How to Talk to a Girl for the First Time

April 15, 2015

Having confidence in yourself is the best tip to talk to a girl for the first time. Stay relaxed and try to bring your humor into the conversation.

Perhaps you have seen a beautiful girl in your college and now have started daydreaming about her. To talk to a girl for the first time can be a difficult task as many boys are run over by anxiety in this situation. First, their hearts start pumping aggressively, and finally, they talk to the girl in such a way that everything is messed up. I usually recommend boys to do a little practice by first approaching other unknown girls, rather than the girl they like. This can give them some experience.

how to talk to a girl for the first time

Introducing yourself to a girl is a great beginning, but it also depends on what impression you are making. You should know the art of how to keep the conversation interesting. The very first minutes of your conversation will decide whether you will be her good friend or something more than a friend. Read on with the best tricks to confidently talk to a girl for the first time and impress her with your personality.

Make an eye contact before approaching

Before talking to an unknown girl, make sure that you have made eye contact with her. Don’t creepily stare at her; stand in the direction where she is looking and as soon as she looks at you, give a smile to her and look away. This is psychological signaling where you are giving hints to the girl that you are interested in her. Now is the actual time when you are going to talk with her.

Avoid using a pickup line

A pickup line is the worst thing that an individual tries for the first time. Many guys usually tend to watch some youtube videos and use these lines on a girl. These lines may be funny, but this is not the right technique to approach. Many girls have reported that they usually show less interest when a boy uses a pickup line for approaching.

Keep the first minute friendly

The first minute of the conversation should be kept friendly, go to her, say “hi,” and introduce yourself. According to relationship gurus, if you want to approach an unknown girl, start with asking her about her opinion about particular stuff. Like if you are in a college, you can ask her about a particular book. In a store, you can ask her about some products.

Now let her speak and never stop her in between, and now you can causally compliment something about her. This is the main trick you need to play when this is your first time. Compliment her beautiful smile, hair, or her dress. You have played the card of planting a hint in her mind, and this will later make her think that this guy is maybe interested in me. Surveys have shown that many girls like this kind of approach, and such an approach can make the girl feel less offended rather than starting the conversation with a pickup line.

Add some humour to the conversation

Suppose you develop the ability to hold on to the girl's interest, then the chance to get her number increases. If you talk to a girl for the first time and you can make her laugh, then everything is on the right track for you. The only thing is that she should not have a boyfriend. Interviews with girls have shown that they are more likely to fall for a guy who never lets the smile on her face go; I mean, they have a great sense of humor.

Don’t loose the eye contact

A guy’s inner confidence is what is most liked by the girl. Don’t approach the girl like you are scared to speak with her. Instead, confidently looking into her eyes, starting with an introduction, playing the tricks with eye contact, and smiling. In the end, remove your mobile and say what your number is? If she rejects giving her your number, then insist once that we can hang out sometime.

Now, if she rejects again, then you need to let her go. You cannot force her, and you must respect her. Behave confidently, talk smartly and present yourself like her hero. If she does not have a boyfriend or husband, then there are chances that you can get her number at the first meeting. Again, I repeat that if she seems to be less interested in talking to you and asks you to leave, then don’t feel agitated and move away with pride. There are many girls who you may find beautiful; try these tricks on the next.

What to do if the girl has felt offensive

Just remember that the comfort levels and the levels of being offensive are different for all the girls. In the conversation, if you cross the line of flirting, it is important to apologize to her quickly. Even if you feel that you didn’t say anything and the girl may be overreacting, but then also say sorry and carry on with the conversation and if you feel tense after this situation, then leave this girl and walk away.

These are some best tricks to talk to a girl for the first time. Starting with introducing yourself, ask her opinion, start flirting and finally ask her number. In this overall procedure, just keep up your confidence. Maybe for the first few times, you fail, but the experience will teach you. After a few failed attempts, you will then have no problem approaching an unknown girl.

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