How To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

July 29, 2015

Learn the best ways to completely get over your ex boyfriend who cheated you. This will help to recover fast from this relationship even if you still love him. If the guy has cheated you and now has a new girlfriend then my friend you are lucky that you had a breakup with him and instead of being sad you should be happy.

get over your ex boyfriend

When a relationship ends you have mixed feelings of sadness, anger and frustration. A roller coaster of emotions are going in you and it will take sometime to heal. If some time has passed and you realize you're still at the same point then we give some important tips to discover how to get over your ex boyfriend.

After a breakup it is totally normal to miss your ex and one cannot just stop thinking about the separation and their ex. Whatever your feelings are for him now, but at some point of your life you liked him. For some reasons you are separated now and want to get over this relationship and want to return normal. We will help you with the right tricks that will not only get you over your ex boyfriend, but will also make you happier in life.

Avoid any kind of contact with him

The initial step to get over your ex boyfriend is to immediately stop and avoid any kind of contact with him. No contact means that you should avoid texts, stalking him or his images or calling him. If he tries to call or text you then don’t reply or its good to block his number. If you have made up your mind to completely forget him then this can be helpful. It often happens that your guy is sending your sorry and miss you messages which can melt your heart. If you think the breakup happened because of your mistakes and now you have realized it then you can be back with him. Nut that’s your choice because not all ex deserve to be in our lives, that's for sure.

Avoid keeping any contact with your ex during the first few weeks, this will only make things much more difficult. It is necessary for both to distance to heal the wounds and mature thing. Obviously you will miss him and it will be a difficult task for you to ban contact with him, but be strong and think that his chapter is over in your life.

Delete all his memories

In this step you need to remove or clear everything that reminds you of that person. After the break we delay some time to save photos, gifts etc. It's time to keep it all in one box and flush it out from your life. Psychological experts believe that girls should immediately throw the gifts of their ex because these gifts make it difficult for the person to erase them from their memory. This delays the time required to return back to normal life.

So first start with deleting any picture of him from your phone, delete his number and block him on social media. Whatever gifts he presented you either return him back or throw it that’s your choice. If he presented you something expensive which you want to return than this will be the last contact with him and ask one of your friends to return it to him. One all the things which reminds you of him are cleared then this will ease the process to forget him.

Keep yourself engaged

Fill your life with activities and hobbies because sitting idle can be your worst enemy. Start doing whatever things you like or you can start learning a new thing. Learn a new language, join the gym, practicing a hobby or do a course. The key is to stay busy and feel useful.

Some activities may help you relax and get in touch with yourself, a necessary step to reflect, to forgive and forget. Practices such as yoga, pilates and meditation are great allies to overcome sadness and improve your self-esteem. The busier you can keep yourself, the easier will it become to forget him. If you feel like crying then cry once and for all and let everything out. This will to release the stress and depression in you.
Do a combination of physical and mental exercise like going to gym and medication together. This is help you become stronger both physically and mentally.

Remember the bad times with him

It is normal for your ex to constantly appear in your memories that makes it hard for you to forget the relationship. In those moments remember the bad times, that which made the relationship complex and lead to separation. Despite the sadness this is a new opportunity to start from scratch and rebuild your life. Once any of his memory enters your mind, think of his bad actions that lead to separation and this will make it easier for you.
If you want to get over your ex boyfriend then it is important for you to fix in your mind that he is not worth for you. You need a guy that treats you like his queen and makes sure that the every moment you spend with him is your best time. According to the dating experts, these guys still exist, but many of them are considered sweet and are thus friend zoned. So if you feel any such guy around you, give a chance to know him. Meeting another guys and going on dates with them is also a great way to tackle his memories and forget him.

Your friends can help

Go out with friends, socialize, go to parties and meet new people. This can be the best option to temporary get rid of all his memories. The lonely you are the more his thoughts will irritate you, hence try to stay with your friends most of the time. Instead of being sitting alone at your home you can call few of your friends and hangout. You won’t believe it, but that’s the fact that friends are of great help when it comes to overcoming a bad ended relationship.

Psychological experts also share that discussing your problems with your loved ones; in this case friends help a lot to positively recover from such traumas. This lessens the anger and frustration inside us. So to recover from this you can share whatever you want and try to close the part he had in your life. Finally, the company of your friends can be a great way to overcome the memories of your ex.

Forgive to forget

To completely forget someone must forgive everything that happened between you. When you get it you will be surprised how your memory just disappears from your mind, no one says it's easy, but it is entirely possible. Forgiving does not mean to again connect with him. Just forgive him for his bad actions and as I told you before that his chapter with you as a boyfriend is over and it’s time to move on. I have seen many people asking me for tips to take revenge from their ex or make them jealous. In such cases they find it very difficult to get over that relationship. Just forgive and forget everything to move on in life and meet the perfect guy that respects you.

Meet new guys

Although it’s not time to fall in a romantic relationship, but meeting new guys can help you first forget your ex and at the same time you never know that you may fall for another guy. Don’t hurry to fall in a relationship again only for the sake to forget him. There may be guys where you work or study who had previously showed interest in you, but you were already in a relationship. Go and hangout with them and this will slowly cure the heartache.

Keep in mind the benefits of moving on

Finally, this tip is going to help you a lot during this phase of your life. Once you know the benefits of getting over your boyfriend, you will be quickly able to succeed. So what’s the benefit? The benefit is the happy life you will get once you move on. You will be free from all the stress, depression, anger and pain. If you don't move on you will stay sad and depressed. So what do you think now, isn't it worth to move on? Also you may never know that you may find someone much more better than him. So keep these benefits in mind and you will never regret of getting over your sad relationship.

Finally set your mindset that the breakup is a loss for him because he lost you and finally he isn’t worth for you. So do you think it is OK to stay depressed for a guy who is a loser and not worth? Just get out of your bedroom and explore the beautiful world outside. Now he isn’t a big deal for you and you are much happier without him.

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