How To Seduce a Man Subtly With Words

September 4, 2015

Find the best ways to seduce a man you like with words, over text and body language like eye contact. Use these text tips to seduce him subtly over phone.

How to seduce a man

Usually they say that men are more visual than women. This means that to reach their heart is better to wear good and also to start a deep conversation. Yes, it is possible to make a man love you with the gift of speech, only a number of aspects that give us the key to knowing how to seduce a man with words must be taken into account.

It is clear that every human being is different, but there are points in common, elements and situations that unite us and make us empathize with others and of course sex is no exception. It is not that they like blonde or thin women, it's not about physical features, there are some interesting clues that needs to be put in his mind and that's why we unveiled some strategies for you know how to seduce a man over text, with words and with your body language.

The first impression

We may have made a mistake judging someone after the first impression and if you have just met him at a party then the first impression psychologically plays an important role. When you set your eyes on him for the first time show yourself safe and confident. Never fear to start a conversation, ask about his interests and try to hold a conversation for a few minutes, it will suffice to give a general scenario and whether it is appropriate or not continue.

Seduction with eyes

In the game of seduction, the way you look at him is a surefire way to attract the attention of the man. It's a subtle way to show your interest in him. Eye contacts can provoke intense emotions and feelings, often being the start of something beautiful. Therefore, the eye contact is an important body language signal that can be decisive for a man to approach you and feel hopelessly attracted.

The first is exchange of glances. No matter where you are, even if you're in a crowd of people, show your interest for this man with your eyes. Stare at him and when his eyes meet yours, it will be time to start the game of seduction. Now stare at his eyes for a second or two and look away quickly. This will reflect your interest without leading to an awkward situation between you two. Repeat this step more than once to make clear about your intentions and get the game of seduction forward.

Keep looking. If you notice a receptive attitude and the exchange of glances in the same way from the guy, it's time to keep your eyes longer and accompany a sensual smile. This will be a further sign of your interest to seduce this guy.

Remember that if you intend to seduce a man with your eyes then it is essential that you be subtle. Looking subtly means that you should not look as if he is very hot and you have already fallen for him. If you practice these tricks of seduction with eyes, sure he gets the message and if he is interested and has the confidence then definitely he will approach and talk with you.

Seducing a guy with words

Nobody can resist a good conversationalist and with this we do not mean who speaks all the time, but also listens. Guys also like to be heard and nothing better to spark a good conversation, so to speak is important but remaining silent is important too. If you really want him to show interest in you, listen to him as well as participate whenever you have something to contribute without screwing up with some wrong comment. Take an interest in him and what he does. Listen to them carefully and try to introduce key phrases that show you are attentive to his life and conversation.

To seduce a man with words, sentences are not infallible to get him love you instantly, but we can try to be suggestive and playful with them. The evidence is not always the best option, but a simple trick of flirtation can be helpful for subtly seducing him. Although we think that men do not like being told how beautiful they are, this is not so. Every men and women like compliments, but if you want to attract him then these compliments must be subtle.

A sense of refined mood indicates that the sense of humor matters and not just woman want humor in a guy, also men love a woman who has a good sense of humor. So if you want to seduce a guy try not to be afraid. Be funny and spontaneous, let the seriousness stay aside. Humor is something that everyone has, but it is used around people with whom they are very comfortable. So if you are bad at humor, let it be aside for some time and use it once you get comfortable with him.

During the conversation, eye contact can make the situation more comfortable and captivating at the same time. Follow these tips look natural and enhance your attractiveness. While he is talking, focus your eyes on other parts of his face and less on the eyes. In between make a few direct eyes contact. When you're the one who is talking, look at him in the eyes intermittently and not fixedly. The key to seduce him with eyes is to keep them short and looks fast at all times.

Seduce a man over text

If this guy and you have become friends or are already friends then flirting and seducing him over text is very important. Here are some few tips that are the best when it comes to seduction over text.

  1. Saying a guy that you just thought about him is the compliment that makes his mind think in all the directions.
  2. Along with your text, you must enter a lot of smiley faces because using such emojis makes a great impact on him psychologically.
  3. Repeating his name a few times in texts can make your conversation more personalized and passionate.
  4. It is important that you don’t send any dirty text. Always be subtle in this case like whenever he asks like what are you doing, you can answer that “I came out of shower and changing”, “Wearing clothes”, “Wore a night suite and resting on bed” etc. This will turn his mind to think dirty and you have been successful to seduce him without being oblivious.
  5. It is important that you don’t give a detailed explanation to him to never let the mystery die. Mysteries are important because this makes the other person think of a lot more. For example, when you mention him in texts that you remembered him and if he ask you why then say that you don’t know or you don’t want to answer, instead of explaining him why you thought about him.
  6. Texting should be done especially at night time and remember that you don’t reveal all your cards at once.

Rules for seduction

If you are the type who thinks the first step would get him when you approach, you are wrong. In the attraction as well as seduction there are no same rules for all. When two people are really attracted everything flows naturally and cannot limit contact to certain patterns. If you like him you can be the one to get closer to launch a conversation. If you just want him to have sex for a night then you can be clear with your seduction, but if you really like him and want him to love you then in the start it is better to not look oblivious while seducing.

Here are some of the best ways of seducing a guy you like and want to attract him. Seduction is an art that should be performed in a subtle way to make it successful. Seducing him in a non subtle way can either scare him or he will take interest in you only for physically satisfaction. If you want to attract him both physically as well as emotionally then use these tricks without being much obvious.

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