10 Tips to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

May 22, 2017

Please find the best way to deal with a jealous girlfriend and calm her down. These tips will help you get rid of jealousy, insecurity, and the possessiveness of your girlfriend.

Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

No one said that being in a relationship was going to be easy. And if anyone said it, he lied blatantly. If you are in a relationship, and it turns out that your girlfriend is or has become jealous, it can be somewhat complicated to carry on the relationship. Your girlfriend does not want you to talk to any woman or a particular woman you consider a friend. This problem troubles even the happiest couples, but guys use these tips to deal with a jealous girlfriend to save their relationship.

Common reason for jealousy in relationships

Before we jump on to the solutions to cool down your girlfriend and not be jealous, we need to know what exactly gives rise to this feeling.

  1. The very first thing could be that she is insecure. Today’s culture is such that they want a woman to be perfect. There are some imperfections in everyone and maybe this has raised the insecurity. She has developed a certain fear that you will leave her for certain woman in your life.
  2. The second common reason of your girlfriend’s jealous nature maybe because of your behavior around her. If you hide your mobile while chatting or take a call getting away from her then this gives rise to doubt. This doubt then erupts in the form of jealousy.
  3. Another reason might be her bad past which still haunts her.
  4. There is normal jealousy and extreme psycho jealousy. If your girlfriend shows symptoms of the latter then she might have behavioral disorders.

Ask her what's happening

One of the fundamental pillars of a couple is sincere communication. Ask her what's wrong, and listen to her. Even if you do not understand everything she says, women like to talk and listen to us. You may find out what the problem is, where her jealousy comes from, and then you'll know how to deal with this subject. Do not pressure her to speak, but tell her that you want to understand her better, and for that, you need to communicate honestly.

Do not give them your passwords

A jealous person will ask you for your mobile or Facebook passwords, but you must not give them. Your social networks, or your cell phone, are yours, and she should respect your privacy. She has no right to demand your passwords unless you had required hers and she had shared. Not giving them does not mean that you do not want them, and it is not irrefutable proof that you are with someone else. First, she will get angry, but give her time and make her understand.

Help your girlfriend

Sometimes a few well-chosen words can make a jealous girlfriend feel appreciated. Do not flatter her too much, just something beautiful every day. A jealous person is insecure, and you need to make her believe that you only love her. Attack the root of the problem to deal with a jealous girlfriend and see if the situation improves. Once you help her get rid of the feeling of losing you, she will have no problem seeing you with other girls.

Do not fall into "jealousy = love"

"If he curses you, he loves you" is a mistaken phrase. There have been thousands of people murdered by their jealous partners. While the vast majority of the victims are women, there have also been men who have been injured, maimed, or killed. A jealous person is an insecure person who wants everything to be under their control because he thinks it will have security. If you believe that there is some psychological problem with your girlfriend, you better consult an expert.

Go together to an event with friends

Although it is not always possible, make sure that you have introduced your girlfriend to all your friends. When you are at a party, present your girlfriend to your friends, especially girls. The more you hide, the more jealous she gets, so better let her meet them to make her realize that you are just friends. Tell them about some achievement she has obtained, and recognize her as a bride. In this way, the possible reasons she is jealous will diminish and make her feel that you care about her. Also, when you praise her in front of your female friends, this helps in cooling the fire of jealousy in her. This is a great way to deal with a jealous girlfriend and quickly get rid of the bad phase of your relationship.

Be patient

You may bury the real problem under layers of time, denial, and other issues that have been added over the years. If you want to continue with her, ask her to express what she feels, and you will have a clearer idea of why she gets jealous. You will not solve this problem in a day, but it will slowly get lesser day by day. So in the process, you need not lose your cool and be patient. If the situation is not improving, it's up to you whether you want to stay with her or break up.

Do not let yourself be trampled

You do not have to give your exact location (with evidence) at all times, or respond immediately to her messages, or give you your passwords as a "proof of love." "Where are you? AHA. And with whom? Really? Let's see, send me a photo and location. She does not trust your words and wants you to show her evidence that you're telling the truth. This is what makes someone who does not love you, but sees you as an object to be possessed, an object coveted by beasts that will jump on that property. It would help if you told it with firmness. Tell her that you have a right to your privacy and that it hurts you not to trust your word. Listen and ask to be heard, politely and firmly.

Avoid comparing her with other women

Her jealousy may be due to something temporary, a situation (or happened recently), or something she is worried about. Whatever the reason, avoid comparing her to other women. This will further increase her insecurity and boost her feeling of jealousy. Unfortunately, this is one of the steps most men and women make, leading to the first cracks in a relationship. So, if you have been making the same mistake, stop, and it will help you deal with a jealous girlfriend and her insecurity.

Evaluate if it's worth having her as a girlfriend

Situations of violence are not alien to couples, neither today nor yesterday. This does not mean that you should tolerate threats, beatings, blackmail, insults, or similar. Suppose your girlfriend is jealous and orders you not to talk too much with your mother or cousin or forbids you to work or socialize with women. This is not how you should let her treat her as this is not her love, but she thinks of you as a possession. If that relationship makes you miserable, it is not healthy to stay in it.

Steps to get rid of your girlfriend’s jealousy

Here are some step-by-step tips on what you can do to deal with a jealous girlfriend who is too possessive.

  1. Identify the reason for her jealousy. If you want your girlfriend to not be too jealous then better identify the root problem.
  2. If you can’t figure out then talk to her. Good communications between partners help to get rid of all misunderstandings and negativity.
  3. Spend more time with her. Make some goals and try to complete them. This will not only add memories to your relationship, but also help boost confidence in each other.
  4. Show her how much you love not just by words, but also with actions. Plan a romantic dinner with her or buy her a gift. If you are tight on budget then simply surprising her with flowers, chocolates or cake will also work. Let her know how lucky you to be with her and this will surely reduce her insecurity that you will leave her for someone else.
  5. Meditate and workout together. Meditation and exercise helps to reduce the stress hormones plus also improves our mood. This step will also slowly help your girlfriend get rid of her jealousy.
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