What Things To Talk About With a Girl

August 15, 2015

For guys who wonder what things to talk about with a girl you like, here are some best funny topics you can talk to make your date and conversation interesting.

things to talk about with a girl

For some men talking to a girl and keeping up the conversation is dramatic enough, which becomes an all unresolved issue making them nervous. Getting a date has become easy from various apps, but guys go dumb to start a conversation and think what to talk about with a girl. Instead of thinking there, take a note of some of the interesting things to talk about with a girl on a date.

However, the problem is not that big as many guys thing. Not knowing what to talk or simply going on with a nonsense topic to talk and unfunny things will make your date uninterested and bored.

Well, this does not happen to you, we will give you some of the interesting and funny things to talk with a girl you like or your date. Also find some topics you should never put on a date, if you want to succeed and avoid boring the girl.

Acts and interesting stories

It is of little known stories and interesting facts that you learned from magazines, newspapers, internet, etc. For example, while you're in the cafe with your girl you could teach the history of coffee and the number of coffee beans that are consumed in your country a year and there are thousands of interesting issues that could surprise her. However don’t stretch any of these topics because such topics she may not know. Be sure to flirt with her and compliment without looking creepy. And most importantly, make sure she is interested in what you're telling, never tell a boring story.

Her personal interests

If you always wonder what to talk about with a girl, then getting to know about her interest can be the best thing.

Books and music: You can talk with your girl about music and movies you love and ask her about her likes too. Note that kind of movies she likes and try to recall some funny, romantic or interesting part of it. Ask her about the song she like and knowing her likes you can offer to accompany her to see some band performance and movies in the taste of your girl.

Food: Either something sweet you can take dessert or something exotic in a country that she always wanted to visit, especially if in question you find attractive photos on the plate. If you want to mention alcohol, do so with care. Not all girls like to drink. You can also discuss about some time of cuisine she likes.

There are many topics she may be interested in that she will reveal only if you ask her. So don’t wait and ask her what she likes as a hobby or ask about her interests.

Common interests

Find common interests between you and your girl, is this about cars, music or some pastime, hiking, cinema, skating, soccer, movies, dance and anything. The key to success in any conversation with a woman is to learn to listen to what she says and understand what their interests are. Not only saturate your stuff. If you give time to present their things and feel that you pay attention, most likely she will be interested talking to you and if you can’t find something more to talk, she will be the one who will run the conversation.

Never over speak about yourself

If there is a topic that women do not like is the self-reference, you talk a lot about yourself or your adventures. Now if you really do not want to bore and frighten the girl who accompanies you, do not even think of over mentioning yourself. Do not pretend to be Superman or Batman, or a super hero who fought against armies and reach speeds no human can achieve.

Lifestyle and passion

Talk about your lifestyle and the things you did as a child and also ask her to share her experience. Knowing what are her goals and ambitions in life is what important. If you have some important passion (some hobby that haunts you) and giving the "chance" that she also liked, show your enthusiasm and also ask about hers. This is one of the best topics to talk about with a girl.
If you're a classy guy, talk about the kind of lifestyle you've been. Just make sure to say little and keep some mystery for her to discover later. Don’t over mention yourself and the same time don’t ask her too many questions to make it feel like an interview.

Talk funny

So those are three things to talk about with a girl to keep the conversation to her interests. These are some of the favorite lines that girls like and cannot resist smiling. Try to find a mission in which both can work together as a joke. Look something you we both would agree, and then become some sort of mission.

"Let's play characters of titanic movie or any other movie."

"Ask her to play your character and you take her role."

"Let's make our mission to eliminate Justin Bieber off the face of the earth."

The point of this would be to create this "mission" to be a subject of common conversation they could return when the conversation boring place. The best missions are fun and allow you to role play with some imaginary scenarios.

Remember, this is not a mission that you will be really together, it's just something that can bother a while.

What you're really doing with each of these issues is to look for things to tease and flirt with her. You are trying to make "take the bait" to read something or do something that allows you to bring the focus to talk to her and keep the conversation running smoothly.

Unhealthy topics to talk about with girls

  1. Don’t speak bad about others. Never, ever spend more than 5% of conversations with a girl, because it indicates that you have nothing interesting to say about yourself or the person you're talking about. Similarly, avoid speaking ill of others, because if you do, they might cross you off as bitter and angry.
  2. No worst card of a man who speaks about his health problems. While some males may have the belief that with that generate an empathy that borders compassion, hardly there will be a possibility to strengthen a bond if you are a potential incubator of germs, bacteria and viruses. Moreover, no woman likes to have weak guy on her side.
  3. Usually, even if they are fond of sport, most women are bored when the conversation is taken over by football, tennis or basketball,. Women like to talk about their feelings or what to do in their free time, not about football statistics. Only in rare cases, your passion for your favorite game can be shared with her.
  4. Do not tell them how to talk. No woman likes to be told what to do, how to talk or what to say. Make sure you don’t try to become her parent or teacher.
  5. If there is something that is far off the interests of most women are cars or any other branch that has wheels, engines and horsepower.

Instead of thinking what to talk about with a girl, read these topics so that you are always with some interesting thing can light your conversation. All the time you will need to maintain the confidence because if you lose it you won’t feel comfortable. Just relax and try to know about her passions and notice a common thing which you both have to help you when you are stuck. Hope there topics help you to talk with any girl on a date. If you want to have a successful date with her then read these topics.

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