What to Wear on First Date for Women

April 13, 2015

It is a headache when we have to think what to wear on first date and what not to wear. These tips will help women look fantastic and make their date memorable.

The first date is a very exciting and memorable experience in life because for the first time you are so much stressed over things about where to go, what to talk, how the date will go and what to wear on first date. When it comes to which dress to pick then it can create a lot of confusion. We will help you clear this confusion so that your confidence levels stays on top and you look stylish as well as comfortable all the time.

What to Wear on First Date

Choosing the right outfit is extremely crucial for leaving a right impression on the guy. The way you look is really important because a man first visually sees a person and the rest things come later. So do you want to leave a impression that makes him even think about you after the date is over. Start taking a note of all these tips that will make your dressing up a lot easier than before.

Tips to choose the right dress.

Wearing a new t-shirt along with the jeans can provide you with comfort, but for dates you should change your style. You need to style differently and this is what will make you look and feel special. You may find a little difficult to handle your dress, but it is fine. Just make sure that it is not too much uncomfortable which is making you unable to concentrate on other things. Looking special is important, but at the same time it should not cross the limit of your comfort.

Wearing jeans is not a problem, but make sure it is clean and above it you can wear a cool looking blouse. Many expert stylish believe that wearing a dress like the one shown in the image can be a perfect for a leaving a good impression.

dress for first dates

If you seem adjusting your clothes all the time then it may happen that he may lose the interest in this date. Hence many experts believe that one must not wear those dresses which are difficult to handle.
So if you are still puzzled what to wear on first date then check out the images, it will get you some ideas.

The colour that you wear is important

Working women are often seen in their black, white or grey outfits because these colous make them look modest. But now you are no going to your workplace or an interview, hence you must refrain wearing such colours. The man you are going to be with want you to be see the feminine side. They want to attach with the lady that can add happiness to his life. So try to wear a soft and delicate shade of any colour. A greenish-blue colour, coral red or coral pink etc. are some good shades tend to be more feminine colours. You can wear your dress with these shades to leave a memorable impression on him.

first date dresses

Balance your makeup

Makeup is a very important part of your dressing because this will make you look more appealing compared to normal days. Apply some extra makeup compared to the everyday use, but remember that you are not overdoing it. Applying lipsticks, foundation etc. can all be good to a certain extent, but remember not to cross the line. Apply your makeup properly from eye liners to lipstick because this will show him your effort and interest you took to come on a date with him.


It will be great if you are wearing a dazzling pair of heels. I understand that it becomes hard for the knees and toes, but these can give your appearance a more feminine look. Your dressing will actually make his heart slip for you. But, in case carrying heels is very uncomfortable for you and you find very difficult to walk in it then avoid. Wearing heels is somewhat uncomfortable and if you can manage then this can give your lower body more flattering look. Keep in mind that if you buying a new pair then take a test and see whether you can properly walk in it without much trouble.


Dress for dates

How much jewellery to wear? This is a very hard question to answer, but if you wearing loads then this can turn be bad. According to dating experts, wearing lot of jewellery can be a turnoff because psychologically the subconscious mind of a man will start thinking that even he will have to buy you new jewellery when you fall in a relationship. In this case you can keep it simple and wear a nice chain with a beautiful pendant. This will seem to be more appealing to man then the idea of using lots of such items. You can see the girl in the image, although she is not wearing a chain, but you can see the kind of jewellery she is wearing for some idea.

So here are the few best tips on what to wear on first date. According to an expert, it is ok if you over-dress yourself on dates, but never go under-dressed. However keep the jewellery count low. Suppose if you visit a place, where you are the only woman that is looking different in her beautiful dress. Your confidence will boost when you see that people around you are much casual compared to you. So I hope that you find these tips helpful and this can help you look perfect on your first date.

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