How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous?

June 19, 2015

Learn the best ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous and want you back after the breakup. These tips uses facebook, whatsapp and texts to make him jealous and bring him back.

I understand that you may have gone through a tough break-up sometime recently and must have some feelings towards your ex-boyfriend like anger, hate, love, etc. In the end it all comes down to this one feeling jealousy for instance say you hate him then make him jealous by showing what he lost, if you are angry at him then make him jealous by showing what a mistake he had made by letting you go or most important if you still love him then make him jealous to get him back. No matter the situation after a break-up, jealousy is going to take place whether you like it or not. So I say let’s enjoy it and make your ex boyfriend jealous instead of getting jealous of him.

make your ex boyfriend jealous

Jealousy is a fearful game that can hurt you and the others around you. But if played properly can help you in a lot of ways. So in this article I am going to help you step by step on how to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

Step 1:- Ignore Him.

If you were in a break-up recently then no matter what you do you can’t talk to him. Because if you talk to him and he ignores you then you might become that girl who he is glad he broke up with or even worse you might become a joke to tell his friends about. And that is one thing you don’t want to be after a break-up. Secondly if he initiates contact with you by texting you in the middle of the night than too you have to ignore him because than you will just become his booty call which he cashes in only when he is bored or alone and that is not respectable for you. So you have to ignore him at all cost for at least a month and do not sit idle during this ignoring period be productive and this is the most essential time to make him jealous.

Ignoring someone you love is not easy especially when they are ignoring you but here is a thought that always helped me “How the hell is he able to live without talking to me?” and “If he can do it I can too.”

Step 2:- Things to do.

During the ignorance period, if you are idle than he and every other person will know that you are heartbroken which even if you are, is none of anyone’s business. So in this ignorance period you have to make a checklist of “Things to do.” and you have to do them. Some examples to put on your checklist are trips you two always wanted to take, hit the gym, and get a new haircut. But whatever you do take a lot of picture of it as it will help you later. This step is to prove to yourself and others that you can live without him as you have lived before he came into your life.

Step 3:- Modern Technology.

In today’s world even if you are not talking to the person directly you can show him how happy you are by using modern technology. Well in other words use internet as your tool to make him jealous. You have facebook, snapchat, twitter and a lot of different apps which you can use to make him jealous without making it obvious. First of all when you break-up you have to get rid of all his pictures from facebook or any other social networking website accept for one or two images which you really like to let him think that he still have a chance. And secondly, since you have been taking a lot of pictures during the Things to do step you have to post them on the same day as they were taken to send a message that you are enjoying your freedom and life has never been better. If you are still his facebook friend then he will get the update and he sure will get jealous. And he will be even more jealous if there is a picture of you with some guy but not of you kissing him because that may seem like you have moved on which sure would make him jealous but then he will try to move on too and your goal will be unfinished.

Step 4:- Casual Hi.

Casual Hi is the step you take after sometime of ignorance period when eventually you have to say Hi to him casually out of nowhere which will also shock him and he might try to approach you but at the same time you have to be the one to end the conversation by saying something obvious like “Late to meet some friends” or “I have to go, we will talk later”. Casual Hi can also take place with the help of modern technology by some message. But even here you have to be in control of the conversation and you have to be the one who ends it. During Casual Hi phase do not talk anything about your relationship or break up at any point. You don’t want him to think that you still miss him in fact you want him to think that you are over him because guys don’t like when a girl is over him so easily, it makes them wonder if they were any good at all. That’s the best thing about jealousy it makes you question yourself and you start losing your mind without even knowing about it.

Step 5:- Other guys.

Typical guy ego is most bruised when he sees his ex-girlfriend talking to another guy. This is one of the best tricks to make your ex boyfriend jealous. I mean guys can’t handle that the girl got over him so fast and so easily it makes him question himself which is good for you because as much as he tortures himself with these questions he thinks about you and also questions himself on whether he was right to let you go, to which you are constantly proving that he lost big time. So you should start talking to other guys but don’t go looking for any relationship when you are clearly not over your previous one. If your ex had someone from whom he felt insecure then you must get friendly with him because it will surely make him regret letting you go. The little problem is how would your boyfriend get news of you talking to other guys and all the other stuff you are doing to make him jealous and for this you have to be friendly with all his friends when he is not there just so they could tell him all about your recent activities and even make fun of him behind his back of what a fool he had been to let you go.

Step 6:- Make your Ex Boyfriend Jealous With Texting.

Since you have start talking to each other in the Casual Hi phase then he might ask you something about the guys he seen you with or about the pictures on facebook but not directly, he will twist his words someway so you have to recognize it and try to deflect the question like you didn’t hear what he said but eventually when you do have to answer these question you must answer it appropriately by saying “He is just a friend I hung out with once” or something like that. Once you get these signs about him getting jealous you are ready to enter Jealous Texting phase. In this phase you have to start text flirting with him and also make him jealous at the same time by making him remember about the time you both spent together and how you are enjoying your single life. This you can do by posting picture of you with some of your friends at the place where you frequently went together and later chat about it with him but make him bring up the topic of how you both also loved going there. You can also tweet about some romantic movie you saw with a friend and when he checks it out he is definitely going to assume that you were with some guy since it was a romantic movie.

Step 7:- Hangout Sessions.

After assuming that you are hanging out with other guys and since you have been chatting with him regularly he is going to ask you to hang out with him to which, you will accept after deflecting once by saying that you already have plans. After some time, these Hangout Sessions will become a regular thing and might even turn into some flirting sessions, so enjoy it and when it becomes too intimate at that time, back off and leave him thinking about you.

Step 8:- Reverse Jealousy.

Always remember that he will try to make you jealous too by going out with some girls or even a friend of yours so don’t get jealous or get into a fight with that girl or it will ruin everything we have worked so hard for. This is a crucial phase and if he is trying to make you jealous and even if you are getting jealous do not show and when it’s hard try saying this in your mind “She is a rebound” and you will calm down eventually. And when he talks about her to you, you can’t send any signal of jealousy and just say that you are “Happy for him” and that will leave his plan to make you jealous on hold and when he ask about you, then say “I am just focusing on some personal goals right now and just enjoying my single life as it is” and even when you are asked out by some other guy close to him then say yes and post the pictures with this guy everywhere just to see how much of jealous he is getting and believe me that will definitely calm you down.

Step 9:- You are ‘Mine.

Step nine, you are mine. If all this steps have worked properly then you will see the signs of him trying to get back with you by giving you some compliments and doing something nice for you and eventually by asking you out on a date or for sex. To this question the answer depends on your goal, what did you really wanted to do? Make him pay for breaking up with you or getting him back. If the answer is first then after going on a date or having sex once say “You don’t want to get into relationship right now” and if the answer is second then you have him in the right place to make him yours.

Just keep in mind that jealousy is a mean game and can be played both ways so if you want to win this game remember to hide your feelings really well or else you will lose.

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