How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast

September 19, 2021

To get your ex-girlfriend back fast, you need to follow advanced tips from the experts. You love her and want her to be back with you, and these tips will help you achieve your goal.

Many a time, due to some misunderstanding, you end up breaking up with your girl. Now to get your ex-girlfriend back, you need to follow these step-by-step tips to recapture and win the heart of your ex, and this will bring back your lost love to you. These five tips will help you get back your girlfriend and make your life happy again.

With the right strategy and patience, there is a chance you can rekindle your relationship with your ex-girlfriend.

get your ex girlfriend back

In a relationship, there are times when her uncertain sentiments imbalance the relationship, and then it runs through destructive emotions and behaviors. At this time, she may think that you don’t love her and will seem less loving and affectionate towards you. Some days you will feel everything is fine and perfect, and suddenly you both will again indulge in a fight or disagreement. At this time, many of them put a stop to their relationship, but only a few want to bring a perfect balance back to their relationship.

Now I assume that you are single and the relationship you had been into was great, and now you miss the time spent with your ex-girlfriend. The following article is a bit longer, but please read and understand everything. If you know the psychology of your female counterpart, then only you will be able to bring her back and get a second chance to be with her.

Important to know: If one partner puts an end to it, this never means the love has ended; it may be due to some frustration your relationship has ended. In a long relationship, no one thinks in the morning, "I will end the relationship." But at times, we lose control and say some words that we never meant but have spoken in anger.
We all know you cannot force love, but why not give it a try because who does not try anything means he never loved his partner. So there are ultimately only two options, either yes or no. And before you have a clear answer, nothing has been decided.

Win your ex-girlfriend back -The next steps

Step 1: Dealing with heartbreak.

Step 2: Understand the essential separation

Step 3: Does it make sense to conquer the ex back? (The Decision)

Step 4: Contact ban (usually beneficial)

Step 5: Find the right strategy

Dealing with heartbreak

This is a crucial step that decides whether you can win back your girlfriend or not. This is the time where you are dealing with anger, heartache, and pain from the breakup. The emotional up and downs that you are going through can obstruct the way to recover your ex-girlfriend.

There are two reasons why this emotional chaos can create a problem in getting the ex-girlfriend back:

  1. Whether it is your first breakup or you have some experience, but splitting from the person you really love can bring you at a low point. Instead of being happy and joyful, you are depressed and doubting yourself.
  2. This kind of love sickness after splits makes a person to make huge mistakes in handling the ex and the emotional chaos in you makes you to say or do something that you don’t mean, but have said in anger. And this makes the situation more hopeless to recover from.

I recommend that you quickly come out of this sickness because the more time you take, the less time you have to win your ex-girlfriend back. So to recover fast, what to do? Talk to your friends and hang out with them or speak to someone you know who has gone through this situation. Go out and have fun with your friends; this is an excellent way to cure heartache fast. After you recover now, it is time to go to step two to learn more to conquer her and make her fall for you again.

STEP 2: Understand the basic separation

In this step, we will study the cause of separation between you and your partner. This can be because of cheating, or she may have dumped you because of someone else or a fight. The main reason in many cases is not clear about what has lead to the breakup? Even your girlfriend is missing you a lot, and even she is going through the same situation. It happens with almost all the couples that the relationship starts developing problems that slowly accumulate and erupt like a volcano with time. Better communication is essential to deal with such issues.

It is necessary to understand the primary reason behind the separation. This will help you to solve all the problems and bring your life back on track. Now you have realized the mistakes you made and also your partner’s mistake. Directly, after knowing the reason for your separation, you are proceeding to the third step, where an important decision is waiting for you.

STEP 3: The decision

There is a moral decision waiting from your side that it is good to back with the partner. This step is often neglected as most people's answer is yes, that I want her back. After a split, missing your partner is a normal process, even if your relationship was terrible and you were not happy. Keeping aside the missing feeling, ask yourself if you loved the person, did you always enjoyed with her, and were you comfortable in her company. Be honest with yourself.

