How To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

January 7, 2016

Find the best cool tips to make your ex regret leaving you. These tricks will keep your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in regret for breaking up and losing you.

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make your ex regret leaving you

When your partner has left you, the temptation to react under the influence of rage or grief is often irresistible. However, this isn’t usually a good idea as it just works in providing temporary relief. This is a list of things you better do after a breakup to make your ex realize what he/she has lost and regret whole life.

The breakup took place yesterday or few weeks ago, what’s worse is that cannot do anything against it. What matters from today is to focus on the one thing that really matters which is your future. If you want your ex regret leaving you and want him/her back and be a part of that future, your goal is to make former partner see the opportunity he/she will benefit by being back with you. In this way your ex girlfriend or boyfriend will regret losing you and letting you go!

Never contact your ex

Once you have a breakup, it is very important that you don’t look needy and act like a doormat to your ex. Never cry or plead to your ex because this is actually degrading your value in front of him/her. It is best that you stop contacting your ex girlfriend/boyfriend. Let this time work in healing your heart ache. Such times are very depressing and especially at the time when you are dumped. So avoid contact so that you heal properly and then start taking the necessary steps for making your ex regret for breaking up with you.

Delete his number

It is very important to immediately delete your former girlfriend/boyfriend number. You know how it works. You decide that you will never going to write or call. You feel proud of your willpower. And suddenly in the most unexpected moment you cannot control more. In the emotional phase of breakup you call or text without a plan, ask him/her to be back and hence you seem to look needy. You need to show that it is fine that you left me because it is your loss and someone better is waiting for me.

Promote changes in your life

Use the breakup as a warning, it's time to evolve! You must not want to spend your life in depression, but no one can act as if nothing had happened. You lost the company of a person whom you loved once or still love and this will definitely has an impact on your life. To deny this would be lying to yourself and hence accept and boost some new and good changes to your life. This reflection is vital to make your ex regret leaving you.

You want to give a boost to your life and return to find a second wind to make your ex think back to your side, the changes will be significant. Look for new goals and personality development. Both physically and mentally, everything must evolve to put the past behind and emerge victorious. You need to look more fit, look a little different and try to look good so that when you share your images on social media, your ex girlfriend/boyfriend burns from inside. Everyone around you should be able to see the change in you and your life and these changes will give your ex the feeling of wanting to be with you again.

Fill your life with fun

After the breakup, the first objective is to achieve a higher social status. The responsibilities arising from this new status will demonstrate that you are fun and trustworthy person. Build yourself a new network of contacts or have fun and party with already present colleagues and friends. If you want to see your ex regretting then it is very important that you are not depressed. You must look and stay happy and this will be reflected from your face. And then it's time to come back in the social media scene. Not only your ex must become aware of your new developments, but the guys/girls around you will start finding you more attractive. God knows you may find some loving partner who loves and cares for you more than your ex.

Try to quickly contact old friends and take part in many social activities as possible. Your ex should notice that change whether through any mutual friend or on facebook. Life is made of choices and everyone has regrets about their past and even your ex will regret.

Try to make your ex jealous

It is very tiring and requires much strategy or it will never work. Making your ex jealous means to make him or her realize that what precious thing he/she has lost from life. One of the ways to show your former partner the new you is by sharing pictures on social network. Don’t overload your facebook and instagram with images, just a few will work. Add two images per week and also ask your friends to upload a few pics and tag you. After seeing that you are full of life and enjoying with friends, your ex will doubt on the decision of breakup with you. Well, he won’t like or comment on any of your pics, but definitely he/she will see it and feel jealous. If you stay nearby, work at same place or study together then definitely your ex will have an eye on you. If he/she passes by don’t look at him/her and walk straight.

The only goal we achieve through this step is to make your ex feel the sting of leaving you. Try to share on facebook your image with a friend of opposite sex. Seeing this he/she will burn and you will be inside his/her mind all times. Soon your ex will regret losing you and then it depends on you to be with him/her or not.

Open a communication gap for your ex

If you want to get your ex back then contacting after 1-2 months is necessary, however if you want to get over then leave this step. The basic step of communication is just by texting which needs to be casual and you must not sound that you want to be back in relationship with him/her. This will keep your ex in regret for dumping you. After a few days of chatting, meet each other on a very casual date. Meet your ex more and show the new you which is much more confident, has a good style and is full of life. Never ever in these meetings display that you want him/her and still want to be back. Seeing this new side of yours will make your ex regret losing you and breaking up with you.

Getting over your past

If you want to get over your ex and this past relationship then it is better that you avoid making him/her regret. Why waste time to even think about your ex. The idea to make ex boyfriend or girlfriend feel disappointed will actually make you think more about the past relationship. There is no need to make your ex regret while not being able to properly focus anywhere. Although you will never able to forget, but starting a new phase of life will help in finding a new partner and then your ex will just remain a part of your memory.

If you are trying hard and still not being able to get out of depression then seek professional help. Seek advice from people who have gone through this or from the experts. A professional can help you increase your self-esteem and get you out from this hard depressing situation.

If you want to make your ex regret just for fun or to satisfy your ego then make use of jealousy as a weapon and nothing more. Try to show your happiness, your new sense of style and your confidence which will be very much stinging to your former partner.

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