How to Talk to a Girl You Like

May 14, 2015

You are shy and want to talk to this girl in your high school. These tips help you learn how to talk to a girl you like with spells, facebook chats and texts.

Even if you are shy or if its your first time and this girl don't know you, these tips teaches to talk to a girl you like and make her admire you. Whether you are a high school teenager or a matured man the best trick to talk to any girl is confidence.

how to talk to a girl you like

You are comfortable talking to other girls, but when it comes to conversation with your crush you become nervous and out of words. Does it happen to you that when you are talking with your crush you lose your confidence? Or maybe you are here to learn some tricks so that your crush does not put you in the friend zone. Whatever the reason maybe, here you will learn how to talk to a girl you like, keep the conversation fun and interesting and also how to make her fall in love with you. I hope that this is a girl know you and you are not talking to her for the first time, if so then read my post whose link is present at the bottom : how to talk to a girl for the first time.

Know about her.

You know the name of the girl and nothing more than that. Go to her, introduce yourself and know about her. If you are in a college than you can start with what are your plans after college and then ask about her interests. If you work together then it is a good to talk about the work. This is the step where both the parties know each other but have hardly had a good conversation. Just make sure that you have got rid of nervousness. Be confident or just act that you are confident while talking to her. She should feel the confidence in you and this confidence will keep you comfortable and at the same time keep her relaxed while talking to each other. Confidence is the key to talk to a girl you like and impress her.

Ask her interests and talk accordingly

Now is the time where you should know of the interests the girl has. Whatever she likes fashion, a T.V show, any sports and anything. Just make sure you find a common topic of interest or research a topic of her likes. Knowing her interests will be very important where you conversation has reached a deadlock. The topic of interests will help you to carry on with the conversation. You can also share some of your interest and passion to the girl. It is not at all that the only the girl will have to speak all the time. You can speak equally, but experts advice to let the girl speak little more than the guy.

Smile and make her smile

Smiling could possibly help you a lot when you are talking with a girl you like. Your smile determines that you have been having fun talking to her and this will make her more interested in the conversation. It will actually make the girl feel that you like the interests of her and she will look out for a companion in you which whom she can share everything. Keep a small smile on face and as soon as she says something make it big and then small accordingly.

Also it is your responsibility to use your sense of humor to make the girl laugh or smile. Humor plays an important role in keeping the level of a conversation high. Use your humor as a tool to impress her and not as a weapon by making fun of some person. Laughter can add a feeling of comfort in a conversation and at the same time it is considered to be the best formula for attracting girls.

Look in her eyes while talking.

This is actually a great way to make the girl feel that you are very much interested in a conversation with her. Looking into the eyes does not mean constantly looking at it, but make sure you are not busy with your mobile or you are not looking at her face. This will make her feel that you are not interested in talking with her. So just look at her face and constantly try to maintain an eye contact to pass on signals of attraction. Don’t look like that you are bored listening to her.

Look the best

Looks do matter to any guy or girl, but girls pay more attention to the hygiene of a guy. If looks would only matter to girls then why would so many average looking guys such date hot girls around. It is because they wear washed and ironed clothes that suit their personality, have their nails clean or cut, nice styled hair, brushed teeth and also smell good. Looking the best will fill extra confidence in you.

Compliment still works.

You need to give clues to the girl that you are not just interested in being a friend with her, you want to date her. Complimenting her usually will make her feel special and at the same time it will make the girl think about you. You can also use text for sending some simple naughty messages to her. Just make sure that she knows you well before sending such messages. If she is not comfortable and confronts you then apologize to her for crossing the line.

Protect yourself from falling in her friend zone

This problem is faced by many guys that the girl only thinks of him as a friend. You have learned how to talk to a girl you like, but do you know how to stay away from this zone. Don’t worry if you don’t know, here is the tip.
Flirt with her from the very first conversation, but don’t cross the line while flirting. This will make her feel that you are attracted towards her and this will prevent you from the “we are just friends” label.

Create a mystery for her like you can say her that the three things which you find the best in her and is not in other girls. After she asks say the first two like her hair, smile, or eyes and stop on the third. She will irritate you asking the third thing, but then say there were only two things and you were joking.

It is fine to sometimes glance at her and as soon as she finds you staring her take your away and look some where else . After the first conversation you need to start hinting the girl that you are interested and this will keep you out of her only friends zone.

Practice talking to girls

At whatever place you are just make sure you speak to a lot of girls around you. Whether you are in college, at work place, a club or on street talk to all the girls that you find attractive. This will help you to remove the fear of talking to girls and developing confidence. Interact with other girl students or your coworker and try to make the conversation interesting. A lot of practice will help in becoming a master of the conversation technique and you won’t need any article like this one on how to talk to girls you like.

Want to become the guy every girl wants

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