What ultimately led to the end of the partnership? Were you pleased and felt/feel you, love? Or you may have more fear of being alone? These questions are the core of all further proceedings. Be honest while answering these questions and listen to your inner voice. Honesty in answering is very much essential to move on to the next step.

How much time were you together? The more time you spend in a relationship, the more time you have to save it after a breakup. Now I assume that you have decided to go to a further step. But one thing I will tell you now, despite all the efforts from your side, there is no 100% guarantee that she will be back with you. We will give you some of the best solutions in hand that have helped man couples to save their relationship from splitting.

STEP 4: Contact ban

In many cases avoiding contact with your ex helps to win her back, but this trick is only for people in long relationships. If you were with your partner for only one or two months, then avoid using this strategy. But, again, banning contact is only for people who are in a long-term relationship.

According to experts, a contact ban gives time to your girlfriend to think about you; basically, I mean that in this period, she will miss you like you are missing her. Another advantage of a contact ban is that it allows both parties to cool the anger and deal with the heartache. She will miss the moments with you because you were such an essential part of her life. The missing feeling and her curiosity about you will now or later definitely help you to take her back. You can consider this to be the perfect start point to win her heart again.

The boycott on contact after a separation is one of the best methodologies to get back to your ex-girlfriend. Right away, this may appear conflicting and nonsensical; however, simply the non-contact helps a ton here to win back your ex. The contact boundary is the open door your ex starts to miss you. Your ex is substantially more inquisitive and pondering what you are doing and whether you are on the division time.

You have to stop taking with your ex for two to four weeks or longer during this time. During this time, if your ex contacts you, you can start talking to her and join the broken hearts. So here is the expertise book that can help you get closer to your ex by simply texting her some tested messages.

However, it is critical to launching the contact ban appropriately to win your ex back. Doing it the wrong way and messaging the wrong text can ruin the plan. If your ex has not contacted you, then move on to the next step.

STEP 5: The right strategy

After the contact ban, there is a need for an excellent strategy to impose that can bring your relation on track; we have a guide on tips for a happy and healthy relationship which you should read. You can either create your strategy or try this tested strategy that has helped many couples from the breakup if you don't have one. Don't go for it if you have a plan, but you think there is only some chance. Instead, try the expert tested methods that are safer and have better opportunities to get her back.

Trying to be with your girlfriend again means that you love her, and after the break, only a few try to bring the lost love into life. Read this proven expert-written book that provides tutorials on how to get your ex-girlfriend back. Then, bring the strategies into effect and lead a happy life with your love.

What was the reason for your breakup?

First, let’s start with why you got dumped or why you dumped her. No, the reason is not she found someone else, or this or that. We are not going to play the blame game here. Instead, let’s start with some honesty and try to analyze what went wrong in your relationship—this way, we can do something productive like work on attracting her back to you. To give you an essential hint, here are some common reasons most couples break up.

Just like you need your space, she needs hers. Unfortunately, some men are way too controlling in this aspect of the relationship and put a specific restriction on their girls. However, it comes from a fear of losing her even if that is the case; what good it does if you lose her because of this. Remember that your girlfriend is not your property or a prisoner. She needs her space just as much as you, and just like you miss her when you are apart, she does too.

Clingy and/or Desperate

Would you like it if a girl keeps calling or texting you every half hour? It may be fun in the beginning, but it gets annoying way too fast. As I mentioned before giving her, her own space is way too important. You are not allowing her to miss you nor to think or feel about you. A person with some self-respect and confidence doesn’t need to check up on her girl every ten seconds, nor does he need that much attention. Instead, he lets them wonder if he is missing her or not, which makes her think of him and hence feel for him.

Jealousy and Insecurity are the worst green-eyed monsters in any relationship. A little bit of jealousy is okay, healthy even, as it lets her know that you care. Just don’t let these green-eyed monsters take over your relationship because they will ruin everything for you. If you are the jealous type, then keep in mind that she is dating you, which must mean “No one in her life matters more to her than you.” Secondly, don’t make her entire life about her; a secure man tends to have a fulfilling professional and personal life. Try focusing on them instead of the green-eyed monster.

