How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You Quiz

August 21, 2015

Find the best quiz to tell if a girl likes you secretly in your school or at work. This quiz test analyzes signs of body language, Facebook, and texts to check her love for you. Take this list as a quiz to determine whether you usually experience these signals from the girl you feel is shy and in love with you.

How to tell if a girl likes you

Women usually argue that it is pretty difficult for them to understand men. However, an exploration into female behavior makes it clear that it is a lot difficult to understand the twists and turns hovering in the mind of women. A male mind is usually filled with simple thoughts of EAT-DRINK-SLEEP, which is quite simple compared to the complex ideas in a woman’s mind.

Women are usually very subtle in giving out emotional signals. So even when you are behind finding out whether the woman is interested in you, you need to read these subtle signs. However, one must also bear in mind that understanding such indirect messages is not an easy task. It is pretty straining to find out what a woman is thinking about you in situations like dates when it is necessary to understand these signs to tell if a girl likes you.

In today’s world, channels of communication have diversified. Online contact and social networking have started to play an important role. This has changed how people react or interact with each other. This has undoubtedly given the ladies an entirely new playground to play on – taking flirting in a completely new direction. So now it has become necessary to keep an eye on the subtle take away from women with Facebook, texts, and offline meets.

By now, you must be thinking, “Look, all of the above is fine, but how do I know that she likes me?” So here are things you need to look out for, but you need to be careful while reading and understanding those subtle signs if you do not want her to dump you in a garbage bin! So here are a few points you think of like a quiz to check whether these situations usually happen with you.

  1. A lot of women indulge in casual hugs with their male friends. This could just be a courteous act boys, so please don’t over read it. So hugging really doesn’t declare that she likes you! But it is however true that women show their interest through subtle nudges or hugs. But as I said, this can be pretty confusing…so let’s seek for more signs. You can read our guide on how to avoid the friend zone with a girl.
  2. Look out for the acts of flirting. This may be a sign that she likes you a lot and is allowing herself to flirt with you. A girl may not want to make this too obvious, but you need to read into the act. But be slow…do not hurry into a conclusion yet!
  3. At times you would find her to be suddenly more interested in your activities. You may find her overtly involved in your conversations. These are quite healthy signs. She might also become active by doing things for you, which she may not necessarily be doing for others like cooking food for you, buying you gifts or helping you in your work.
  4. There would come times when you start noticing that she stares at you – may be not openly but still quite noticeable. If this is true, then you are on your way to get lucky soon!

    Sometimes, the girl may not take off her gaze from you when you look back at her. This could be a sign that the girl is quite confident about you and may soon make the first move.

  5. Take note if she has started to bump into you or pass by your path quite often. If you think this bumping into her is not really normal, then please understand that she is trying to find ways to be around you.
  6. Have you already started to hear your name quite often from her friends??!! Or do they smile and giggle whenever you and her are around? Look out for these signs. However, in case of matured women this could be slightly more subtle than giggles and whispers. Her friends might simply start to smile at you or start up random conversations with you. If her friends are bold enough then they might even come over and talk to you about your crush’s feelings for you.

    Her friends may come up with random questions or topics which may include questions like – ‘who is more lovable, me or ‘your crush’? or ‘whom would you date with, me or ‘your crush’?

    If you find her name included in such questions or topics, frequently, then it is evident that she must have talked about you with her friends. This is just a way for her friends to ‘test waters’, i.e., to know more about you because evidently even they would want the best guy for their friend. But at the same time it is also necessary to observe the reactions of your crush. If she does not seem uncomfortable being the center of such conversations then you might think of taking it further. But if she gets irritated by such talks, then it is a sign of caution.
  7. Observe the way she smiles when you start conversing with her. A smile can speak a million unspoken words. If she is not really interested in you then her smile and span of interest in you would not last for very long. It is quite easy to judge this bit!

    Conversations help gather more information about one another. It is always appreciated when you have listened to someone so well. It also comes in handy for future to recall and remember such small little things about her, to make her feel special.

  8. Be the HERO of her life – whenever you get a chance or a situation calls for, lend a helping hand to her. There would surely be other guys who would want to be the hero too. So if you reach out to her and she looks happy as ever, then you have struck the right vein! But if she does not really give out that magnanimous expression, then she definitely was expecting someone else. In such a situation, act wise and let go! You can still be friends.
  9. There are cases where your girl might be someone whom you have never spoken to before. But you do feel there are enough hints to prove that she likes you. Initiate a chat with her – a girl may be shy to initiate conversations. If she has genuine liking for you, this very ice breaker will act as a litmus test to know if she wants to take things further with you.
  10. So does it ever happen that she calls or texts you several times and you fail to answer? Or she is expecting you to meet her and you fail to do so? How does she react in such situations? Does she get mad at you for not returning her call or not meeting her? If all of the above has ‘YES’ as an answer, then she really has a special place for you in her heart. With this sign once can easily tell a girl likes you over text or phone.
  11. To know if a girl loves you then it is important to read her body language. A person’s body sends out signs and signals unknowingly. Observe the way she sits when you are around. If she faces you and sits then it is obvious that she is pretty comfortable with you. If she sits with her legs crossed and her feet pointed towards you, then she is surely interested in you.
  12. All these subtle signs are not exhaustive enough for you to conclude and believe that she likes you the way you do. Remember, these are just signs to help you judge and decide your further moves. So if it appears to you that she does like you then the final confirmation shall come only and only by having the courage to ask her about it. Vaguely hovering in your imagination will do no good to you or your crush. So have the courage – Go talk to Her!

Do not over-analyze things. These signs are essential to pave your path in knowing her preferences better. Over-reading of characters will only make you obsessed and lead you nowhere. Instead, get time out and spend more time with her, get to know her more, and this is how you shall read into those subtle signs.

Start as a friend first; this gives you a chance to enter and glance into her likes and dislikes. Other things will fall in place if it's meant to be! But it is also necessary on your side to subtly make your intentions clear that ‘I am not here to be just friends!’ But this intention should not be very ‘on her face. It is always advisable to give a relationship some time to flourish. With time she will indeed find comfort with you and you in her.

Another essential thing to remember - if a girl does not show any signs of interest, then it is time that you move on too. Please do not force yourself upon her. Such relationships cannot start forcefully. However, she will eventually begin to like or adoring you if she has a soft corner for you.

Lastly - Do Not Venture into Unknown Territories! Look Before You Leap! Please keep in mind – always be a Gentleman! Emotions are to be treated gently!

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