10 Ways To Make a Girl Want You Badly

May 25, 2017

Find the best want to make a girl want you badly in her life. These tips are not for guys who want to get with her in bed or make her want you sexually. If you love this girl and want her to be in your life, then follow this step by step plan to get her attracted to you badly.

Getting a girl to like you is hard enough but making her want you badly is even trickier. The thing is when you want to make a girl want you badly then you are actually trying to make her think about you. You basically want the girl to think about you when she is eating food when she is at work or in school. It doesn’t matter what she is doing, she must be thinking about you. That’s the reason I say it is very tricky because you want to be on her mind and in her heart at all times. However, just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it can’t be done. So, here are some pointers you can use to make a girl want you badly.

Self Confidence

Doing anything in life requires some level of confidence and same is true here. Having a confidence in yourself gives you that edge over her which maybe all you need to get her. I understand that not all people have this kind of confidence level especially around the girl they like. However, without this confidence nothing can be done, so let’s try to work on your self confidence. The simple way to boost your confidence level is when you are comfortable with how you look right now. So, you need to dress properly, comb your hair, cut your nail or in short have a proper hygiene. This in some way would give a boost to your confidence.

Now, the next thing you can do is practice talking with random girls, just so you get comfortable talking with beautiful women. This way when it’s time you won’t panic or do something stupid rather than have a proper conversation with her. However, it is not easy to develop self-confidence and therefore I always say “Fake it till you make it”. This phrase works well in terms of confidence and so you fake being confident till the day you actually feel real confidence.

Be Reliable

Reliability is one of the most important criteria to make a girl want you badly. It’s a commonly known story or snippet that dating a jock is fun but not in the long term as they are not that reliable. Good looks can only carry you to some distance, but if you are reliable or trusted then you automatically become the most attractive guy. So, if a girl needs some help or a safe space to rant about something then you need to become that safe place. Secondly, being reliable can correspond to being independent as well. This way the girl knows that no matter what happens, you will be able to take care of her. This feeling actually makes a girl want you badly to be with her.

Be a Flirt

I always say flirting is good for you as it helps you to gain confidence and you can socialize as well. Be a genuine flirt, by which I mean that you need to flirt with everybody no matter what. These kinds of harmless flirting will help to prepare you when you actually do need to flirt. It is a great confidence booster and a great socialization tool however you must remember to bring your best game when flirting with her. Also, keep in mind that flirting is done for the purpose of laughter and to create intimacy when needed.

Give her Space

If you really want to make a girl want you badly then you must give her some space or time so she can actually miss you. Some people are so into the girl they never leave them alone, which in turn drives the girl crazy and that’s exactly the opposite of what we wanted. Giving her space means letting her grow independently without you hovering all over her. Letting her have that individuality is what ultimately will make her want you badly. In fact, if you don’t give her space then how in the world would she miss you and so how would she want you badly. So, remember giving her space is important just as important as your need for your personal space.

Be her Secret Getaway

This is something that makes a girl crave for you. Being her secret getaway basically means to be her confidante in chief. You need to provide a safe space so she could open up about her feelings and enjoy talking to you about anything and everything. This also means that you can give her any nickname which only the two of you may use and no one else even knows about them. This all gives you ample opportunity to flirt with her, make her laugh, and in short make her want you more.

Hint your intentions

Once you have been acquainted with her and have started flirting with her then it’s best to make your intentions known. The reason is that it prevents you from getting dropped in the friend zone. The thing you need to understand is that you have to quickly start hinting about how much you like her. So, flirt with the girl subtly and by using your body language. The best ways to make your intention known is to ask her out on casual dates, deep flirt with her, break the physical barrier, and start getting comfortable with her. This creates some fun as she keeps hanging whether you like her or not. This mystery will make a girl want you like crazy. Lastly, if nothing works then you need to go for the bold approach and just ask her out on a proper romantic date.

Chivalry to make her want you

Chivalry is the best way to leave a lasting impression on girls these days. The thing is guys today are not very chivalrous instead they are what I say is egotistical. So, when you come along showing chivalry then that’s obviously going to leave a lasting impression on the girl. There is a common phrase people use all the time and that is “Chivalry is not dead” and now you need to be proof of that. So, if you want a girl to want you badly then you need to be chivalrous. This basically entails being courteous and opening doors for her, holding her seat for her to be seated.


Be trustworthy so she could talk to you about anything she wants as she knows that there are no chances of you sharing it with someone else. Finding trustworthy people are the toughest thing in the world. So when she finds a guy like you who is trustworthy then you ultimately make the girl want you more. This way you can really get a girl to open up to you like never before which will end up with her wanting you badly. This is because having someone to talk to without any fear is kind of rare these days.

Use texts and chats

In today’s world technology is everywhere, why not use technology in this case as well. As you are talking to her every day I assume you will have her number at least, if yes then let’s use it, and if no then you need to get it. Once you have her number you can make her think about you anytime you want by using the thing called SMS or Whatsapp.

So, let’s start with a good morning message. Now, the first thing she thinks about in the morning is you and similarly end with a good night message at night, so the last thing she thinks about is also you. That being done you need to have one more conversation in the middle of the day. This way you are on her mind the entire day which makes it easier to impress the girl through whatsapp chats or texts. However, you need to remember that chatting is supposed to be fun as well, so flirt with her. After building comfort you can sometimes go even a step further a go for dirty flirting.

Leave her wanting more

It doesn’t matter if it’s on chatting or after an actual date, you always have to leave her wanting more. The reason behind this being if she is bored when the conversation ends then she might not think about you at that time. However, if you leave on a high note then you also leave her wondering about your next meeting. So, never let the conversation run out of things to talk about. If at a certain point conversation seems to be dying then you need to stop even if you don’t want to and leave her on a high note. This way she will think about you even after the conversation is over and this will make her want you badly.

Confess your Feelings

The truth is that girls are more attracted to guys who are not afraid to say share their feeling, who are in touch with their sensitive side. So, in order to demonstrate all this and to stop playing these games, you should just confess your feelings to the girl. Once you have done hinting properly then she already has an idea as to what is going on. So, in the end, it is best to confess how you feel to the girl. This confessing is a big risk but if done properly after the steps given above then you will be ready for results either way. However, if the result is not in your favor as it happens sometimes then try on some other girl. You need to remember that there are plenty of girls out there and life goes on.

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