Why Beautiful Women Choose Ugly Guys?

March 25, 2016

Do you doubt why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their boyfriends or husband? Then, check out some of the reasons why women prefer unattractive guys.

why beautiful women choose ugly guys

In general, the above questions have varied answers, like maybe the guy is a millionaire (the most simplistic) or his personality is magnetic. Maybe attractiveness is a plus sign to attract women, but many women prefer average-looking guys when it comes to a serious relationship. The answer to this question depends maybe on psychological, scientific, capricious, or fortuitous points. A study published recently found some of the reasons why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their boyfriends.

Long-term relationships

A study reveals that women who marry not-so-good-looking men have longer-lasting marriages than those who choose handsome men. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says that when an unattractive man has a pretty wife, he twice strives to treat her well and please her. Of course, this is not a rule or anything like that, but they serve to gain perspective. A handsome man will always bring insecurity problems because there is always a bandit trying to catch your man. But an ugly is almost more aware of being lucky to be with a beautiful woman and will do anything to keep her happy. Average-looking men offer lasting relationships, and this is why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their partners.


Handsome men manage to conquer women with a wink or a smile, while less attractive resort to self-confidence. So it is that ugly sometimes are more confident. The study mentions that by knowing that he is less handsome, a guy adopts firm attitudes, which usually work for them to get a woman's attention. Maybe the guy is not so good in looks but has a great sense of humor and displays high confidence levels; this can attract a beautiful woman.

Women are less superficial. The female tends to leave the physical feature privileging other virtues of men. Men see with their eyes, women with ears. Many times, a man cannot be very handsome but has the gift of speech, which can be the key to success. He may also have a perfect sense of humor, and every girl wants their ‘Mr. Perfect’ to have this quality. Intelligence is also attractive to many women. Less beautiful guys are likely to develop other areas to make up for the lack of beauty. That's why many times, the less handsome are more intelligent and self-confident. These qualities make women's eyes begin to see the inner beauty and fall in love with the guy.


An attractive male body with abs is not comparable to the feeling of sleeping in each other's arms at night, which many women want. That certainty of safety when it is constant is preferable to be best, and hence women select unattractive men who are ready to provide protection. A sculpture body and face of an angel are often not enough for women; what they want at the end of the day is security. An unattractive man assures them that he will be loyal and at her side always.

Women instinctively seek to feel safe beside their partners and have support in their life which is confirmed by a study by James McNulty, a researcher at the University of Tennessee (USA). The beautiful wife of a less physically attractive man enjoys being more memorable and more secure in a relationship.

Makes her feel more special

Girls may have heard their mother's advice: "Choose a man who loves you more than you love him." During adolescence, it sounds terrible, but maybe over the years can begin to make sense. Beauty is a quality that is lost over time, so it is an excellent choice to be with a person who keeps you happy at the end of the road. Less attractive men will always appreciate more and be the guy you want. All women like to feel adored, and less handsome boys tend to be more willing to enter that game and constantly declare their love in different ways. While waiting to be admired, unattractive guys are more inclined to show affection and be more helpful. Such a man is willing to declare and manifest all the time admiration and love for his beautiful wife.

Good lovers

I'm not saying that handsome guys cannot be good lovers, but some everyday guys without attractive faces can overperform when showing love. A beautiful man can be overconfident, but the less attractive can represent an excellent role of lovers as they do something extra to please their sexy woman. As I said about a study above, less handsome guys have some insecurity, so they work very hard to keep their hotwife loved and satisfied. Unlike many beautiful guys who neglect whether or not their partner is satisfied, less attractive guys are attentive to meet their partner in bed. Penis size does not fit on this point; it is all about seduction and impressive antics in bed, which results in remarkable and healthy sex life for both.

It is complicated for women

For many men, physical beauty is the primary factor when it comes to attraction. In the case of women, it is mainly about the character and not about the physical beauty. Off-course, they also like sexy faces, masculine toned body, broad shoulders, and butts, but this isn’t enough for them to fall in love with the guy. There are various factors a woman looks at in their possible partner like whether he is intelligent, confident, keeps her smiling, can he be trusted, can be supportive, and the list goes on. A woman may date several sexy guys, but when it comes to settle and marry, they will choose the one who has the qualities above. The inner beauty of many unattractive guys is why beautiful women choose ugly guys as husbands.

There will be much to object to. But many of us want stable relationships, which also satisfy us intellectually and feel adored. Many men openly say that they wish to beautiful women, but many openly say that they want a devoted man who can be good-looking or have average looks. So, it is clear that it is not only about physical appearance and is more about feeling secure, love, and happiness for a lifelong marriage.

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  1. I completely disagree with " women see with their ears " If they really look inside themselves , they want the most beautiful man they can find.

    Confident women don't need an unattractive man to make themselves feel more secure. Ugly men don't create sexual desire in a woman, that is the reality of life.

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