A needy person tends to come off as annoying after a while. If you keep asking questions like “Do you love me?” “Do I look good with you?” then you have given her something to think about. This way, you are not coming off just as needy; you also make her doubt her choice of dating you. A person should have enough confidence that he doesn’t need to ask these questions. And an ideal boyfriend is supposed to make her feel good just standing with you. If you are comfortable with yourself, then she will be too.

Post Break-up Plan

Now that we have some idea of what went wrong in your relationship, let’s make a plan. This way, you can work on yourself in a way to attract your ex-girlfriend. Here is a well-laid out post-breakup or getting her back plan to give you some idea of what you have to look forward to. But keep an open mind about this, as getting your ex attracted to you again shouldn’t be your primary goal. , So instead, try making yourself better, your primary goal, and you will see the changes in you that neither you nor your ex thought was possible.

No Contact PeriodWork On Yourself

Before attracting your ex-girlfriend back, you need to try to make a better version of yourself. The best time to work on yourself is post-break-up during the contact period. This is one of those times where you have so much pent-up energy and frustration that if you focused it all on exercising, you would end up in the best shape of your life. And this keeps you busy and away from obsessing over your ex. There are a total of three aspects mentioned below where you can divert your attention to instead of your ex.


I don’t know what it is, but when men work out, they gain some confidence which can be seen in their walk. I am not saying that you will develop a nice “Dwayne Johnson” type body in just one month of exercise. All I am asking here is to take all that pent-up energy and frustration over the situation are what and why, and burn it all into exercising. This way, they can benefit you, and you don’t end up calling her. Also, keep in mind every girl is attracted to a guy with a good physique, so why wouldn’t she be.


To change someone’s personality entirely is a way too difficult task and going overboard for this situation. And I am not asking you to do that either. Instead, I suggest improving your bad habits, namely the very reason she dumped you. This way, when you do get her back, you might be able to keep her. Here, you can also pick some new hobbies or things you always wanted to do but didn’t. This way, you have something new in your life which will reflect on your personality.


I know this may sound a bit daft, but style does matter. It’s always better to have a bit of change in life, so why not start with your wardrobe. If you are the guy who likes sits in the same track pants for the whole week, then sorry, you need to get some style some panache in your life. A bit of formal wear with a proper tie and all or a good t-shirt and jeans with accessories like watches will do you some good. And it’s always helpful to have an appropriate haircut and combed hair when going out. So pick one of your best friends with excellent taste in fashion and assign him this task.

Have Some Fun

If you are going according to the post-break-up plan, then you may have gained some confidence in the past few weeks. Now it’s time to test the waters a bit. No, I am not suggesting going on a date with someone yet. Instead, try going out with your friends and have some fun. This way, when you are out, you will notice that if you have done everything right then, there will be some eyes focused on you. Yes, I am talking about other girls catching and even being attracted to you. This will give you the idea of how attractive you have become and, in turn, boast some confidence in you for what’s to come. And if you do end up going on a date with someone then, that’s fine too. It’s what we people call having some fun.

Make Contact

Once you are good and ready, you should make contact with her. But you should only do this after a month or so. Now, if you have been in touch with your ex due to reasons like children, work, and shared home, this comes naturally for you. You can start talking to them again, starting from small stuff to more and more every day. But if you have been off-grid, then I guess it’s time to use new technologies. Start with liking her picture on social networking and then leave her a message saying something nice. If not, then you can text her and let her know you are up for a talk. This way, your ex doesn’t necessarily have to reply to you back if she doesn’t want to, but she may.

The best way to ensure that your ex texts you or contacts you is to use familiar friends. Since you were a couple, you are bound to have some knowledgeable friends who will notice your changes and report back to her. Friends of her will tell her how you have changed, and this way, she will contact or reply to your texts. Once she texts you back, attracting your ex-girlfriend will become easier.

