How to Get a Girlfriend in High School or College

April 28, 2015

We will teach you the best ways and tips with which you can get a girlfriend in high school or college whether you are shy, fat or if you think you are ugly. There is no word like ugly because God has blessed everyone with certain qualities that adds beauty to their personality. Regardless of your looks or shyness, if you manage to become a confident guy then you will definitely get a girlfriend of your choice.

You have entered your high school or college and just like the movies and novels you are looking out to have a girlfriend. Maybe a half or a year has passed and you are still alone, while some of your friends already have a girlfriend. It is actually a simple task, but your thinking makes it difficult. Girls are so sweet and even they look for a boy that can take care of them, love them and make them feel special. Here are the tips that can help you to build your personality and confidently approach any girl you like and make her your girlfriend.

get a girlfriend in high school

Increase your social circle

To get a girlfriend in high school first you need to increase your social network, the more girls you meet the more are your chances to have a girlfriend. Hanging out with girls will help you understand that how girls think and this will decrease your shyness and increase your confidence levels. The bigger your social circle is the more girls you are going to meet and approaching the girl will not be hard.

Stay groomed and work on your style

Wear clean and ironed clothes which make you look the best and gives you a unique style. Never hesitate to take on a different look, but make sure you are comfortable in these clothes and you look great in your outfits. Take a bath and apply deodorant, wear clean clothes, have a nice haircut, and stay groomed. Every girl wants a guy who smells good, wears clean and ironed clothes. According to psychological experts, girls usually look for a guy who can first take care of himself, if he does not groom and avoids a shower then a smaller percentage of girls will like him.

Get yourself some attention

You may be in the same class and usually, she passes by your side but never noticed you. In this case, enjoy and have fun with your group when she is around you. When you are with a group there are more chances that she notices you and as soon as she looks at you show her your smile. Another great way to seek attention is to answer a question in a class. If you don’t know any answer then do a little homework about what is going to be taught in the class the next day and raise a question for the related subject.

Refrain from using pickup lines

Many surveys conducted by experts show that women are rarely interested in men who use pickup lines for approaching them unless they look extremely hot. The main reason you should avoid using a pickup line is that girls in high school and college are smart and these lines won’t work for them. Never approach a girl in this way, it can ruin your chances to be with her. Play it cool, ask them questions about themselves, find some command ground but keep the focus on them, not you, just yet.

Confidently approach the girl

Self-confidence and boldness is the best aspect with regards to appearing great and for pulling a girl’s attention. Stay confident either she is around you or not and maintain a straight posture and walk straight with confidence. Be that cool guy which every girl wants in their life. With a confident approach, speak to the girl, introduce yourself with a “hi” and start with a conversation.

If she doesn't know you then also take the initiative to briefly introduce yourself. At the end of the conversation show your helpful side and at the same time, you can ask her for help. For example, towards the end of the interaction, you can say to the girl that she can approach you whenever she needs help with her studies and also ask her if she would be so kind to help whenever you are in need.

She will definitely say a “yes” and ask her number. It is you who needs to make an initiative for everything, from the conversation, then the number, and then the date. Keep your confidence throughout and try and keep the conversation ticking along nicely with lots of questions which will almost certainly end with her saying yes, lots of small yeses, which will lead to her being drawn towards you. Aim for lots of small yeses, instead of one big event which makes you look like an insensitive or un-interesting fool.

Ask for her number and start with the texts

After having 2-3 conversations directly ask the girl for her number and then start using the power of texting. At night text her with “hi” and then start after exchanging few texts start with sending sweet flirt messages to her. Say that you really like her smile and ask her for a coffee in the canteen. Start giving her hints from the start that you are interested to have a relationship with her. If you just go for normal conversation then I fear friend that you could be trapped in the friend zone. If you want a girlfriend in high school then this is a very important step.

Show her your ambitions

Girls especially show interest in boys who have ambition in their life. Don’t try to fool her by showing something you are not. Speak the truth about what you want to be in life and everything related to you. This topic in a conversation should be raised only once and don’t always repeat it but let them know you have a vision or plan, you should anyway, if you do not then, you should be focusing on that before you are ready to date.

Ask her out on a date

Finally, you need to ask the girl for a date. Yes, you need to ask her only then your love story will be complete. What if she says no? If the answer is no, then ask her out for a canteen date and then there are chances that she will say a yes. Be confident whenever you are in front of a girl but don't ever be desperate, no girl finds desperation attractive.

Different things that can help college boys

You can go with her to the library, canteen or roam around in the college. To get a girlfriend in high school and college is a very simple task as you get a lot of time to stay together. Stay together, give her hints, take her out and she will fall in love with you.

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