How To Get Your Crush To Like You (for guys)

September 29, 2015

Find the best way to get your crush to like you and miss you back. Look good, talk confidently, and flirt with your crush over text to make her fall in love.


You have seen a girl in your school or college or at work and developed a crush on her. It is straightforward for guys to start liking a girl, but they fail to attract her. This is because they choose the wrong path, which ends up being locked in the girl's friend zone. So to help guys to get your crush like you back, we have provided you some of the best tips which will make her fall in love with you.

Women judge us, unconscious and constantly, to determine if we are a good candidate fit to be their partner or not. So what can we do to improve the impression that we have on her and attract her? We have several aspects that will help you look like the man she wants, which will make your crush like you.

Stay clean

The very first thing which is the most important is maintaining personal hygiene that helps you look clean. You should trim your facial hair, clothes should be clean, and your body should smell good. One of the oldest and best-known truths is that women prefer a man always smelling good. A healthy diet can help with your natural scent, but apart from this, use a good deodorant.

If you want to make her notice you, then choosing a suitable color scheme can help you stand out from the crowd and make her look like you, but do you know what color the most striking woman is? The Red. A study dedicated to finding more desirable things (for women) showed that a man wearing red made him look more attractive (this does not mean that you look better surrounded or covered in red, just it makes you more noticeable to the brain). This will make her look at you and notice you without talking to her.


Another way to earn people is with your smile. If you want to be approachable and make your crush likes you, then you may want to show a more smiling and friendly face. A sincere smile is a real boost to create a positive image in another mind. If people see you as an open, kind, and cheerful person, this will work hopelessly well to attract her and denote confidence and excitement. No woman would like to date an uninteresting man. So try to be a happy person to make her believe that you can keep her happy.

Build some talent

To be liked by others, having some talent is fundamental. Taking part in competitions and showing off your talent can help you gain some fans in your college. A girl would like to date a guy who is famous and has excellent skills. If you want a girl in your office, then one day when all your colleagues go out, you can display your talent.


One of the keys to being liked by your crush is to pay attention when you talk to them, do not interrupt when someone is telling you something. Although it may seem very basic, it is a widespread mistake and thus gives an awful impression. When you interact with others, and if you do not listen to them, this gives the impression that you are narcissistic and selfish. It is essential to focus on the other person and not yourself when you relate. Also, don't stay nervous; instead, you should be the more confident person to show her that you can handle her and keep her happy.

The body posture

A man who tends to exhibit "open positions" may be more attractive to girls versus one that is closed with their body language. Here comes into play the "dominant" and how they associate these positions (like stretching your legs and taking up more space with gestures) with a strong man or "alpha male." Those men with more timid gestures or are less "aggressive" when initiating physical contact (like giving a handshake) are seen as men with less self-confidence, which translates to a less attractive type for her. Also, the way your body posture is while talking to a girl significantly impacts her mind. Whether you are confident or not, this will not be displayed by your words but by your body language.


Flirting in person and over text is an important step that will help your crush like you back. The right kind of flirting prevents you from being friend-zoned and, at the same time, is vital from an attraction point of view. For example, if the girl you have a crush on is shy, start with nice compliments and be more flirty after a few days. If you feel very nervous while flirting, then you can use texts. Text flirting is a perfect way, but make sure you don't sound dirty or creepy.


Many men do not attach great importance to this aspect when it comes to a girl. However, a girl subconsciously does care if a guy can make him laugh or not. When a woman considers a man funny, you get this the most beautiful and best game to be a couple. It would help if you made her laugh and not everyone around her because this will make you look like a joker. When a woman considers a man funny, it will make her think of him as a happy and confident person (both positive points for him). Please do not underestimate the power to make her laugh.

Be masculine

A woman will be more willing to have an affair with a guy with solid muscles during the evolution. Why? A substantial body shows high testosterone levels, translating into "more masculine a man" and being genetically attractive. In the less fertile phase, women react differently to these individuals. What can you do? There are certain accessories like going to the gym and having a proper diet that can help highlight these attributes and help you get your crush to like you. When you ask a woman seeking a man, coming into the physical appearance, her interest focuses a lot on the appearance of the upper body, always preferring arms and broad shoulders. Not much to say about it; go to the gym and start doing push-ups and weights.

Be yourself

You should always be yourself and flee from falsehood. Do not try to be what you're not to impress your crush because, over time, the girl you like will be disappointed. Everyone has the skill to finish watching the lies and falsehood, so do not play this card; that is very dangerous and counterproductive. You must be genuine and sincere to get your crush to like you back because it is the only way to please others.

Important tips to get your crush like you

These tips will help you make the best possible impression on your crush and make her attracted to you without lying or pretending what you are not.

  1. Be yourself. It sounds cliché, but it is the best choice. You will like some and not others, but you should be authentic and this will not cause the feeling of being a fake person.
  2. The way you dress says a lot about the character of a person. It is not important that you put on branded clothes, just wear the clothes that you feel will look good on you.
  3. Be nice. Do not think that this can make you look cold. This tip can run on top models or very famous people, because everyone wants to be treated well.
  4. Be selective. Do not stay with people who you are bored or do not like; you will feel uncomfortable and they will notice and you will have the same feeling.
  5. Do not be modest. Talk about you, your achievements, your job and your passion. Bring out how good you are. Make yourself known to your crush, but never brag your wealth. It is fine that you brag about your achievements once or twice, but don’t keep repeating it always.
  6. It is important that you flirt and start giving subtle signals to your crush that you are interested in her. Read our guide on 12 ways to make a girl addicted to you. This will be helpful in giving you some great pointers on sending the right signals. 

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