Just Friends

Initially, you need to be okay with being just friends. She is not going to see you and take you back. You are going to have to attract your ex-girlfriend again for that to happen. So, for now, be polite and patient and let her see that you are doing great. This way, you can get a clean slate for all the prior mistakes from your side and her as well.

Sooner or later, you will get the opportunity to get your ex back as she is still attracted to you. But before going through with it, look and see what you have accomplished so far. This has nothing to do with your ex; you did all the hard work.

Suppose if you fail, then remember you are just going to be okay. You have tried your best to attract your ex and if she is not interested, move on in life. And if you are successful in getting her back, then remember not to make the same mistakes again.

Find the best things to say to get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms quickly. These phrases and tips will help to make your ex come back to you. If she doesn't even speak to you, then check out another one of our articles on how to get your ex to talk to you.

Things to Say to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Nothing in the world can describe the pain you suffer when you break up. It doesn’t matter who made the call; the fact is you were together, and now you are not. People often wonder what they can do or tell that would turn back when everything was every day. So, now you want to get your ex-girlfriend back but are confused about where to start or what to say. Well, let me give you a piece of good news, you have already taken a step in the right direction by being here, by searching for help. One of the most challenging things a person has to do after a break-up is asked for help when he needs it. So, let us help you figure out the things to say to get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms.

Reality Check

It's time for a reality check before we delve into learning how to get your ex-girlfriend back. First, I should make clear that getting your ex is not going to be an easy process. It’s going to take some time, a lot of effort, a bit of patience, and even a bit of luck if you have got any. I mean, in reality, there are no magic words that you can say, no fairy dust you can spray, and everything is alright again.

There are no particular phrases or words you can use to get her back, but there are few things to say to get your ex-girlfriend back. You have to use these techniques at the right moment, which would undoubtedly help—confused yet? Don’t worry; we have got you covered; keep reading, and you will see how it all works.

No Contact with your ex

Well, come on now, you guys just broke up. I am sure you both could use some time apart. If you are unaware of the no-contact rule, then let me explain it here in brief. No contact rule states that you are to break all forms of communication from your ex for 4-6 weeks. This is not the time to get stuck and reminisce instead;, you are to use this time to redevelop yourself. Use this time to make yourself better if not for her, then for you. This way, you could positively use all those suppressed energies.

Try picking up some hobbies or work out or something that takes your mind off of her and makes you happy. An excellent example of using a contact period positively is joining a gym and getting some exercise done. This way, you at least end up in better shape after all this is done. But don’t worry because eventually you will have to contact her and that’s what the next step is all about.

Three Phases of Contact

When coming out of the no contact period and thinking of making contact, it’s best to take it slow. Hence the three phases of contact. The three phases of communication start from the least risky to the riskiest. You guessed it right, starting with texting to initiate contact, then transitioning into a phone call, and then slowly into face-to-face conversations. Here I have tried to explain how to initiate a contact from what to say to how to say it and how the transition takes place from one phase to another.

Texting your ex girlfriend

There is so much going on when thinking of contacting your ex-girlfriend. It is almost too difficult to stop the urge of just picking up the cell and giving them a call. But you should know that doing that would completely ruin your game plan. So if you want to learn how and why to use texting to initiate contact, here is some information.

To answer why texting is because it’s a way to know if the girl is ready to talk yet. When you use calling or meeting for your first contact, you are not giving the girl an out, which would be fine if you just wanted to say something and leave her. But in this scenario where you want her back, you need to make the girl feel comfortable, and in this, texting is your best option.

Rules to text your ex

You need to know the three most important rules of texting. The first is to start a conversation with something intriguing in other words; you need a good topic as a conversation starter. The second is to build attraction as texting progresses. The third is your short-term goal which is to make the transition from texting to calling.

While looking for a conversation starter, you need to remember that this one will be your conversation starter and your first words to her post break up or fight. The best conversation starters are the ones that can compel her to text you back. To make this happen, you can choose a text which can bring up some good memories for her. Use those which she can’t wait to talk about it. Something like, “I think Peter just got the ticket to Venice… I was so jealous! But it reminded me of you and how you always wanted to go there.” See, this will get her response because she can’t wait to talk about Venice with you even though you have heard it a thousand times.

