How to Make a Girl Laugh

September 10, 2021

Find the best way to make a girl laugh in your class or at work. You can use these things in a conversation with a girl to make her smile over text and in person. These tips are great for catching up with humor without being corny. If you have only just met the girl, read our guide on how to break the ice with a girl.

make a girl laugh

A good sense of humor is an attractive trait to have. When you can be funny and show a bit of humor, you automatically make the company list to keep. A guy who can make every person in the room feel at ease as soon as he enters is the guy to be.

Even girls find this guy more physically attractive and are intrigued to form a bond with the guy. You could also use humor to help release the built-up sexual tension. When you can make a girl laugh while keeping her mood light and amusing, then you may even be able to develop a lasting bond with her as friendship or perhaps something more.

Starting Out

“The first impression is the last impression” I bet you have heard this quote a million times. And I think you have also seen this quote in effect a lot, without even realizing it. Whenever a stranger passes you by or you pass by a stranger, you leave a particular impression on them no matter good or bad, lasting or non-lasting, but you do. And if you want to leave a good lasting impression on a girl, then a good sense of humor is one way to get it done.

You never know when and where you are going to meet someone you like. All it takes is a first few minutes for you to leave a good impression on her. However, for a good and lasting impression, the initial conversation is essential.

As a guy, it’s a bit scary to leave everything based on the first conversation. But, if you know how to set the mood light and funny at the first meet, then you are golden. But if you don’t, you must read this to understand how one could make a girl laugh and leave her all happy and cheerful after you just met.

Ways to make a girl laugh

For someone who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to being funny, the idea to impress someone using humor in just a couple of minutes is pretty daunting. But the fact is that all of us can be funny when needed. You have to get to know that funny part of you that works well with others and use it if such a need arises.

If you are trying out humor for demonstration purposes, then don’t try to be the funniest guy in the group. Those guys think they are funny but are just plain annoying. Instead, start with something small like laughing at someone else joke and then gradually become one of the funny guys. You don’t have to be the joker of the group, just someone who has a great sense of humor.

Now that you know the scope of using humor and the difference between those annoying guys and the real funny guys, you can use the following approaches to make a girl laugh.

Circumstantial Humor

Use the situation you are in and the circumstances around you to say something funny. You can use anything to be funny; the universe is your playground even the sky is not the limit; all you need to do is go with the flow. If you see something that you find interesting, then talk about it, and if she has seen it too, she will talk back. If you think something is funny, tell her about it. Don’t start giggling behind her back; instead, share it with her; you never know transmitting a burst of laughter might get her to like you.

Ridicule Humor

This is a beneficial tactic when meeting someone for the first time. Ridiculing yourself using self-deprecating jokes works like a charm with the ladies. When you use this kind of humor, you are doing two things; the first is to let her know that you would let your ego down to make her smile.

Secondly, by ridiculing yourself, you show her your vulnerability, which makes her feel dominant in the conversation and makes her feel more comfortable. But try not to overdo it because using self-deprecating jokes can work great as an ice breaker, but it doesn’t inspire relationship material in the long run. And remember, never joke about your real vulnerabilities, only about your strength.

Humorous Banter

Humorous banter is one of the best ways to make an impression. It is back and forth, playful teasing, and having a cute fight that ends in laughter. Don’t tease her on her insecurities; instead, try her strength, so she knows that you are toying with her. When two people are involved in playful banter, that is the time they get comfortable with each other. But remember, never hit her when she is down, and most importantly, banter is for lifting playful spirits, not putting them down.

Clueless Humor

You have to pretend that you are clueless about what she is talking about for this to work. You act as if you have no idea what she is saying and see her struggling to explain it to you. But in the end, make it evident that you know what she means and you are just toying with her. She may get angry for a second, but if you start laughing and place a hand around her, she will start laughing as well.

Discreet Flirting

Flirting is the best way to make someone laugh. If you are in the company, among others, then you might want to try discreet flirting. Just have fun with her; if you do, she will feel it and would like to join in. If you have a way of flirting, you might even make her blush, which is way better than laughing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for this; just loosen up a bit and stop overthinking things.

Push and Pull

If you are teasing her and flirting with her, then she will push back, which is precisely what we want. Don’t get offended by what she says; take it as a joke and return with your humor. This constant push and pull will help you make a bond with her. However, try not to take what she says as a joke too seriously.

Tell Tales

Everyone likes a funny story, and these telltales are great conversation makers. Telling funny tales of experiences you had is incredibly fun, and it also helps you connect with her. When sharing something personal, funny, but embarrassing, try to do it in private and make sure it is funny more than it is uncomfortable.

Current Events

If you don’t have anything to talk about and neither can you come up with some telltale, you can turn to current events as a conversation starter and make it humorous. You can talk about anything as long as it is funny. Try using sitcoms, movies, or celebs as it can be fun rather than talking about some disaster. Just make her feel comfortable and have fun.

Learn Something

When starting as a funny guy, you don’t need to do it in your way if you don’t know how to. Try noticing people you think are funny, like a close friend or a comedian you like. You need to understand that telling a joke and being a funny guy are two different things. Telling good jokes doesn’t make you a comedian; a comedian is someone who can make you laugh using anything, even by his body language. So, notice some standup comedian and their body language when they are making you laugh.

Tips to remember

Still in doubt about using humor and wondering if you have what it takes to make a girl laugh. Well, now you know how to make her laugh, but just to give you an added benefit, here are some things you need to look out for when making her laugh.

  1. Positive Attitude:
    Stop thinking about what if’s and just live in the moment. Look at the positive side of every scenario. When it seems that you are enjoying yourself everyone around you will enjoy them too. And in the end the girl will enjoy too. No one would enjoy your company if you have a negative attitude just remember it.
  2. Don’t be mean:
    For some people being mean to other people is damn funny like the bully in school and in life. But in reality it is not funny it’s just mean. No one likes the bully they are just afraid of him and girls are not going to laugh with him but rather on him. Don’t be a mean person, instead try to be social and have some humility.
  3. Apologize:
    If at any point you think you have crossed a like then you must apologize straight away. Don’t be an ego maniac just man up and apologize for hurt feelings. Showing humility when you made a mistake is best for this type of situations.
  4. Don’t go overboard:
    Don’t go overboard trying to be funny all the time. Going overboard will make you the joker of the group when you want to be a charmer. Don’t say repeated jokes or try to come up with funny situation. Just go with the flow and use the tricks shown to you above. A funny guy is not someone who is using one liner all the time but he is the one who can calm the mood and make it fun to be around him. Remember there is funny and then there is annoying and you want to be the first one.
  5. Don’t Lose Yourself:
    In all this never forget who you really are. Just try to check in with yourself every once in a while. It’s important that you have fun when you are trying to make her laugh and it’s not just her laughing. The equation should be 1:1 and not 5:1 when you are together. Be yourself and have fun while you’re at it.

Making a girl laugh is something not every guy excels at. However, humor helps you to remove the tension from the first meeting. When you meet someone new and don’t know what to talk about, that’s when comedy comes in because everyone likes a good laugh. It will make her feel comfortable, but making her laugh will leave a fond impression on her.

One warning if you take the pure comedy approach, girls need this along with other aspects to gain attraction, read our guide on how to avoid the friend zone with a girl so you can understand that you will need to mix things up, comedy alone could land you in the friend zone.

Being funny and making her laugh is simple once you can use everything around you as humor. At first, it would be challenging, but with time and practice, you would be able to smoothly talk a girl into doing anything, let alone make her laugh. Remember to be patient, not to give up, and most importantly, have fun.

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