What Men Find Unattractive In Women

March 9, 2016

This is a list of things to teach you what men find unattractive in women. These tips will help you avoid mistakes women do which are turn off for men.

What men find unattractive in women

Women usually focus on how to be more attractive, but rarely stop to see what may look unattractive in them and what might harm the possibility of relationship with a guy. Culturally, women tend to worry much about being more attractive to the opposite gender. To do this, they use many tactics as a haircut, nails are arranged, skin treatments, clothes that allow them to enhance their body are bought, makeup to highlight her features, watching their diet and going to a gym to stay in shape. In short, they do everything to help them be more attractive. However, there are many things that can make us look unattractive and even the best makeup cannot hide it. Pay attention to what men find unattractive in women so you do not fall into these errors.

Being Negative

There are people who seem to be fighting with everyone like everything and everyone is wrong. Being with someone like that is always a heavy burden and annoying for anyone because usually both men and women seeks to be beside positive and cheerful individuals. Women who speak rudely and display a negative character is on the top list of what men find unattractive in women. They do not like women who live complaining and lamenting the life they have. They prefer women who have control of their lives and struggle to achieve their dreams no matter what happens along the way.

Alcohol abuse

Here are a few bad habits that makes a guy run away from a woman. One of the bad habits is having excess doses of alcohol. They do not like women who drink too much to the point of losing consciousness, instead prefer a girl who knows how to take care of herself anywhere she goes. In case of alcohol abuse, it is very unpleasant for men than women. Having no sense about what you are speaking of how you are behaving can create a negative impact on the guy. A few other habits like bad table manners and bad personal hygiene can also be a turn off.

Use of offensive language

She can be a very beautiful woman but when she opens her mouth and emits insulting words then this makes her the most unattractive. Maybe if she is very beautiful the guy will tolerate her, but just to sleep with her. They won’t look for a serious relationship or marriage with such girls. Disrespecting and using offensive language is what men find unattractive in women, so never sound too offensive in front of your guy.

Being possessive or bossy

Men do not like girls who control them all the time and tell them what to do or what to say. They find such girls very annoying, but there are also a few who like bossy girls. So, it depends on the guy you are dating or trying to impress. They also do not like senseless jealousy, in addition to the insistent calls and messages demanding to know where he is and what he is doing. A little teasing jealousy is good, but if you are being too possessive for him then this will definitely make him end the relationship with you.

Bad breath

Well, actually no one likes to be around someone who has a bad breath. It kills the passions, so everyone should be concerned about it. Even for women it is a turn off. Imagine you are with a guy, he comes close to you with his bad breath. Will you be able to think of dating him? Also men do not want to kiss a woman whose breath has the smell of cigarette smoke, as it can be as unpleasant as bad breath.

Too much makeup

If there is something they do not like it too much makeup. They hate having to kiss a girl carrying kilos of lipstick on the mouth or virtually seems another person without makeup. A study based on this topic found out that men saw women with excess makeup to be less attractive and also they hesitate kissing on lips with too much lipstick. So, it is best that you go for natural makeup style which makes you look more beautiful to guy. Also in this category I would like to add using too much perfume. It is something that frightens us all. Smell of too much perfume on someone can provoke headache, it turns out to be an exaggeration and a little unpleasant feeling of a strong scent.

Unshaven legs or underarms

While some do not care, there are many men who hate to see and feel those women who have not shaved in days. They want to touch something soft and body hair often reminds them of other men, so they always prefer the waxed women. It is better that you shave or wax your hands and legs because hair on them can make you look less attractive.

Lack of care for body

It is true that all women are beautiful as many people often say, but it is also true that we must not neglect in taking a good care of our body. Paying less attention to look good is what men find unattractive in women. A good diet, some exercise, a captivating perfume, a discreet makeup and clothing should never be neglected. Men give important to what they see and hence the physical aspect is important for them. Apart from this, it is important that your nails and hair are tidy, teeth white and lips not chapped. You skin should also look soft and not too dry or oily. You must also take baths regularly to keep your body clean from impurities.

More things men find unattractive in women

  1. Women we are impatient by nature, but when we cross the limit without realizing it, we lose all our attractiveness.
  2. Lies are a very unattractive trait for a person, but when it comes to a woman denying it, it's even worse.
  3. When a woman acts as if she knew everything, no matter you are told that it is actually an error, it is irritating to men. They do not support who are unable to listen to others before making statements.
  4. Listening to unbridled screams of a woman is annoying and unattractive to him. When a woman is screaming at the entrance of a nightclub or constantly calls his boy to do things she can do quietly, it’s too unpleasant.
  5. The vast majority of men find it very unpleasant when their partner’s sole purpose is criticizing what they do or do not do.

Most of the time we talk about the things we do to be attractive to a man. But we stop to think what men find unattractive in women, the things which make them run away. If your goal is to always look beautiful, do not settle with tips on how to be attractive, but also follow these points that can help you achieve your goal more effectively.

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