8 Advantages Of Long Distance Relationship

December 16, 2015

Here is a list of advantages of long distance relationship which shows a positive side of couples separated by a long distance between them.

Advantages Of Long Distance Relationship

Today, we live in a global society connected by technology and social networks that eliminate the distances between people living far apart. Lots of couples are presently living in a long distance relationship and while the miles in between can create anxiety, jealousy and mistrust, however there are also many advantages of long distance relationship.

There is not a single person who desires to live miles away from their partner. No one enters a relationship to stay apart, due to some reasons they have to, but these couples work positively to overcome this distance and strengthen their bond. Although, there are lots of challenges in a long distance relationship, but love and trust are those pillars which keeps them running. Here are few benefits of such distant relationship.

  1. You get to know your partner in depth. When you have a long distance relationship, you have to use your words to describe yourself, what you feel and what you're doing. According to a study published in the Journal of Communication, in such relationships couples are able to communicate at a deeper level than those living in the same neighborhood. Having to resort to special forms of communication, such partner develops skills that benefit the long term. Learning lessons of more effective communication, couples separated by distance work harder than those living close to communicate affection and intimacy.
  2. More romance, less domestic affairs. When your soul mate lives far from you, every encounter is magical and special, because you do not have to deal with daily domestic problems. In the distance, your boyfriend does not leave dirty dishes after dinner or snore when you're trying to sleep. Also, your girlfriend can’t force you to come shopping with her. By not seen so often, they are also less likely to argue and fight.
  3. You appreciate your partner more and vice versa. When you only have a weekend to enjoy with your partner, you appreciate the company more and ignore small details which can hurt. When you know you'll never see your love for weeks or months, you take advantage of every encounter, avoiding unnecessary interruptions or discussions and this can be the greatest advantages of long distance relationship.
  4. Independence and leisure are also nice benefits from such relationships. It keeps you independent which is of great advantage and which means that you can enjoy your time. Relationships can consume an incredible amount of time and energy. In the beginning, it may be attractive to share every minute of the day with your love. But after a few months, everyone begins to miss our independence and our times. When you are in a long distance relationship with Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp you can just close the laptop or keep phone aside and off you can go out and have fun with friends at any time.
    Many couples who are living together almost lose their own identity. It is an advantage for long distance relationship as it allows each to maintain his/her own life, interests, friends and lifestyle. The two have control of their personal time. Living away from your lover or spouse is a good way to preserve your essence, despite being in a relationship.
  5. Believing that if you can overcome this your relationship can survive anything. For those involved there is a belief that the distance is a test that if resolved in a good way, the relationship could go through and overcome countless obstacles. This belief is one of the best advantages of long distance relationship as later it maintains high levels of trust and a great bond between partners.
  6. The relationship is based on more than physical. The couples would definitely miss the physical touch, but that’s that test. When there is love and loyalty, you get involved more emotionally which is a benefit of long distance relationship. By definition, long-distance relationships is something more than just being physical. It helps you to connect to that emotional level which takes years to develop within some couples living together.
  7. Just you and me together. The ratio, for the most part is based on virtual meetings where only the couple is involved. Thus, you do not have to deal with your friends and family. All the time you talk, it is just you two sharing quality virtual time together. It is also said that people in long distance relationship communicate to better understand each other and this is what helps to in making their bond stronger. However, in a few couples living together they complain more than sharing what must actually be spoken. There are benefits in each and every kind of relationship and it totally depends on the two, but when living apart the distance makes us easily understand the importance of our partner and thus we love and care more.
  8. The time when you meet is full of emotions, love and adventure. Both the couples value each other and cannot waste time over small issues. Instead they try to live most of the limited time they are together because they know how empty it feels to stay apart from your loved ones. Also, it has be researched that such couples when start to live together, they better value and understand each other. So I believe this is one of the very nice advantages of long distance relationship as it teaches you to live and enjoy with your partner as without him/her life is so empty.

These were some of the benefits of living apart from your partner. A relationship depends on two person and if they really love each other it does not depend whether they stay together or apart. Love, trust and respect are the main pillars of relationship which a couple must understand to grow older with their love.

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