How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

May 28, 2015

The most important things that make a long distance relationship work are trust and giving time to each other. These tips will keep the love boosted in your relationship.

Long distance may be one of the most harsh and complicated experiences in a relationship, if we fail to give the proper formula for coping with it. The kilometers becomes the worst enemy for partners in all parts of the world, but what many don't know is that the distance love is possible and can serve to realize the true love for the person. Trust, giving time and having daily conversations can surely help to make a long distance relationship work.

make a long distance relationship work

The feeling of missing and loving someone and the eagerness to meet is only felt in such relationships. Do you know one thing that in a working long distance relationships both the partners value each other more? Despite being separated, the distance helps to strengthen confidence, to enjoy long conversations by mobiles and help to increase the wit, the desire to surprise the other person at the time in which you return to your lover.

Tips to make a long distance relationship work

Not being able to share everyday situations or embrace you when you most need it, increases the desire to see you as soon as possible. For this reason it is necessary to sharpen the wits and seek alternatives that make the love grow even when they live long away from each other.

  1. Set a date approximate in which you both can meet. You both desire to see each other and this can done by planning together to meet in person. Even if you are far, make sure you try to be with each other. Many long relationships fail only because the partners don’t meet even in a year. To make your relationship work you will have to plan the number of times you both should meet. The time you meet, make the every moment of it special and spend happy time together.
  2. Do not allow sadness to run over you for not seeing your partner. Stop worrying about it because this is a test in which if you pass your bond will become unbreakable. Remember that what is essential to be well with another person is be nice to ourselves, so we must continue caring for us to feel beautiful every day and keep your mind busy in our favorite things.
  3. Establish a channel of communication that you come well both of them. The most common today are the applications of instant messaging, like Whatsapp. You do not have to talk for hours or at any given time, we all need our space. Another tip is to seek to speak the most important aspects of the relationship through a call, since hearing the tone helps to avoid misunderstandings. Decide what is the best time you both are available and just a simple 5 minutes talking can also help.
  4. Try to establish to some possible extent, a video conference at some point during the week. There are many free applications like Skype that allow you to get in touch with other people. Thanks to the latest technology and apps which have made long distance relationship work better than before. It is an excellent opportunity to see and listen to each other. Often seeing the other person makes say you extra words that you fail to tell on simple calls.
  5. Open yourself to your partner and let them know how you feel. Whether you are sad or if you are happy, the best thing is to share it. In this way you will know how handle these kinds of situations when you meet. On the other hand, the more you open to the other person, the same applies in reverse and when you meet then this will help you connect to your partner at the emotional level. It is essential for the union of a couple that there are no secrets between the two.
  6. If you want to make a long distance relationship work then trust is the most important pillar of this game. Usually there is a feeling of insecurity in both the partners when they live apart. Also many of them cheat their partners. You need to trust your partner at the same time you should not break his/her trust and start dating someone. Don’t let jealousy and insecurity run over your mind. If your partner has found a good friend of opposite sex then it does not mean that you should start feeling insecure, but instead keep trust on him/her. Without trust no relationships work, hence have faith in each other.
  7. Even if you are far from your partner, you have the chance to have fun with them. There are many games that you can play together like chess or other games online. If not games then you can spend some time learning something together through a video call. Learning something to cook can be a great option or sketching each other through skype. You can order something online and send it as a gift. Sending hand written love letter also work in this generation. These small fun activities will help both of you stay interested and loved in a long distance relationship.

These were few tips that will not only keep a long distance relationship work, but will also help the love bond to grow. At last, to keep such relationship running you both should be attracted to each other, not just with appearance, but also at the emotional level.

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