10 Things Girls Like In A Guy

July 14, 2015

The best tips about what do girls like in a guy and what do they find attractive and what they look for from physical appearance to your confidence and personality.

This is a question for almost all the guys that what do girls like in a guy and what can they do to make their crush like them. The appearance, personality and the conversations play a major role and not the money. Money also matters in some cases, but is not the key to rule any girl’s heart. The kind of guy you are is what a girls adore. All the girls are different, some may like too confident guys, while some may settle for a little shy guy. Your skin color also does not matters, what matters is how you present yourself in front of her and everyone.

what do girls like in a guy

Each girl may be having different likes and dislikes on a particular quality, but here are the few things which women most like in men. This data is collected from lots of surveys around the world. Some qualities may be already possessed by you and the lack of few is what leads to turn off for girls. So here are some of the most popular qualities that girls like in a guy. Now since you will learn what do girls like in a guy, so be ready to transform into a girl magnet which is able to attract any women he wants.

Wear Clean and Smell Good

This is the very first step that makes a girl like you because if your clothes are not washed and ironed then this can be a turn off for a woman. Also it is important that you use a nice deo to smell good. The first impressions play a major role and hence whenever you approach or talk to any girl you must be clean. Branded clothes or shoes is not important, just wearing washed and decent clothes is fine.

Just imagine that a guy comes up and flirts with a girl whose clothes are looking dirty and he smells bad. In this case you just imagine that is it possible for that guy to impress the girl. So this is the initial step that can help you attract the girl later.

Stay nicely groomed

It is important for you to look presentable in front of girls. Just a simple hair style and make sure you have shaved. If you like your beard then keep a check that it is properly groomed and styled. Also shape and get rid of very bushy eyebrows. Your presentation will have a subconscious effect on the girl and hence it is important.

You must be strong

A girl needs and likes a guy who is strong both mentally and physically. This doesn’t mean that they like only scientist and bodybuilders, but an average smartness and strength is what matters to a woman. So you must start hitting the gym for toning your body. In a survey about what do girls like in a guy, a majority answered abs and a toned body. So if you are obese or very skinny then gyms can be helpful in achieving a good body shape.

According to biological experts, female are being attracted to stronger males because of the evolution where a female wanted a stronger mate to have strong offspring. Also having a good body makes a girl feel protective in your company.

High Confidence levels

This is a must for all the girls and this is what they like in a guy. They want their man to approach them confidently. A dating expert recently surveyed some woman in a club about first approaches and most of them replied that low confidence while approaching was a turn off for them. Some girls do like shy men, but these guys still have to escape their shy zone else the girl will be dating someone else. It often happens that shy men fear talking to their crush which finally makes them a loser.

A good confidence level and not over confidence helps a man achieve a great personality in front of girls. And since more girls start getting attracted to him, he becomes more valuable in front of girls. So try to raise your confidence and next time you approach a girl it should be seen on your face.

Sense of humor

This is also a common quality that many girls have mentioned which they need in their boyfriends. Girls don’t like men who are always serious, in real they want a guy that has a pretty good sense of humor so that she can always smile in his company. Many guys fail to understand what actually sense of humor is and they think making a joke of someone is humor. But if you insult someone then the girl won’t like that. This quality can be developed easily, a little practice and lots of confidence is required.

Passionate and adventurous

It is important for a girl that a guy she would want in her life has a passion of something in his life. He should have certain goals where he is focused at the same time he is adventurous like camping in the woods or hiking etc. It is not important for you to go and perform some adventure. The point here is that girls don’t like those boys who just sit at home and has no fun in life. A balance of passion and fun is a great way to make a girl like you.


A guy need to have his self respect and dignity because if the girl feels that this is absent in a boy then she will definitely won’t like her. This is because if you cannot respect and feel proud of yourself then it degrades your personality. Always have a optimistic view and first learn to love yourself because f you can’t love and respect yourself then you cannot respect her. At the end each relation depends on love, respect, trust and passion for each other.

Leadership qualities

It has been researched that girls are often attracted to guys who are leaders. The boys who have leadership qualities and everyone follows them. This quality makes a guy look more attractive to girls and they are more likely to fall for him. So first develop some confidence and leadership qualities will start developing inside you.

Needs to be caring

Every woman loves to be cared and loved because as a human we are not made to take care of ourselves all the time. We need a shoulder to share our feelings and to be cared. In the beginning don’t try to show her that you care for her so much because this will make you fall in the friend zone. This step is required when you are clearly giving her signs of attraction and at the same time showing your caring side to her.

So at last these were some of the common qualities that girls find attractive in guys, however girls are sometimes very strange and she too may be confused what she likes in a guy? So start developing confidence and a great personality for attracting the girl.

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