How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Love You Again

August 23, 2015

Learn the best ways to make your ex girlfriend fall in love with you again. These tips help you to understand a female mind and finally make her love you back.

Make Your Ex Girlfriend Love You

The relationship with your girlfriend has ended, but you still feel there is a chance to get back with her. If you want to learn how to make your ex girlfriend love you again like craze then keep reading because the guidelines that we will give you will rekindle that relationship you thought was finished. Many times relationships end but not permanently. After a break, if you've analyzed what happened you may find that there are chances to get back with the person you love. Here are some of the best tips that will bring her back to your life.

Reasons for breakup

Once a relationship has broken down it is a good time to note down the reasons that precipitated the relationship to an end. It is good to know if the problem was a mutual or unilateral and if it was something that somehow lead to fight and a breakup. You must take your time thinking about what happened before trying to get your ex girlfriend back. If that's what you want, you try to think of what you did wrong to weaken the relationship in the event that you turn out and avoid the same mistakes. Before you rush, try to find out if you have any chance and if she may be still interested. You must be sure that she has feelings for you to not waste time or energy to attempt the recapture her heart. A good tip is to not contact after the break for a few weeks, it is important to leave space and show that you continue your life.

Take time and think

Think about how you were when you fell for your partner. Are you the same? Have you changed? You must observe yourself well and evaluate if you've changed or not. Especially if have you affected certain habits or negative culture that has influenced the relationship. In all this time that you spend apart, you should not keep out of your ex, not pressure or disrespect them. You must respect their choices, their freedom and their time, to increase the possibility to make her love you again.

Do you want her again and why? Although it seems a simple question, it is essential when it comes to regain your partner. You must find out if you still have interest in her and if there are mutual feelings. This point is the key to whether the you should continue or not.

Don’t talk with your ex

During the first two weeks or a month after the break, you better not get in touch with your ex. While they are the hardest days, you should let the situation cool slightly before taking any step. If she wants to talk, it is clear you call. But if she does not then don’t worry there are chances and maybe because her ego wants you to contact first. In addition, ignorance hurts more and more she will miss and think about you. In this phase the anger that led to breakup also cools down, both of them realize their mistakes and if both partners loved each other usually they get back again unless the reason for breakup was cheating or something severe. So give a little time to lets thing settle down and then make some action.

Look fresh

You must recover that part of you which is style and love. Think when you met, what you liked each other. Once the days went passing by, did you start losing the spark and did you lower to express your love to her? Whatever the reason, you must fan the flame of that love remembering how you felt. A good way to get your ex is changing a bit your look. You can buy some clothes or a change of hairstyle. Nothing too exaggerated or different, just try and get you out your partner remember your freshness.

Mix with new people

Try to spend time with other people. It is not that you have sex with anyone but if you have meet and hangout with other people and let your ex know about it via facebook or instagram. She will realize that you have moved on and are hunting. Looking at your pictures she is more likely to do something about it. Also in this way will you see you're starting from scratch, you're ready to start again. Meeting new girls will create a kind of jealousy which is usually good to make your ex girlfriend love you again. If she contacts be available to her.

Casually contact your ex

In a few days, try to get your ex to talk with texts. Remember that you have spent days without communicate, so you should try to be prepared to take that important step. With a new perspective and this time of reflection, you'll be much better prepared this first informal, casual dating. Try to get back with your ex casual and entertaining. It is to have a good time to text her with something that evokes fond memories. Chatting with her you should just be a fun and unpretentious plan to make her love you again. You should not sound oblivious that you want her back in life.

it is to be friends with your ex. A good plan is to stay with more friends or an appointment as friends to the movies, bowling or whatever you like to them.

Meet her

After texting for a few days it is good to text your ex and ask her out. It is essential that you think well what you want to communicate to your ex-partner. Try not to be aggressive or use the wrong words to reproach, as could be the beginning of a fight. Be gentle if want to get her back and make her love you again. You must behave like the person she fell in love the first time and suits their current emotional needs. It would be nice to meet where ever you used to do, in a special place for both.

The day when you meet her, dress up good. Find clothes that she used to like on you. With this meeting you must remove you must not attempt to be emotional and ask her o be back with you. At this time talk to her normally and also compliment the way when you are trying to impress a new girl.

When you have already been meeting for a few times you say clearly that you regret what happened; express your feelings and give the opportunity to express what she felt and why you feel that the relationship did not work out. It is important to know your perspective.

Speak clearly and apologizes for hurting her. Not only for what you did wrong but also you did not do anything to prevent the breakup. Accept responsibility and not blame your partner.

To structure the apology the following stages, recognize your offenses, show empathy, apologize and thank you for all the good that she has given you during the time of connection. You must finally ask her to be back with her and not to repeat the same mistakes. Tell her that there are ups and downs in a relationship and be back. Simply ask her and don’t behave like a doormat if she says a ‘No’.

Be careful with all the words that you use because precisely this may be the only chance to make your ex girlfriends start loving you. The wrong words make you lose it all. So carefully think before you speak to not their feelings again with your inappropriate words and behavior.

These were some of the best tips with which your ex girlfriend will love you again, but if she has is not interested to be back with you then my friend, the best thing is to move on and get over her. Don’t feel insulted, try to find a new girl, implement all the tricks to attract her, enter in a new relationship and enjoy life.

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