize that your same style or perfume or look has bored your partner. Hence it is best to sometimes surprise your partner with something to keep your relationship fresh. Also after marriage people pay no attention to look attractive. It is best that you maintain your weight and try to look attractive in your partner eyes.
  10. Taking decisions alone. Even if your marriage is happy at present does not mean that it is safe and does not suffer alterations in the long run. Do not wait for things to be as you want before talking with your partner and be flexible. If you are taking a decision which will affect both of your lives then including your partner in this decision becomes a compulsory step.
  11. Domestic violence which nowadays even men are facing is an extreme problem which you must never let it happen. In anger when you abusing your partner or physically assaulting him/her then the marriage has come to the point of divorce. It is best to control your anger and if you are not able to control then take help from a doctor.

There are many other situations that lead to divorce including some that are not so obvious and happen everyday, but we ignore them which eventually damages your marriage. Be aware of them, avoid them and things will improve much in your relationship and you will live a happy life long marriage.

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