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7 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Just like it’s easy to tell when two people are in love, it’s easy to tell when your ex wants you back. Check these signs and take the quiz to know if your ex is over you.

Ex Wants You Back

Let me just say this, break up sucks, it’s the time when you remember every good time you had when you were in a relationship with this person and not in a good way. I mean, it just makes you sad that you will never have that again and then you start doubting your decision. Whether you just did it out of anger or you didn’t mean to break up and then the realization that what’s done is done and you need to move on.

As awful as break ups are there is always that one moment when you wonder if your ex still wants you back and then you analyze if you want him/her back too. You are confused are stalking them on social media or asking your friends what they think about it, but instead you can just go through this article for signs your ex wants you back. I am sure you will have your answer and then try imagining yourself from your ex’s point of you to know the answer.

Get in Touch

Your ex gets in touch with you out of the blue for no reason or some lame reason. Now imagine if you have broken up with someone for some proper reason like they cheated on you then if your ex gets in touch with you for no reason then that’s a positive sign. You are not going to get in touch with each other for a while at least, but if they get in touch with you for a reason which is not urgent then they are just missing you and that is too is a positive sign. Another thing worth noticing is that hw much are they contact in with your friends and family. When two people break up drastically, they break all contacts and change their phone number or block the other person. However, then too some people keep in touch with everyone and that is too a sign that your ex is thinking about you, but is not able to contact you directly. So, he/she chatting up people close to you to get some answers.

If your ex asks about you

It is natural that your ex will ask about you a bit like maybe once or twice to know that you are okay because well they did love you once. Even though they don’t love you anymore, but asking about you constantly and stalking you on social media tells you something about how they feel right now. You see sometimes relationship ends on very bad terms like there were police involved and shit. Other times its just because of some general reasons like they are moving away and don’t think long distance thing can work or some similar type of thing. At that time it’s natural for them to inquire about you and that’s okay too, but then there are some people who are going out of their way and talking and asking about you constantly maybe to your relatives and friends and that’s one of the definite signs your ex wants you back in life.

Chance Encounter

You know you two met because of some reason like you two hang out in the same neighborhood or you two work together or some other reason. It’s normal that in these circumstances you two are going to run into each other at one point or another except when the break up was rough that time you and your ex are definitely trying to avoid each other at all cost. You see but when that doesn’t happen and you two do run in with each other that’s fine occasionally, but when it is beginning to happen all the time like wherever you go you see your ex then that is definitely a sign that your ex wants you back.

Behavioral Change

Every relationship when they start have a type of honeymoon period where you both are experimenting and trying to woo each other like with roses, chocolates and other romancy things. This is the time that you remember after your break up the most and then you see them acting that way again and your heart pounds like it did the first time you met them. You see you can see this in their behavior like they take your side in everything, they act like when you two met for the first time, they look for reasons to touch you. They are just trying to show you that there is still good in them and if you notice this than that is too a definite sign that your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is trying to get you back.

Trying to Change

Every time a relationship ends there is a reason and it’s not entirely yours or your ex’s fault, but what you need to look out for if your ex tries to fix what was their fault. If that is the case and they are making sure that you find out that you are trying hard then your ex is surely looking for a second chance. You see that change is a very hard thing and people don’t normally do it for themselves. When they love someone they will give it their best to change and if you think that is what is going on here then I would say that your ex wants you back for sure. So you need to address your flaws as well if not for your ex then maybe for the next person you date.

Body Language of your Ex

Body language is one of the best and a sneaky way to tell whether your ex wants you back or not. You see body language is something that only few people have control over and then too it sneaks out sometimes. It is easy to say that you don’t like certain people when your friends ask you, but your body language certainly gives you away. Stuff like when they walk into a room they are all you see and nothing else, if they need something you try to help them get it even if it is indirectly.

And if you want to see it then check out if your ex is looking at you when you walk close by or do they try to touch you for some reason, or are they leaning towards you a bit. It’s the little things that gives it away especially when two people like each other and are trying to hide it just like “Ross from Friends tries to hide his affection for Rachel” . It is obvious that he loves her but still not going to accept it just like that your ex may show signs even though they don’t accept it yet.

Direct Approach

This is a wide stretch, but when you are not responding to their sign or your ex is sure about what they want than they make it a point to come out and tell you exactly that. And the speech goes something like this they apologize, they tell you they love you and then they promise you. And I don’t think I need to say it that they want you back now because they do or else they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to tell you so.

Remember even if your ex wants you back it’s not necessary that you should want them back as well because there are some reason that you two broke up. Unless and until those reasons are dealt with, you two are still going to have some problems. Secondly if you have been reading this article then that is a sign that you have been thinking about your ex a lot and you too have some unresolved feeling towards them which you need to address them as well.

Also remember no matter what happens don’t start sleeping with your ex without addressing your feelings as well. It’s like they said “If you give the milk for free. No one will buy the cow” so, if you start sleeping with them then they get the benefits without all the emotional baggage and that too commitment free, just saying. Lastly I would just like to mention that when two people break up it’s not something that happen all of a sudden because there may have been signs for that as well.

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