How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

September 19, 2021

If you want to get your ex-boyfriend back fast, you will need to ignore him. However, these tips work even if he dumped you and uses texts and a plan to get him back.

The relationship with the guy you thought to be your dream man has come to separation, and now you have started missing him and realized that you truly loved him and want him back again. After the anger cools, both the person realizes the mistake and gets back together again, while sometimes it is messed up.

I want to tell you before I start that if your relationship was only for some days, then getting your ex-boyfriend back can be a difficult task. After trying all the tips and tricks below, if your boyfriend does not want to patch up with you, I suggest you move on in life. There are lots of guys in the world who can be a perfect match for you.

how to get your ex boyfriend back

According to research, 71% of people miss their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend a lot and think about getting back with them. If you had a long relationship, then it is 100% that your boyfriend is even missing you. While there is no time limit for love, spending more time provides a better understanding and involves a person in life with whom you can share feelings. So now, let’s begin with the tricks and learn how to get your ex-boyfriend back in your life.

What was the reason behind your breakup

The first question that comes up before patching up with your ex is what the reason behind your breakup was? Many couples indulge in a small fight that then grows bigger and ends even a long-term relationship. Whatever the case be, if both can forgive each other, only this breakup can be sealed. If the boy has cheated on you for another girl, I advise you to leave him because you can never trust such people. Naturally, you will miss a person to whom you loved, but there are many boys out there to whom you need to give a chance. Had he lied to you something which you later came to know, also in this case, if you can forgive, then only follow the plan? You may need to be the one that first needs to apologise and ask for forgiveness. Read our guide on how to get your ex to forgive you.

Never beg him to come back

It's a standout amongst the most widely recognized responses to separation. Never cry and beg to show him how much you love him. This often makes the other person think you are weak and unattractive. After pleading with him in tears, if he patches up with you, this will not be an equal and long relationship. He will spend time with you, and the aftermath of this relation will be a breakup.

Never even ask to stay friends

So what will happen if you stay friends? In my opinion, nothing but can spoil the plan. If you think that being friends, you can stay close to him and again make him fall for you, but this is a wrong idea. Being a friend will make you fall in his friend zone, or he has just accepted your friend request because he doesn’t want to be rude, and then he will start ignoring you.

Ban your contact from your side

At this point, don’t be the first person to contact him, and if he gets you, don’t be rude to him, but be unavailable and behave as if you are busy. Tell him you are doing some work and we can talk some other time. If he has made the first move, then it will be a little simpler to get your ex-boyfriend back, else don’t call him or try to contact him for two weeks or a month, and later what you have to do I will show you.

Don’t spoil the plan with social media

Saying him sorry on Facebook or keeping a sad status is a terrible idea. You will make him feel that you cannot live without him. Instead, you have to do the opposite thing, post some of your smiling pictures with your friends. Go out with your friends for a movie, shopping, or food, take some pictures, and post them. Let your boyfriend understand that he is the one who is at a loss after a breakup. The time after a breakup is a painful period in which both the person's face and showing him that you are not desperate to be with you will make him insecure. He will start thinking that even after the end of the relationship, there is no effect on you, and he is still so sad.

Now it’s the time for you to approach

I assume that your ex has not contacted you for the past two weeks, and now you have to make that move. So message him a thing you did together and enjoyed. So, for example, you have gone to see a movie together, so send him a text and say you saw that same movie last, and it made me think of when we watched it together, and it made me smile and think about you. Or some dish that you ate when you both were together. Text a good memory where both of you enjoyed. Now he will reply like yes, it was fun or relaxed and ask you how you are? Then tell him you are fine and a little busy as you have been late to catch up with your friends for a movie or dinner and say bye. If he replies negatively, then don’t reply as your ex is still handling his emotions and need more time.
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If he replies positively

If he has replied something positive or neutral, then the next day, message him with a 'hi' and tell him that you could not continue the communication yesterday because you were too late for a movie or anything with friends. After two or three days of testing, it's a positive sign if he asks you to hang out somewhere. If he does not, then you ask him for a coffee. Tell him your all friends are busy and you want to go out for a coffee or dinner. Go to a place where you both can talk peacefully. Avoid going to movies and pubs where there is a lot of noise.

What to talk in you first meeting after breakup

Make him remind all the happy things you did together and also later discuss the cause of your breakup. Tell him that if you both had handled the situation correctly, their relationship could still be solid. Speak casually, and don’t pretend that you want him back. After the first date, after some days ask him for any plan, but with your mutual friends, you can go alone if you have. After a few meetings, it will be your ex-boyfriend wanting you back, or you can ask him to be back. If he ignores you, then leave him and wait for another guy with whom you can always stay happy.

A more detailed plan

For some further reading, check out our other blog posts or in particular our guide on how to make your boyfriend miss you.

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