How To Tell If a Shy Guy Likes You Quiz

September 14, 2015

Take this quiz to look for signs to tell if a guy likes you. This quiz analyzes body language, conversation over text and chat to check if shy guy loves you.

signs to tell if a guy likes you

So you are going crazy for a guy! You like him and you want him to like you, but you are not sure if he really has the same feeling for you, as you do! You somehow want to figure out what is on his mind so that you are sure of making the next move!

Well, all of the above are quite natural confusions and common in most cases – be it a guy or a girl. But there are pretty few signs that we shall talk of here which shall help you peep through the cover that the guy is hiding behind. Take these signs as a quiz and this will finally give you the answers on how to tell if a guy likes you. There are quite many signs that guys give out unconsciously when they feel attracted to a girl. Among these signs, there are the obvious ones and the other not so obvious ones.

  1. The guy may want to break into conversation with you and may keep extending the talks even when there is no definite topic to talk on. This shows that he is trying to find a way to be around you.
  2. If you probably just met him or speaking to him for the first time and he seems to be digging into knowing more about you, then probably he is interested in you. This is a good sign. But this is just the beginning…so lets not be too critical about it…but a good start!
  3. If in your conversation, your guy is trying to match his and your likings, then it could probably mean that he is trying to find a common ground between the two of you. He texts and wants to talk to you whenever he gets a chance. However if the guy is shy then there is a chance that he may fear more conversation with you in person. Shy guys and girls usually use texts and chats for conversations.
  4. The body language is also a good indicator to tell if a guy likes you or not. Observe his body language and proximity. See how much of an effort your guy puts in to make the conversation lively, how much attention is pays to your talks. Body language and proximity are two good indicators. However, if a guy doesn’t show much of proximity or any body language signs then it does not really mean that he is not interested in you. Just like girls try to mask their feelings, boys too have a tendency to mask their feelings.
  5. One obvious indication is when a guy approaches you voluntarily. This obviously means that he is already interested in you.
  6. Observe his behavior when he is with his friends and observe his behavior when you are around too along with his friends. He might get a little nervous, quite, shy or may be even try to ‘act’ cool when you are around. Whatever be the case, if his behavior is not normal then he might be doing this to attract your attention and impress you. Keenly observe this behavior and you may find hints into knowing if he likes you or not.
  7. Sometimes he might want to test waters too. So you may find him ignoring you in front of everyone, trying to show that ‘he does not care your presence’. But then probably he may come to you when no one is around. In such a case, he might be expecting you to give out some signs. This is a rather state of confusion for the guy himself and so in wonder he tries to show his ignorance towards you. Indirectly, he wants you more – he wants you to come to him.
    However, this strategy is quite tricky. So you need to look closely if the behavior is ‘abnormal’ than usual or is it his ‘normal’ behavior towards you. If it is a normal one then probably he does not really have any particular interest in you.
  8. You need to understand one basic principle about guys – they fear rejection and that is the reason their signs are too restricted. Although this may be true for many girls too but the guys may try their best, most times, to hide their true feelings even from their own selves.
  9. Lets take a situation – You are with your guy and your/his friends are along too. He insists on buying you a drink. So now you may say – what is so abnormal about this dude?! So here is the secret – well just observe if the guy is insisting to buy a drink only for you or even the other girls in the group? If he insists on buying it for other girls too including you, then it may just be a gentleman’s gesture. But if he does not really do so for the other girls in the group and insists only for you, then he has a strong interest in you. He is trying to show that he cares! But do not hurry to conclusions for now. Check on the frequency of his doing this for you. If he does so often only for you then you can be ‘oh so sure’ about him.
  10. Staying connected is the mantra of the modern world. So what does this have to do with your guy?! So has he ever made a weird excuse while asking your number? Have you recently logged in to your Facebook account and suddenly found his friend request? Or maybe he starts following you in Instagram. So are these not obvious signs that he wants to be in touch with you? If texts you and chat with you on facebook then this shy guy likes you.
  11. If your guy is interested in you, then he will make deliberate eye contact with you. Also while he is talking to you, his eye contact would be longer than anyone else, unless he is shy. Take note of this quiz and check what his eyes speak when he is talking.
  12. If you suddenly catch him looking/staring at you from far and he suddenly looks away – it is a great sign to tell if a guy likes you. This would usually happen when you guys have not had much of conversations or may be have not even met formally as yet. You need to read his stare – is it the one with shy or the one with the intention to stalk.
  13. Uh, so any Boyfriend? So do these words sound familiar! So if your guy has already asked this then he probably wants to be clear of his approach. Usually, a guy may not ask you about this if he genuinely has not interest in you more than a friend. He may ot may not ask you this directly. There are many different ways in which the same question can be worded – well you know what I mean…right?
  14. If a guy agrees on everything that you say or want to do, then probably it’s a great sign that he likes you. He may want to impress you or may be keep you happy and so shows his agreement on almost everything you say. Remember, by doing this he is putting in a lot of efforts to grab your attention and to keep you happy.
  15. He might start being protective about you. Notice if you are walking with him in a crowded place and he makes it a point to position himself in such a way that you are not pushed around by the crowd. It could be a case of just being a gentleman but he could simply be doing this often because he likes you and cares for you.
  16. Does he message you without fail on every occasion? Does he like to buy you gifts on your birthdays? If this is true then there is a chance that he likes you and that Is the reason he is taking in these extra efforts. But again see to it that if the behavior is so with you only or does it do it for every other friend of his.
  17. So may be you guys have gone out for a party or any occasion together and leave from the place together too – he might try to find ways to stick around with you for some more time. May be he could offer you a ride, or walk you up to the train station or a cab. He is doing this just to buy some more time with you alone. This is a great sign to know if he likes you or not.
  18. If he tries to come in contact with you by touch your hand while he talks or moving in closer to you, then it is a good sign. You too may at times test waters by simply being close or touching his hand while in conversation and read his reaction to it. As said before, proximity and body language are really good indicators.
  19. He may try to find ways to arrange a second chance to meet you after you meet for the first time. This shows that he is very much interested in you.
  20. Another obvious sign is that the guy will remember every minute detail about you. Again you need to check whether he does that for everyone or is it something special only for you.

How to tell if a guy likes you, now it is not difficult to answer. So these were some obvious and some not so obvious signs that confirms his love. Follow his body language and eye contact as these are the two most important indicators. You need to go with your guts after having noticed all or most of the 20 things listed above. If you are still in doubt then the easiest way is to talk and share your feelings with him.

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