How to Ask a Girl Out For Coffee

July 5, 2017

Find the best way to ask a girl out for coffee in person, over text, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Learn when and how to ask her on a date and get yes as an answer.

In the game of dating playing the right cards at the right time gives you success. You should know when to ask, how to ask, and where to ask in order to successfully get a date. Examine the mood of the girl, how well does she know you, and how she thinks of you. Here are some of the best tips to ask a girl out for coffee and get a positive reply.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with the girl you like is important and is respectful as well. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with a stranger as well because it can be a good way to get noticed without doing anything. If you like a girl then knowing or unknowingly you are going to look at her. However when you say it like that it sound a bit creepy but to transform it from being creepy to flirty all you have to do is make eye contact. And the thing if she had noticed you then she will do the same as well. So, maintain eye contact for few seconds and then take it off of her and then repeat this cycle every minute or so.

Follow with a Smile

Once you make eye contact and you have gone through the cycle couple of times, then now is the time to follow it with a smile. So, make eye contact couple of times and then throw in a smile along with the following eye contact. This way she knows that you are looking at her if there was any confusion before. Additionally this also puts her at ease by letting assume that you like her and rightfully so. Now, if you wait for a few seconds then there is bound to be a smile from her as well that would mean that she has at the very least noticed you and at the very best wants you to talk to her.

Exchange Greetings

The toughest thing to do is gather up enough courage to go and talk to her for the first time and this is when you do it. Once you she smiles back at you then the next logical step is to introduce yourself. If you two already know each other then start having a conversation starting with exchange of greeting. You don’t always need a good pick up line especially when you are a teenager just “Hey, how you doing?” would work for now. So, when you walk up to her then first you introduce yourself followed by this opening or if you already know her, then the conversation would come naturally.

Be confident

This might be tough, but you need to be cool about everything in life right now. It doesn’t matter what people are talking about you behind your back or on your face. You need to forget thinking about rejection. Just calm down and not throw punches at the first guy who calls you mean. This can only be achieved with a good practice, so go and talk with unknown girls. Confidence and a good personality will increase your chances of getting a yes when you ask a girl out for coffee or movie.

Make your personality look great

Improving personality trait is another way of improving yourself. The fact is that for so long you have been set in your own ways that you stopped experimenting new things and that’s when you got boring. A girl should find you interesting and fun to say yes and come out for coffee with you. Off course she will not say yes to a guy who does not look tidy and stand with a dull body posture. Now you have the time to do whatever you feel like.

It doesn’t matter if it is something insane, if you like, you do it. You may start by picking up some nice clothes and work on your personal hygiene. Also, have some great conversations which can make her smile. This sudden change in personality is something that would make you interesting for her. So, now when you ask a girl out for coffee, she will definitely reply positively.

Don’t look desperate

If you think telling everyone that you love her will get her to love you more, you're wrong. Women want a man with personality, not a doll they can handle at will. Of these they get tired quickly, and soon put them in the "friendzone". This zone a place that costs a lot to leave and that will make your girl end up taking an interest in others. It's okay if you want to please her, but show her that you have your own judgment and learn to defend your opinions, standing firm in your convictions. Only then will you get her to hold admiration for you and be able to propose to the girl you love.

Ask her out for coffee

Finally, you are prepared to ask a girl out for coffee. Now, learn when to ask and where to ask before you muster enough courage to go up to her and ask her out. You are still shaking thinking what might the result be and smiling about if she says yes you would go on this date. Also, you might be terrified thinking about what if it’s a no. So when the moment is upon you then you have to remember three things, first is be confident, second is crack joke or flirt a little to know her mood and third not to go overboard or start mumbling about how much you like her.

Best Case Scenario

Now the best case scenario when you ask a guy out for coffee and she said yes, but now what? You don’t know, exactly. You have to prepare for when she says yes and plan your date. Plan where will you two go for your first date as this planning helps you to know exactly what you are going to say when you ask her out on a date. Never say “I like you, would like to go on a date with me”. Instead use words like “Would you like to go to Sadie Hawkins Dance with me as my date?”. You see when you are prepared it gives her less chance to tell you “no”, but if you are unprepared then she might get a bit of shock and may take some time to answer. And in the end it is always better to be prepared.

Worst Case Scenario

Worst case scenario is that he might say no and then what will you do, so always prepare for worst case scenario as well. We should always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst in life and in love because no one really knows how it is going to turn out. So, for when she says no, you should always have a go to plan to make your exit or to get away from her.

You see it’s always better to have an excuse prepared to make your exit. So, you could in either case to have a big smile or a victory dance or to drop a few tears and then forget about her. And secondly also have something else to talk about if you think that she is in a bad mood or you are going to freak out or for any other reason. Hence, you should always be prepared with an excuse.

Planning more dates

If she agrees to come out for coffee with you then the next step is to build comfort. After couple of dates you will know if she is comfortable going on dates with you or does she needs to be persuaded a bit more. Believe me you will know when she is comfortable because then she wouldn’t mind crossing some of initial physical barriers. My only advice would be to put off sexual intercourse for as long as possible. Because if you don’t then it would just get confusing and sooner or later awkward and all this progress we have made would go down the drain.

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