How to Know Why He Broke Up and Will He Come Back

April 1, 2021

Your relationship with your boyfriend ended, and now you ask why he broke up, and he will come back to you? These tips will help you get your ex back quickly.

Why he broke up and will he come back

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, the first and the most instinct or question you have is to ask, “why?” It's OK to ask him the first time, but the following 10-20 times gets a bit too much. If you still love him, the next question you ask yourself is why he broke up, and he will come back to you? If you want the answer to that question, then you are in the right place. This article will answer your questions and show you what can be done to get the desired answer. If you want to read more on this topic, we have written a guide called 5 things to say to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Why he broke up with you?

The first question, as I said, is to know “Why he did what he did?” and once we know that, we can look at how to tackle it. So try to answer this question as honestly as possible. For example, were you guys fighting a lot lately, or did he cheat on you, or did you? Or was it that you both got lazy, and the relationship just dozed off. I know answering these questions is not easy, but you need to take the first step in the right direction.

How did he break up?

Once you have analyzed your relationship and found out why he broke up, then comes the following question: how did he do it? Now I know that this is a terrible memory for you, but gather the strength to go down this memory lane one last time. What we are looking for are his emotions while doing it. For example, did it happen when you guys were fighting, and he said, “This is it, it’s over,” or was it a closed-door conversation where he said that things are not working out anymore?

The emotions he was in the last moments of your relationship show how he felt about the whole ordeal. Lastly, try to remember how you reacted to this unpleasant event. Did you start crying right there, or did you slapped him? Knowing this would help you to understand how much work there is to be done.

Why may he come back?

There are some particular reasons why a guy comes back. Some of these are good, while some are just plain selfish. You need to know both of them to learn how to tackle them.

He Misses You

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that missing someone with whom you spent all your time. So, this is a good enough reason for him to come back to you, but not good enough for him to stay, remember that. Your goal is to make him miss you every time he is away from you, even if it is just for minutes.

He Regrets Breaking Up

If the breakup happens in a fight or hastiness, then this is common. However, suppose you make all the right moves; then you can make him regret breaking up with you as well. But this too has its limits as a guy may regret breaking up with you but won’t do anything about it because he is a guy (Dumb/ego).

He Wants Physical benefits

This is the worst kind of guy who, on the one end, wants to have sex with you, but on the other hand, doesn’t want a relationship. These are the guys we call commitment-phobic. They won’t commit to anything or anyone in the world and wants to be a free agent all their life. But the only thing that can tie such a guy down is a woman strong enough to let him go.

Too Much History

Some couples break up and make up a lot, and these are the ones we call teams with too much history. They can’t seem to make up their mind about what they want. Either they like each other but won’t commit, or they don’t want each other and are scared to start all over again.

What do you want?

After knowing why he broke up, and he will come back remains the question is, what do you want from him now. Before getting him back, you need to decide if you want him back or are better off alone. And once you have decided that you want him back, you need to determine what limits you are willing to cross. What conditions are you ready to accept to get him back? Getting him back is not going to be easy if you are still confused about your feelings. Finally, if you decide to get him back, read on to know the best way to get him back.

How to make him come back?

You need to know two things about guys: first, they are very visual, and second, they believe every rumor about their ex. So using these two things, we will try to get your ex back.

No Contact Rule

If you know anything about breaks up, then you know that they are messy, and you don’t want to do any permanent damage. No contact is the best way of achieving this goal. For those who don’t know what the no contact rule is, then let me explain. No Contact rule says you not to talk, text, or have any form of communication with your ex for 4-6 weeks minimum. Secondly, everyone knows that the more you ignore someone, the more they seek out your attention. So, cut off all ties with them, including a digital one. The only exception to this rule is if you have kids together, if you two work together or if you share the same house. In such cases also you can only talk if necessary.

Emotion Check

No contact does not mean that you can’t talk to anybody, so talk to someone about it before you explode. These are the times where friends and family are your most extensive support system. So you rely on them a bit to help you up. If you feel emotional or mad, talk to someone before you do something crazy, like calling your ex and begging. Having a support system throughout this process is the best way to get through it.

Self Improvement

Post break up or the time of no contact, which is 4-6 weeks, is not to mope around. Instead, utilize this time to work on yourself. You can start going to the gym to get in a better physique. As I said, men are visual, so getting in the best shape will earn you points. Go out with your friends, have some fun and have a wardrobe make-over if you need. Take up some hobbies you like or go traveling. Just don’t clear out your bank account or get wasted while doing so.

Letting Go

Two things need to be done to let go. The first is to pack up his stuff in a box and send it to him. You don’t need a reminder of what happens every day in your life. And this time, when he does contact you about it, text him and be gentle about it. And secondly, you need to get out more often now that you are single. Start by going out with your friends or family like brother or sister. Then go for some dates.

I am not suggesting you get into a serious relationship right now. Instead, go on a few dates to test the waters and get your groove back. First, this way, you will see many other guys who would love to date you. And secondly, this will show your ex that you are moving on. Also, this will make him realize what he had lost just enough to tempt him to get back with you.

Chance Contact

Of course, you will receive regular updates about your ex from familiar friends during all this time. But the thing is, he too had been receiving news about you as well. So, for example, he can see how sexy you look after a wardrobe make-over and few gym classes. So now you both know about each other, and quite possibly, he may have contacted you a couple of times, but you didn’t reply because of the no contact rule. But now that’s over, and you are to initiate contact. A chance contact is when something that reminded you of him and you text him about it. This way, you two start having a conversation again and may even get back together.

Lastly, keep in mind that there is always a chance that things might turn out the way you hoped. But if you have done everything mentioned above, you would have discovered that you don’t need him to make you happy you have been doing just fine without him.

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