How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Love You

August 24, 2015

The best way to make your ex boyfriend love you again is to understand the psychology of a man. Play these tricks to attract him and get him want you back fast.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Love You

Have you lost your partner and you are not able to forget about it? Often, relationships break down or end up just a party. If you are the type who cannot overcome the breakup and think that there is still an option to restart the relationship and win back your ex partner, then here are some tips to make things easier. In the following post learn how to make your ex boyfriend love you again. Analyze what happened to you, find out if you still feel something for him and follow the plan and bring him back.

Many times in anger we take hasty decisions that we later regret. This happens often with relationships and in some heated arguments, in some misunderstanding or a little more sensitive than usual circumstances, we take the wrong decision to break with the person that we like. If this was your case, these tips will again make you happy with the person you love.

Analyze your breakup

Before attempting to recover a love it is important to reflect on what has happened. You have to be very careful not to give the impression that you are playing with the feelings of your partner because, in this area, there is only pain and suffering. If the decision was hasty or break you made yourself some sort of situation that caused you leave, you have to be careful now and think about what happened and calmly analyze the situation.

Being impulsive in love, it is not advisable because emotions must be treated with due respect. So you think, analyze, remember and weigh all the options, only then you are ready to decide whether you want or do not want to go back to your old love. Before taking any step, stop and think what happened. Analyze the breakup, how it happened, what were the reasons and this will help to remedy the situation.

Avoid depression

As I just discussed, you do not have to be impulsive so give yourself time and give him time to absorb what happened. While you're in the process of self-analysis it is also not recommended that you spend all day at home, locked up, thinking what might go wrong. This can lead to extreme mental stress and depression. Instead you should be hanging out with friends or start doing new activities that will keep your mind occupied. I know you love him, but don’t get obsessed because this will make you believe that without the guy you cannot be happy.

Before falling into this spiral of depression, you have to bet on you, fight for your happiness and accept you with your faults. If you're wrong when it comes to break with your boyfriend, you must be adult and accept it and now you act to win him back. So now you have to accept the situation that exists and try to be happy and cool.

Don’t talk to him for two weeks

In the first two weeks of emotional withdrawal, you must take care of yourself. This is the time where you are emotional and thus this time is not good to contact him. In this two week you must analyze your breakup and at the same time avoid depression and stay happy. The best part of this step is it will help both your ex boyfriend and you to calm emotionally and maybe you don’t know that he will be the one to contact you to be back.
If there was no pain and anger, communication with him will be easier. After breaking time is needed for the wounds to heal and thus it is compulsory not to contact him. Suppose in this time if he texts or calls you then in this case it is fine that you be back with him.

Be the girl he fall in love

In order to make your ex boyfriend love you it is important to recover that part of you that this guy fall in love. Over the years, we all change and when we are in a relationship is possible that we fail to do things we did before e.g. surprises, meet friends and have a private life, cultivate our hobbies etc. It is a mistake that many people fall as they begin a life together and this usually happens because the relationship is so possessive or dependent. In this regard, it is important to return to recover that person you were and with whom he fall in love.

Get his attention

A good way to get his attention is to change your look a bit. Dare a new look, a different haircut or clothes to get the attention of person and lay eyes on you and value you again for your appearance. When a person is always the same, we got used to her beauty and stop valuing it, so it is always recommended that you try to exploit the more sensual side. To get attention you don’t need to talk to him. If he is in college or in your office then he will definitely going to notice you. However, if this is not the situation then you can click some pictures and share it on facebook and instagram.

Make him jealous

Do not put it easy and make him a little jealous to make your ex boyfriend love you. We recommend you go out with other people and show him that you are having fun. However, do not confuse him, because he might think you do not need him anymore and you are completely over the relationship with him. You simply show your self-reliance and maturity. To make him jealous a few pictures posted on your social media can be great.

Contacting him

If you are determined to return to your lost love you have to be careful when doing so. Be careful, respect his feelings and remember that each person is different, so even if you're determined to take that step, it is possible that the other person may still not be ready. Much depends on the way your relationship ended. If the breakup was painful (for lies, cheating, etc.) it is more complicated. If, however, you have ended with a fight or argument then it is much easier for you to contact him and make him love you again.

Text him

To retrieve a lost love is essential to go near him. You can text and send a message, but don’t sound obvious that you want him back. Do as you like, but in this first approach, you have to be a friendly, happy person and above all respectful. Try to talk to him and casually ask him for a coffee or something else that you both like. The idea of texting him is to have a first meeting to see how this guy reacts to you. If you think there's spark and if you have any kind of possibility then it will be much easier. It is important to detect whether he is still over the reason for your breakup or he needs more time.

What not to talk when you meet

At the first meeting, you'll get a little closer to him and it is best to go for a beer or coffee. At this point you have to try not to talk about your relationship or the reasons why you broke up. It is best to talk to him about what is going in his life. Any aspect of the past relationship can generate a discussion especially if the two are not at the same emotional point. Sound happy and don’t talk as if you want him back desperately.

Check if he is ready to be back

Once you have your first encounters, you will come to know if there are any chances to get your ex-boyfriend back. Depending on the point where you are, you may wither see the doors open for a reunion or the doors completely closed. Don’t worry if you feel that he is not keen to be back with you. A little more time and more meetings are required to regain your love. You must have patience and respect the feelings of the guy.

In the case where you see that there is some possibility, we recommend you to be slow. Do not be rude or tell off the bat that you want him back. It is best to get him running back and to do this meet him more. After four or five meetings, if he has not said anything then be confident and say that you apologize for all the negative comments you made during your breakup and you still love him and want him to be back.

If finally he still does not want to be back, then instead of becoming sad and going in depression, a better option is to meet new guys to find a better one. I hope that above tips work to get back with your ex boyfriend and he loves you more than before.

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