What You Should Never Do To Impress a Man

January 21, 2016

You have started liking a guy, but instead of giving you tips on impressing him, this time I show you what you should never do to impress a man.

What you should never do to impress a man

When you're madly in love with a guy, it is difficult to identify what is allowed and what is not to conquer his heart. Maybe you're the most beautiful and intelligent girl, but he will never know if you do something drastic things to get his attention.

When you are crazy about a guy, it's easy to think you'd do anything to get their attention. And while there is nothing wrong to be better dressed, makeup more and buy a seductive perfume, but there should not be any drastic changes which is definitely not worth do it for a man. Just relax and take these views into consideration that what you should never do to impress a man.

  1. Wanting to impress:
  2. Be too steep in wanting to impress the guy can be counterproductive because this is what makes guys run away. It is advisable for you to relax and try to enjoy without the need to fall into the false spontaneity of amazing things to do or say to make him feel attracted. We must act natural, calm and relaxed. Only in this context we can ensure that there are more chances to attract him. If you easily show the guy that you like him then there will be no chase for him. It is important that you play a little hard to get girl because men like chasing.

  3. Dressed differently:
  4. It's okay dress a little nicely to get their attention, but that does not mean you should drastically change the way you dress. You should look for a guy that does not judge you by your clothes. Dressing nicely with makeup is fine, but never wear anything too revealing or any kind of clothes in which you are not comfortable. Being uncomfortable with your clothing will actually make you think of your clothes more and thus make you a little insecure and less confident around him.

  5. Eating salad:
  6. When a man asks you out, it is acceptable to ask for something cheap, after all you are being polite. However, that does not mean you should order a salad to signify that it is 'healthy' or you're watching your weight. Act normal and have a normal conversation which is enough. Acting too weird is what you should never do or he will never get impressed by you.

  7. Sending nude pictures:
  8. Never send pictures of your naked body to get his attention. If this is what he is asking then avoid him because that guy is only interested in one thing which is to sleep with you. A decent guy, genuinely interested in you would never put you in that situation. In addition to degrading, it could be very dangerous. This is amongst the top point of what you should not do to impress a guy.

  9. Talking evil:
  10. It is easy to get angry on your ex or when you're jealous with other girls, but that's no excuse for speaking ill about them to impress the guy. In fact you should avoid these topics when you are with him. If suppose he asks about your ex then simply say the reason for your breakup and switch to another topic. Talking evil about others is a great turn-off when it comes to make a good impression on someone. We must clarify that cursing is not bad and sometimes serves as a relief, but preferably you should avoid it with the guy and raise this topic around your friends. When you are with the guy, it is best that you only talk about yourself and ask him about his likes for a great conversation.

  11. Don’t fake:
  12. Never invent hobbies to conquer your guy. At some point he will come to know that you had lied. If you played basketball in elementary school, it would be quite unrealistic in college to tell him that you love the sport, even though you have not touched a ball for years. If you lie on your interests, you will never have an honest relationship. It is very easy to take an interest in the hobbies of guy you like, but when you want to become the perfect bride for him it is best that you remain honest. Honesty is more than essential to take your new friendship to a future relationship.

  13. Don’t be weird:
  14. Many girls think they need to be mysterious to impress others. They act differently as having a strong past and many things to hide. The truth is that being mysterious and a hard to get girl will be fine, but it will turn bad when you cross the line. I mean to say that when your mysterious acting makes you look like a psychopath and your hard to get girl type makes the guy run away. This is what you should never do to impress a guy. It is best that you play with such things in limit.

  15. Don’t be rude:
  16. You're a lady so you should act like one. Treat everyone with respect and appreciation regardless of how many believe that a man may be impressed by a woman who has no manners or feel superior to others. Being rude to people around you will never make the guy impressed. Remember, it is not necessary to use the manners taught us at school, but it is better to be honest and to respect others. I am not asking you to become a good girl, but it is best that you don’t disrespect and act rude to people for no reason.

  17. Don’t pretend you know more:
  18. If this guy knows or likes soccer, you pretend to be a fan when you've never seen a game. Why not tell him the truth and ask him to give some information? If you are trying to show off your knowledge on a topic which you hardly know then possibly it will make you look dumb. Remaining honest at most times will work in your favor.

  19. Never act to be dumb:
  20. Do not play dumb with your work just because you want his help. Why do you think you will look attractive when you play dumb? Believe it or not, men prefer women who are independent, a little smart and able to take care for themselves. Playing dumb is what you should never do to impress a man because if your intelligence cannot be handled by the guy then how will he handle you and your ambitions.

Apart from this, there may be even more things that should be avoided such as being shy, talking with low confidence, being too much flirty and acting bossy. Make sure that to impress a guy, it is very important that he sees you happy and smiling. Don’t be fake and show your real side to get involved with him in a lifelong relationship.

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