Building up your conversation

Now that the conversation has started, you need to build upon that. What I mean is, you can’t just have a great conversation starter and then go back to your everyday basic. Every chat needs to be as compelling as the first one and should get more attractive as the number of messages increases. Reminding of the old happy memories is one of the best things to say to get your ex-girlfriend back quickly. Try to keep these chats under ten to fifteen minutes, and please do leave it on a high note. This way, she will be thinking about you, and you get to text her back again.

Now for the more critical part, texting is just the beginning. It would help if you used texting to get to the next phase, which calls. You can do the compelling transition from texting to calling using a story method or one of those high notes. The story method is where you start chatting with memory and how it happened recently. Now while texting her all this, there will come the point just before the suspense. At that point, you should text, “This is getting complicated. Do you mind if I call and explain”. See, no one is going to say no to a good story hanging on the suspense part. Another way is using the high note part, and the story method is a kind of example for this as well; instead, you don’t need to have a story every time.

Call your ex girlfriend

If the transition goes smoothly and you are now texting over the phone, you just got one step closer to your goal. But now, calling is a bit trickier than texting. You see, in texting, you have some time before you have to reply, whereas, in calling, you don’t have that luxury. So now suddenly, you can run out of things to say, that awkward moment of complete silence followed by “Uh Oh” or something similar.

Let me tell you, this awkward silence is not attractive, and it just slows down your process to get her back. But this wouldn’t be the case if you plan for it beforehand. If you already have made a list of topics that you guys could talk about, you can pick a topic from the list whenever an awkward moment comes. This way, you not only make her feel attracted to you but also decrease your chance of slowing your progress. And once you two get comfortable talking to each other, then sooner or later, you two are going to get together face to face.

Start Dating her again

Here is where it gets a bit complicated. Now you will see her face to face, and you not only have to stop yourself from saying what you feel, but you also have to control your body language. You thought calling was tricky; now you will be face to face, now what will you do if you say something offensive or wrong. So, it would help if you estimated how she feels from her words and more from her body language and expressions. And because this is tough and a misstep at this level might cost you everything, I have tried to make this transition appear as normal as possible.

Group Hangouts

The first and probably the minor risky step towards going on all-out dates again are group hangouts. This way, you two have some buffer with you at all times, and she won’t feel uncomfortable. Secondly, this doesn’t count as a romantic date, and you could use that to get her to say yes. And lastly, this works for you in a way because now you both get some time to get comfortable talking face to face with each other before going on dates.

Casual Dates

The next step is to go out on casual dates. I call them casual dates because these will not be those romantic types of dates at night. Instead, you are to go on dates during the daytime. This way, she feels a lot more comfortable around you. But this in no way means that you are not supposed to flirt and get all romantic with her. Just don’t take it too far.

Romantic Dates

After a couple of dates, it would be evident between you guys that you are dating. So, this is the time to go on a romantic date with her. This will make her feel that you are paying attention to her at least more than you did before. And no matter how much I stress not getting physical, but it’s going to happen sooner or later. So, if it is going to happen, then let it be after couple more romantic dates. In total, you need to have at least five casual and romantic dates combined before getting physical. Keep in mind that group hangouts do not count when counting.

The Final Transition

Now that you have gone through all this trouble of wooing your girl, it’s only fair that you achieve your goal. So, to make the final transition, you have to talk about how good it has been hanging out and dating her. You have to use the reminiscing techniques one more time, but you don’t have to call upon old memories this time. Instead, talk only about the recent romantic dates and stuff you have been talking about. And then you have to confess that you like her and would like to get back together with her.

You see, there are no particular words you can say that would help you get her back. But, it would help if you used a combination of them and a bit of planning, and luck will go a long way. So, it’s about time you start working on it.

For further reading, read our guide on how to get your ex girlfriend back from her new boyfriend.

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