How To Talk To a Girl Over Text

November 14, 2015

Find the best way to talk to a girl over text you like for the first time. Learn the everyday topic examples and flirting tips to impress a girl over text.


In today’s world whether technology is boon or curse is one of the biggest debate going on, I don’t know what to say about it, but what I do know is that, for guys and relationships they are a boon. Cell phones, one of the wonders of technology and the best way to connect with people around the world also has a way called “texting” which can be used especially to get a little closure without first getting into a relationship. If you think so too, and have someone in particular you would like to get close using the art of texting but don’t know “how to talk to a girl over text?” Or “How to start?” Or “What topics to talk?” then you are in luck as this is the best place to know all about texting to a girl from getting her number and texting her for the first time to asking her out on a date.

Exchange Information

Texting wouldn’t work unless you have the girl’s number, so you are going to need the number and this can only be done by asking her for her number. Never get her number from her friends or your friends try to make an attempt to get the number personally from her because if you get the number for someone then she might get a little put off as it gives off a desperate vibe from your side. Just make an attempt and ask for her number and be casual about it.

Usually girls give their number to the guy they do know or if the guy who don’t come off as aggressive so just ask her like “Hey, I don’t think I have your number. Want to exchange information?” Always be direct about it don’t play around, girls like a guy who are direct but remember not to be too blunt like “Give me your number, right now” Don’t order her just ask politely and casually and nine times out of ten she will give you her number. The tenth time when she didn’t gave you her number doesn’t necessarily means she is not attracted to you it can be that she is in a relationship or any other number of reasons. And remember to ask her number personally and not over IM or any social networking website as it decreases the chances of rejection a lot more.

Initial Contact over text

Initial contact is the very first text that you are going to send that girl. This text doesn’t require much just something as simple as “Hi, it’s George from school. How’s it going?” anything simple which introduces you by your name and compel her to text you back. Sometimes a funny thing that you both talked about previously can also be used like “Hey, it’s Jerry from last night. So did you happen to cause anymore destruction after I left?” Now this can only be send after you two have met and made a proper connection as she did gave you her number and that tells that she is interested in hearing from you and so you must maintain that same interest with the texting as well. This step only tells you to introduce yourself to her and perhaps take the first step towards something more.

Topics to use over text

After the first couple of texts used to introduce you, you need some interesting topics to text about and have a nice chat to keep her interested. This is the main part of texting where you build a certain bond with the girl. The initial contact can only be used once in a life time because you don’t introduce yourself every time you start texting someone you know, whereas the conversation starters come in after the girl knows who you are and wants to chat with you. You need to know the right topics to talk to a girl over text to make her interested. Now these conversation starters is used as a first text to get the girls to respond to you and then if you need, you can change the topic completely as she would only respond if she thinks it’s worth it.

So, you can start with simple topics to talk to a girl over text like anything you both have in common like Sitcoms or movies or even sports that you both like and go from there. If you get the initial response and then the conversation seems to be going slow then you may change the topic to something that will get more replies and the best way to do that is to ask for her opinion about something, one thing girls love is to have an opinion so give her a chance to express herself and take it from there. Try to keep your conversations funny and make her laugh. Include some text like “lol” or even emoticons to give your text some personality. You can also talk about some personal things like a project or your interest, the thing you like to do when you are free and she’ll start opening up to you as well. You must really read what she has to say or else you may come off as selfish.

Flirt with her over text

Once you have had some great conversations then you can start with mild flirting and see if she returns the favor and if she does then you can go for full on flirting and this is a great strategy to talk to a girl over text. And remember to avoid any one word texting as this sends the signal that you are bored which is not a big turn on, if you know what I mean. The best way to get the girl to notice you is to use what she said to you when you guy spoke or when you got her number and use that as a conversation starters. And finally, just try to have fun with the girl because if you are enjoying it then so is she and always be honest in your texting.

Look For Signals

While you talk to a girl over text look for signals they provide because they are just not that easy to pick up on. So you have to be careful not to give the red signal and more vigilant in trying to get the green signal. What I mean is look out for some signs that say if she is into you or not. Some examples of good and bag signs are listed here but these are just some of the things that I have experience so you might as well learn from my mistakes.

  • The time it takes her to response is an important way of knowing how she feels for you. For an example if the responses are quick then she likes you, if they are in proper time intervals like 2 – 3 minutes then she might be playing hard to get or she is working on something but still is texting you back every chance she gets and if she is ignoring some of your text then she doesn’t like that topic and if she completely ignores you then she does not like you, yet! but never keep on texting if she never text you back.
  • The content of text also has a great importance as it says what she is thinking. Like say if she is sending you laughter or any other emoticons then it is a good signal similarly if her text is like “lol” or “haha” then that is good sign too. But if the response to your nicely thought out text is just “That’s nice” or “OK” or something like that is not a good sign then either change the topic or end the conversation for now. And if you are really confident about that your text was not hurtful then you can ask her if something is going with her.
  • Best signal and often the one that gets you the girl is when she initiates texting and also flirts back with you. You’ll know when you see the flirting and never ignore her text if you really care about her, you may take a while to reply but never ignore it, even if hours went by before you noticed the text then too reply saying that you missed the text because of some reason and always tell the truth.

End It Before You Are Ended

Remember a conversation is only good if it ends perfectly making both of you wanting more. So never drag on a conversation as it will get boring after a while and she may end it. Hence remember to end it before she ends it and always be the first to end the conversation because this way you leave her wanting more and that make her think about you all day long. Experts recommend that a long conversation usually reveals all the cards of the dating which then makes the game boring. Hence, keep your first few text conversations as well as dates to a limited time so that you are able to make her your girlfriend.

Text her often

After the first couple of conversations make it a habit to text her gradually to see how she responds. Don’t text excessively and fill her inbox with your text only. A nice lengthy text conversation twice a day will show her that you think about her once or twice in a day but not the entire day which is a big turn off for some girls. These conversations should take place when the possibility of her replying is maximum else it would just be a one text exchange and you wouldn’t get anything out of it. So notice when she is free and her replies are faster because that is the time, she is free and can have a conversation with you. Try sending “good morning” and “good night” texts to her but not the simple ones perhaps with some quotes or something as this would make her think about you all day and all night.

Ask her out

Texting can only get you some closure but the main goal is to ask the lady out on a date. So if you get an opportunity like say you remember her text about how she like some movie star and his new film is coming out then you should definitely take a chance and ask her out. Don’t make a big fuss about it just keep it casual and ask her to go out with you. It doesn’t have to be grand, just a simple gesture of kindness to let her know that you care. Sometimes opportunities will present themselves like she will text something like “There is a party at __” and your guess is right, you must take a chance and ask her if she would like to go with you and I am certain her answer will be positive because if she didn’t want to then she wouldn’t have mentioned it. So in the end my advice would be to look for the signals and take a chance to ask her out and you never know you might even have a good relationship.

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