How To Be Confident Around Attractive Girls

October 10, 2015

Find the best way to be confident around attractive girls you like. These tips will remove shyness and help you stay more confident in front of your crush.

how to be confident around girls

Shyness is not an exclusive feature of women, there are also a large number of shy men. Some men are confident when it comes to talking with guys, but they become shy when they are around girls. It is what is known as shyness with women and as any kind of shyness, love-shyness can also be faced by such men. Here are some of the best ways that will teach you how to be confident around girls. You just have to dare.

Can you overcome shyness with women? Shy guys find it hard to find a partner because they keep themselves locked in front of their crush. The causes of this shyness in men are varied but all have a common denominator which is the low self-esteem. Such men are not considered worthy of love or be loved because they never express their feelings. If you fall in this category then these tips will assist you to be confident around attractive girls.

Dress attractively

Being well dressed will give you an inner confidence that you are looking good today and it may seem weird, but is a good way to raise your confidence levels. Be proud of yourself and take some moment for your hygiene. Smell good, keep nails cut, trimmed face and combed hair.

Be dressed in acceptable apparel that is properly sized to your body shape. I highly recommend you to stay cozy and relax which in turn will make the outfit more attractive on you. Take some more moments to style your hair as well as trim down hair on face. Spray on that nice smelling cologne and now you would experience superior feeling in relation to your looks and be more confident around girls. But it is not enough to dress attractively, because the way you interact with the girl is the most important. Looking good is the just the first step which makes the girl think that you maintain a good hygiene and take good care of yourself.

Rejection Fear

Men who are shy with women do not dare to ask the phone number or ask her out for a date. If by chance they ask, they are nervous, elusive and try to get as far as possible. This avoidance behavior is motivated by the fear of rejection. And it is precisely the fear of rejection all shy people have to work on. If you want to stay confident than this fear should make no difference to you.

What's the worst that can happen if you ask out? She would say no. But rejection is not so bad, it's just a negative you have to respect and fit as a mature adult. Seek to accept the rejection, because a 'no' will not determine your love life. On the contrary, rejection of that person will actually make you confident because you will understand that there is no harm. Remember that all the cool studs around you with girlfriends had the balls to ask them out. If they always feared talking they would still be single.

Confidence in body language

Self confidence originates from both your conversations and body language. Position yourself straight, look in her eyes and face and your hands and legs must not trembling of nervousness. If you want to learn this art then rehearse in front of the mirror and examine your body language as well as the facial expressions. Such practice sessions can help you a lot to act positive and be confident around attractive girls. Remember the first rule of conversation that if you are not relaxed and comfortable, you cannot make the girl comfortable talking with you.

It has been found that eye contact can be very romantic and can make two people fall in love quickly. The next time you have a conversation with the girl you like, deeply look in her eyes while talking. You can smile or flirt, but each time your eyes meet, trying to keep contact for a few seconds. This will make the girl feel more attractiveness towards you.

Always in your conversation you should dare to pass a nice compliment to her and if you are in college or at work, ask her for a coffee in break. Is rejection fear still bothering you? Don’t worry even if she replies negatively, the next day again ask her, but in a funny manner. All this will simply display your inner-confidence to the girl.

Increase your social circle

One great way to practice your skills is by socializing yourself. In this way you will be meeting lot of girls and this can help you get some practice. Try to start using the conversation and body language tricks on the new girls that you meet and with these girls there will be no problem if they reject you. Once you do some practice then you can confidently talk and flirt with the girl you like. Go to parties and meet the friends of your friends because the more girls will stay around you, the more you will understand them and be confident around them.

Take professional help

When shyness becomes a clinical pathology it is necessary to seek professional help. There are numerous psychological therapy to overcome shyness, including Gestalt psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, Wolpe's systematic desensitization or even hypnosis. All must be done by a professional psychologist who will choose the most appropriate therapy if shyness.

However, the most common to treat shyness psychological treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, which also gets a lot of success in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. This cognitive behavioral therapy aims to completely transform the erratic behavior of shy people and automatically eliminate negative thoughts that generate shyness turning you to be a confident man.

Overcoming shyness within relationship

There are also shy people who manage to find a partner, but this shyness later creates problems in the relationship. This kind of love-shyness is very dangerous because it creates dependency relationships and submission precisely caused by low self-esteem. Some people with loving shyness within the relationship come to believe that they are less than their partner and fear being abandoned.

This timidity has many risks for your emotional health, so you should remove it as soon as possible. And the only way to remove the loving timidity within the couple is improving your self-esteem. You must get to that point where you do not let your partner feel that you are dependent, disrespect you or emotionally blackmail you. You must get to the other point where you are very confident around your girl.

Courses to be confident around attractive girls

We often talk that shyness can be overcome by our own means, but there are times when we need a specialist to overcome that shyness. Psychology offers us the answers and we need some form of psychological treatment to overcome shyness. Relationship gurus have created self improvising dating course for guys that teach them from stage one of getting rid of nervousness around girls to last stage of dating and keeping her happy in a relationship. It also covers other aspects such as improved self-esteem and practice of positive thinking. All this will eventually provide the psychological resources and inner strength we need to deal with shyness and also solves other problems like attracting and flirting with your crush.

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