Why Do Women Like Bad Boys?

December 19, 2015

Find the top reasons why do women like bad boys and why they find bad guys to be more attractive. This will help you in the dating game to attract a woman.

Why do women like bad boys

Women in general are interested and drawn to what is referred to as ‘bad guy' sooner or later in their lives, mainly while they don't expect a committed and serious relationships. Nice guys are only preferred for stability and are considered by many women to be their husbands, but in the dating game they lose. Most of the time such guys are either friend-zoned or made brothers. With these guys women actually share all their relationship problems, but they never think of them as a boyfriend material. What women are actually looking for is a bad guy who at times needed can also play the role of a good guy. Still confused why these guys are attractive to girls then here are the reasons to why do women like bad boys.

  1. Women actually need a lot of drama and emotions which the bad guys often contribute to their daily life, but such feeling is absent in good guys. While many women will reject that they don’t like drama, but actually they like it as it is exactly what helps them experience being full of life. At times these guys are bad to make a woman life energetic and then when their woman needs to talk to a friend they switch to a good guy. This may make it somewhat clear for you that why do women like bad boys. Such guys have the ability to create some great memories and they are whole lot expressive and fun to be around. A lot of women feel affection and are attracted to bad guys for the reason that they develop a roller-coaster of moods and feelings which brings out the fun and happy side of girls. Such kind of feelings is not generated by good and shy type of guys as they are less expressive.
  2. The bad guys will certainly travel along with you to adventurous places which are sometimes even dangerous. At a young age girls like being a rebel and enjoy as well as desires to jump beyond the borders of what is actually created for her. They like coming out of their comfort zone and experience the thrill in their life which the bad guys are able to provide. Such thrill and adventure are not provided by a good guy and hence they are not considered appropriate for dating. While many women don’t like things outside boundary, but when they are forced by guys is what makes them feel different. Although after a certain age a woman would like to settle down with a good guy, but she will not include nice guys when she does not expect a serious relationship.
  3. The bad guys are considered to be great in bed. These are guys which don’t care about things considered taboo and are ready to fulfill their fantasies. Many girls have sexual fantasies and they want a bad guy to fulfill it as they don’t take things seriously. As I have repeated that at young age women don’t like being in a serious relationship and hence they avoid good boys. They want to experience the thrill without emotional attachment. They know that bad guys won’t get emotionally attached, while good guys will so they prefer bad guys. Hence, to avoid a long term commitment women like bad guys.
  4. In the company of bad guys, many women start becoming a risk taker. The risk taking abilities of a guy actually makes him look more attractive in front of girls. During the teenage and early twenties, boys and girls want to take risks and be adventurous. Bad guys here will enjoy the company of hot girls because these girls find them attractive while taking risks. The thrill and fire being around bad guys is the reason why women like bad boys than the good ones.
  5. With bad guys women often are insecure as they aren’t loyal and make them feel that he can anytime leave for some other woman. If a girl is with a good man then she knows that he will never leave and thus this feeling of insecurity is lost. Although security and loyalty is required to women, but they want to remain unsure because if they become sure then this is boring. The problem with many women is that when are completely sure that they feel safe with a person, after sometime they become bored. The extra drama, fear and excitement is required for them to maintain the passion and fire. This one of the best reasons to prove why do women like bad guys.
  6. Women love challenges and transforming a bad guy to a good one is what they consider to be a great challenge. The risk of being in relationship with such men is high as they can leave you anytime, but this is a strong case of reverse psychology where women like the challenge to turn this bad guy into a loving and loyal man. The risk and challenge of turning out such a man and keeping him loyal is a great task which pulls women to bad guys.
  7. Women don’t consider good guys to be physically strong even if he has a masculine body. Bad guys on the other hand create an illusion as if they are strong and can protect a woman. Women are often attracted to strong men who can protect hers. Since, bad guys are able to send signals that they are strong, subconsciously it means to women that their offspring will be strong too. In case of good guys the feeling of protection is not much sure. It is important that a woman feels protected because since ancient times men have taken the responsibility to protect their women. If you can make her feel the same then there is a chance for you to attract a woman.
  8. Many nice guys are too shy and are not able to speak the right words in front of women. However, bad guys know the words that can make the environment fun, they know words of seduction and thus they are found to be more charming. These guys know flirting and also have the art to make women feel special and thus this is a great reason why women like bad guys.

The unpredictability, challenge and jerk like actions activate unusual feelings and emotions inside a woman brain. This may be due to the fact that there is a need of excitement, adventure and thrill a woman desires and that can be fulfilled if she is with a bad guy. After learning why do women like bad boys, you must not alter yourself. Instead just be more expressive and humorous which will help you attract the woman you like.

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