How To Make a Good First Impression On Girls

September 10, 2015

Find the best ways to make a good first impression on girls you like in school, party, gym or work. These tips will boost your confidence to impress girls.

If you are single and although it is increasingly common to meet many girls everywhere, you need to learn how to approach a girl you like and make a good impression so that you are not rejected. There are some tips that will help to master this art naturally. It is normal to feel anxious and nervous when you are about to make a first impression on someone that we find interesting and is exactly why we work so hard, but things do not always work. This guide will especially help those who are terrified when approaching and impressing an attractive girl because they are afraid of rejection.

You need confidence

To make a good first impression on girls you should think that flirting is a game where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but never take it personally if you get rejected. If a woman you like is not interested, does not mean everything is over. Simply, you are not her style. Take it as an opportunity to strengthen confidence in yourself and to try again to meet someone who suits you and vice versa.

It is very important your body language shows confidence the next time you approach a girl. You should loosen up picture of yourself. Note that you should first remain comfortable and only then you can make a good impression. Keep your back straight and face relaxed. Do not cross your arms or look away from her face while talking. And once you're out there in a disco or drinking coffee, do not walk looking at the ground lost in your thoughts. Look around, look at people and if you find someone you like, make eye contact.

And when you've found someone who you would like to approach, what to do? Before you approach, take note of the body language of the person. Check for rings on her finger because this will show if she is already in a relationship or not. Instead of directly approaching her first make eye contacts because this will increase your chances to have a good conversation and at the same time leave a good impression on her. These are more suitable guide that will give you the tips to approach an unknown girl.

Important steps for impressing her

When you are clear and there is a promising eye contact, it is important to show your smile and now if you want to impress her on your first meeting, boost your confidence. Do not think too much, especially if you're shy. Just go to that person and start the conversation.

Firstly introduce yourself, tell something about you or make her a simple question. Try to be nice and original, but always respectful. If she gives you rope, it is already the second step. Talk about anything, always trying to maintain an amused tone. Surprise her, never make her feel that you are bragging or selling yourself like a product. Rather say something that is not expected, make a sincere compliment, ask something out of the ordinary.

Of course, the golden rule is to be honest and authentic for the other to feel comfortable knowing you are interested in her. If the thing flows, continue to speak naturally and if you can add some humor then it will leave an unforgettable impression on her. Try to ask questions about herself, but don’t make it an an office interview. Listen more than you talk. In terms of physical contact, it is not advisable to start unless you feel so sure of yourself or be so passionate that you cannot avoid it.

What to talk

On the topics of conversation the same advice cannot be given for everyone. There are intense and charismatic people who directly tell the other about their love and the other topics are skipped. But that can be a bit annoying. Do not despise the power of the elevator conversations. They allow you to talk to various people, in and out of groups, grope if the other person wants to focus or not.

In short, it starts with talking about anything like it's hot weather, I love this song, the dress you are wearing looks good, you have a cool fashion sense etc. And gradually show yourself more authentic. If the other does the same, go ahead and if not then just say goodbye and I'll meet someone else. Remember, it's just a game!

Conversation based on environment

These are a few places where you can meet an unknown girl and to leave a good first impression on her it is important that you talk right.

  1. In a bar: This usually happens in bars that women look very beautiful and seductive and it is a possibility that a good impression on her can start your new dating life. The issue is how to approach her, make it beyond a simple request. In this scenario the advantage is that she is already a part of the paved ground. Make the contact first visual and then verbally contact with her. Now what follows is trying to be seductive enough and see how she reacts and to see if there are possibilities or not. If it appears that she agrees, be as direct as possible but without being aggressive or harassing.
  2. At work: Very often we are delighted by some nice work mate. Here the possibilities to approach her are many. The difficulty is that you need to pass and enter her mind so that she sees you as a man she might have something more than just a working relationship. In these cases it is best to invite in a subtle way without compromises for a drink after work and see what happens. If there is good energy then go with the flow. Ask with confidence and subtly let her feel that you are interested and this will leave a good impression on a girl you work with.
  3. On a bus, a train, a plane: It does not happen every day, but once you use any of these means of transport and find a woman who makes you crazy you do not know how to make a good first impression and approach her. The first thing you should consider is what the alternatives are if you fail to impress her. Suppose if she is not interested and she rejects you, how long is the journey, is it for a long time? Can you change your place? If you have options then it is better to risk, there is nothing to lose but get a "no" as an answer. Talk in a fun tone and use the subtle flirting technique for impressing her.
  4. In a shop: When you get to a store and find a woman who is attractive, the temptation is great. Actually here the game to approach and leave an excellent impression is easier. Simply take 2 shirts and ask the girl which is better. Approaching a girl has never been so easy. Therefore, don’t be shy or nervous and make a mistake. After a minute of conversation you can accompany her to shopping and finally ask her number.
  5. In a sports club: In a room of fitness equipment at a sports club it is common to have pretty women. In these places the best way to get close to them is when they need help or advice with any machine. Usually, when a new girl that just started and does not know how to use the equipments, it is the perfect time to make the first contact. If she has been there for a long time then compliment that she has maintained a nice body and at the time of closing the conversation ask for her number.

Finally, from all these tips you may have understood that confidence, subtle flirting and seduction are the best way to make a good impression on any girl you like. Keep trying these tricks on different girls to develop inner confidence and to remove the fear of approaching women.

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